After 4 consecutive years of death in her family, Lady grateful for 2018

Media personality Layole Oyatogun is grateful to God for experiencing 2018 without any reason to cry after 4 consecutive years of death in her family.

According to the lady, she lost 4 precious people to her between the years 2014 and 2017 and it was so saddening that the deaths occured each year.

After 4 consecutive years of death in her family, Lady grateful for 2018 lailasnews
After 4 consecutive years of death in her family, Lady grateful for 2018

But she is so grateful that 2018 passed and the family did not have any reason to visit the morgue nor any funeral home.

In her words:

4 years
4 Caskets
4 Burials
Consecutively, almost like it never missed the mark!!
Dad, Uncle, Step Mum, Mum
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
As feeble as my believe system was and had started to wane, I painfully had to learn to constantly say- God your thoughts towards me are good and not evil.
God was kind and merciful to me in 2018
This is my 2018 Testimony! While others are grateful for cars, houses, money, career,
I’m GRATEFUL that there were NO tears;
No visit to Ebony caskets
No visit to a morgue
No visit to Ikoyi cemetery
It had to only be God!!!!! 2019 you hear me?…you will answer to Me! I will call things as though they were and they will be (for sure). As cliche as it may sound I believe it’s my year.
No hate,
No shame
All gain
Cheers to 2019 Fam!

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  1. Praise God and Congratulations to you. I pray that affliction will never rise a second time in your family.

  2. This is greatest testimony anyone can give, sorry for ur lost and

    Rip to the death enjoy this year like never before.

  3. Yes she take the right step to be grateful to God instead of blaming God. NICE ONE FROM HER.

  4. Wat u declear by faith wit gods name shall be permanent. U shall nt experience any untimely death agn.

  5. The blood of Jesus will protect you and ur household this year. you and ur household will see death anymore IJN

  6. Glad you know that God’s thoughts towards you are good and not evil. So sorry for your losses. It’s painful but you are a fighter.

  7. My God. What an experience, may their souls rest in peace.
    Finally it’s over the years of tear and I believe and agree with you that God will see you and family through this year and years to come.

  8. That is sadden experience, may their gentle soul rest in peace, may God be with you, grant you long live to witness more years to praise God more. Amen

  9. I’m happy for you thank God for his intervention and mercy on your family …you not anymore henceforth

  10. Thank God for that. God will continue to put smiles on our faces as afflictions and death shall not be our portions.

  11. Redemption is on in her family. Let them serve God than ever before. According to the Bible good things need more prayers. Thanks God for his faithfulness in her life

  12. Hallelujah! Let’s chant resounding victory song on behalf of Lady Layole, It’s all over sister,no more sorrow for you and family. Believe.

  13. Losing people is painful,am glad that we made it this far and at the same time she should make sure she is right with GOD.

  14. Glory be to God for the yoke of death has been broken by God in your family, it’s your set time to rejoice… Congratulations

  15. yes there be no pain but it will be all gain and thank God for that testimony, what an awesome God we serve.

  16. May it not be repeated in your life again.. I hope you get stronger as the day goes by.. My condolences

  17. Thank God for sparing your life and that of your family.. You shall have no reason to cry over family again

  18. Yes my sista ooo. No shame, no hate, all gain and jubilation and celebration for you throughout this year.Amen

  19. Thanks be to God. 2018 marks the beginning of your testimonies. There will be no more untimely death in your family in Jesus name. Amen.

  20. Praise God every time and be grateful to him for he’s the only one that can do it. I pray such affiliation won’t happen again.

  21. Every spirit of death is broken in your family in this new year there shall be no lost blc God has come to fight for you guys congrats dear

  22. That’s God for you. He is a merciful God. God you are too much. He will continue to guide, guard, provide and protect you. No more death in your family. Amen

  23. I am very happy for Gods grace upon your life that sailed you into 2019. Congratulations Dear!

  24. Congratulations to you.
    I decree you won’t have any reason to weep again and your family shall leave to a hundred years plus to see their children’s children

  25. Sister what a great testimony indeed I pray that you shall never live to see it happens again in JESUS name AMEN

  26. Thank God for your life…its really calls for thanksgiving.May God continue to protect you.

  27. Thank God for a change of story from sorrow to joy 2019 will be a continuation of the good works of God in ur family

  28. This is a great testimony.that you live to witness 2019 she’s real a strong lady for appreciating God for his deed to her familys

  29. Yes ooo,d bible made us to understand that out of d abundant of d mouth, d mouth speaketh.So shall it be in ur life in Jesus name Amen

  30. I really thank God for you and for overruling the covenant and verdict of death over you and your family at last.
    Death has lost its victory over you and won’t ever regain it.

