African “Spiderman” who climbed building to save child meets French President, gets rewarded

African “Spiderman” who climbed building to save child met French President, and got rewarded for his brave act.

African Spiderman who climbed building to save child meets French President, gets rewarded lailasnew

The Malian migrant who scaled four-storeys up a building to rescue a dangling toddler has been named an honorary French citizen after meeting with the president, Emmanuel Macron said.

Mamoudou Gassama – nicknamed the Spiderman of Paris – climbed the city apartment block to reach the helpless child.

Mr Macron personally thanked the Mr Gassama, gave him a medal for courage and said he would also be made a fireman, the AFP news agency reports.

Footage taken at the scene on Saturday night shows crowds watching in astonishment as Mr Gassama climbed the four floors in less than a minute to pull the four-year-old to safety.

“All the papers will be put in order,” Macron said when meeting Mamoudou Gassama.

The president later tweeted;

“With Mr Gassama who saved the life of a child after scaling four floors with his bare hands. I told him that in recognition of this act of heroism he would be regularized as soon as possible and that the Paris fire brigade were ready to welcome him.”

During his meeting with Macron, Mamoudou told him of his experience. He said;

“I was trembling, I couldn’t believe it,”

Macron asked what condition the child had been in once he’d been rescued.

“He was crying, his feet were hurt”

Gassama added.


Relied the president.


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  4. Like this Malian guy, Nigerians and other Africans try to live a straight life (this is the reason you are so hated out there).

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