  31. God who has started it will perfect it. No more tears. I rejoice with you and afflictions will never rise again

  32. Thank God for your family dear
    In good or bad we have to be grateful to God
    I pray that testimony will start happening in ur family in Jesus name

  33. Oh my. this lady is a strong person. But I like the spirit of gratitude in her. In all give thanks.

  34. That’s why I said give thanks to God in every situation because as a human we can’t do anything without God. Thank God for your life.

  35. Thank God for stopping death re occurrence in your family.i pray your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus name

  36. I really understand your pain dear. Lost four loved ones too but within two years, 2014-2016. We only keep living. God knows the best and may their souls rest in peace, amen

  37. That’s indeed a great testimony.. I pray you will never have reasons to shed tears, go to a morgue and no visit to the cemetery this year 2019.. Celebrate indeed it’s your year..

  38. I join you in thanking God. May He continue to keep you all alive. His mercies endures forever.

  39. You just have to thank Him no matter what. He has the reason for everything. He’s actually testing your faith in him

  40. I am also thanking God on your behalf, death shall not visit your family again. This will definitely mark an end to sudden death, amen.

  41. We bless God that the year 2018 ended with no record of death again in your family.Continue to rest in the protective shield of God almighty.stay blessed

  42. The word of God says in all thing ,we should give thanks and that’s what you are doing.I bless God for you and I pray 2018 pass without tears,so shall it continue to be in your family and in mine family in Jesus name Amen.

  43. In fact, you have done well by acknowledging that it can only be God. He terminate untimely death in your family

  44. Just be assured lady, your desire not to lose a loved one will be fulfilled. God will fill your heart with joy this year and always.

  45. God knows the reason fpr keeping you alive, for his glory to be manifested in your life, no more death

  46. That’s life for you.somtimes you will think that the whole world is crushing down on all, we shall be victorious…i thank God that no death in 2018 as b4…so happy for you lady.

  47. Thank God for your 2018, the Lord will keep you and your family the more…God’s protection will ever be settled on your family..Amen

  48. Am happy for you and your family… Of course it been God all the way.. I key into this your prayer.. 2019 will answer for us in Jesus name Amen.. Happy new year

  49. Affliction shall not rise again the second time, I pray that God would keep and protect your family.Thank God indeed for your family!!!

  50. I thank God with you for giving you a year filled with joy. May you keep having cause to glorify him

  51. Thank God for life girl, God knows why he allowed that happen but it is good you should be grateful to God in every condition.

  52. Thank God for your testimony, I pray you will never experience such again and 2019 to be the best for you and I. Amen

  53. What a great testimony, my dear I pray that God will continue to keep you and you family members.

  54. But she is so grateful that 2018 passed and the family did not have any reason to visit the morgue nor any funeral home.

  55. What a great testimony…thank you Jesus for this work..I pray you will Neva encounter any sudden death in your family again

  56. Bad occurrence will never happen in ur family again…God protection will never leave you this new year anen

  57. Thank God for 2018
    But ur family needs deliverance
    Who knows if they are preparing for fresh attack
    U have to do something now before it is late

  58. I thank God on your behalf, I rejoice with you. I say congratulation for God had taken control in your family

  59. It is a thing to be grateful to God for not loosing anyone in 2018,am also grateful to God for that.

  60. Thank God for your testimony. You need to embrace God and be closer to him and the devil will flee from your life and family in Jesus name

  61. That is great and its good to thank God. its great it has stopped it will never come back again in Jesus name Amen

  62. Such is life, we all hv to loose d ppl we love someday, take hrt. May d soul of d deceased rest in peace

  63. Hmmm that’s a good reason to thank the Lord..
    He his indeed a faithful God.. He has started a new thing in your life
    And I know he will perfect it

  64. Eyah may their soul rest in perfect peace…anything happen to a human in life…always be thanking god.

  65. This is greatest testimony anyone can give,Congratulations to you.. you won’t have any reason to keep again

  66. It must have been so painful burying your loved ones year after year. Thank God for 2018. This year will be good

  67. Thank God the sudden death didn’t repeat this year. Take heart and may their souls rest in peace.

  68. Hmmm. Thank God for the just concluded year. there will be no death this year also. You are covered with the blood of Jesus.

  69. Its worth celebrating I rejoice with you and the rest of your family member God has been indeed faithful to you,you will not weep in this new year ijn

  70. I thank God for your family, victory is yours because God have removed the spirit of death from your family. I thank God for keeping your life.

  71. So touching I praise the Lord with you 2019 will be a wonderful and victorious year for all of us

  72. Please thank God for your life in 2018, he will do much more in 2019 and beyond.
    This miracle has come to stay

  73. Amen to your prayers ohh,and you will not cry or attend any funeral this year in Jesus name amen

  74. Thank GOD no death recatdyin your family and not in mine it will never occur till it there age

  75. Thanks to God almighty things are turning different you will see no reason to cry anymore its the end and no more death every year in your family in the name of jesus..

  76. I congratulate you for not recording any death in 2018, its not easy for death to be recorded for four consecutive years. Congratulations

  77. That’s the spirit dear. Keep the faith and never stop trusting in God. The enemy come to destroy but God delivereth them from them all. Is all by his grace and mercy that lord wiped away all your tears in the past year and it shows you really prayed fervently and hope you keep it up always to defeat all the plans of the evil ones. So happy for you and the testimony and you will give another testimony this year end amen.

  78. Their is always a reason to say thank you to god. If that didn’t happened who knows what might have happened

  79. Life tosses us up and down,but we should make sure we soar higher whenever we bounce and hit the ground hard

  80. This is a good news indeed she need to be greatful for being alive in 2018 after 4 deaths in 4 years

  81. God is so great and with Him allthings are possible and i pray her testimony shall be permanent and there will be no cause to mourn or sorrow by God’s grace

  82. It’s good to appreciate the Lord, henceforth there shall be no more lost in your family in Jesus name Amen

  83. My dear, thank God for the chains of the enemy have been broken…. The affliction will never raise again in Jesus name amen.

  84. Sis, only God gat you, to bear all this loss and still standing, only God gat you. Many hugs from me to you

  85. Rejoice and praise the Lord because u have every right to praise God. He’s worthy of our praise.

  86. Your testimony is outstanding and i pray that the Almighty God will forever protect you against any evil and grant all your heart desires in Jesus mighty name

  87. There shall be no untimely death again in your family. You will not die but live to testify the goodness of God in your life. I rejoice with your family.

  88. I rejoice with you my sister. I also experienced something like that too and I thank God too

  89. I rejoice with you Layole Oyatogun, for thanking God for life because without life there can be no hope.

  90. I truly thank God for you that you did not witness any loss 2018. Yes, those years you were mourning some others were celebrating success, I believed this year on forth you too will be celebrating successes in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  91. Thank God for your life and your family, may the protection of God almighty also see you through 2018 in JESUS name Amen

  92. I rejoice with her, and I thank God on her family behalf for the removal of such tragedy in her family. I Congratulate the family.

  93. This is perhaps the best testimony I have heard this period.. I am happy that somebody still recognized God as the protector of life

  94. Am so happy for you dear.. God will permanent this miracle for you ijn… U will have no reason to shed tears anymore

  95. All we are hoping and praying for is long life and prosperity both in Christ and in the world thanks for the post

  96. I thank God for her life, her faith is encouraging. As the Bible requires from us, give thanks in all situations

  97. My dear trust me when I say I understand how greatful you are and your family. Its the best testimony Ever. I thank God on your behave. Affliction will not rise again!

  98. I celebrate with you, it’s a great testimony “The Gift of Live”. Your time of losses, pain are gone(Layole Oyatogun). Congratulation.

  99. God had heard you cry and he decides to answer you. May dead never find her way to your house until you see your childrens children.

  100. I rejoice with you oooh, may this year show us such favours in Jesus name. A very good testimony. God is forever faithful.

  101. Am very happy for you Layole Oyatogun that the negative occurence in your family in the past 4 years didn’t happen again in your family last year. Is indeed the intervention of God to put an end to it. Life is far more important than any material possession we may have.

  102. All thanks to God almighty, for long life. I really appreciate everything you have done for us all alive

  103. This is greatest testimony anyone can give, sorry for ur lost and may their gentle souls rest in peace.

  104. Thank God and congratulations to you and your family. He who the son has set free is free indeed. I rejoice with you and your family.

  105. I rejoice with you Sis, thank God for making 2018 a year of testimony in your life and I pray that 2019 will be at your beck and call in Jesus name. Amen

  106. God your thoughts towards me are good and not evil…I love yur quote from the scriptures. No more deaths in Jesus name

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