Afia Schwarzenegger flaunts boobs at Afrima Awards

Ghanaian controversial On-Air personality and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger has flaunted her boobs as she attended the Afrima Awards.

Afia Schwarzenegger flaunts boobs at Afrima Awards lailasnews

Last night, the 5th edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) was held at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana.

And we must say it was highly entertaining and eventful, well, why wouldn’t it be when we had a lot of African stars gathered.

On the red carpet, Ghanaian TV personality and comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger, was one of the star of the occasion as she went braless, and was pictured posing with hiplife musician Patapaa in a revealing outfit that exposed her boobs and underwear.

See full photo below;

Afia Schwarzenegger flaunts boobs at Afrima Awards lailasnews 1


  1. What a useless dress with no bra,thinking is a nice one,later we girl we be complaining of rale why we are the one bringing problem to ourselves

  2. What is this???? What’s this world turning to self??? She for not wear anything at all. Height of indecency

  3. Please what is she really displaying right…….this isn’t fashion at all but the opposite of fashion…..can’t allow my enemy put on this.

  4. the world is turning into something else that she can’t realize her body is d temple of the lord

  5. Women are the ones turning this world around to something else just imagine the type of dress shes wearing what is she teaching the youths

  6. This is the definition of indecency. She doesn’t need this @all.Why look for trouble when you can avoid it.

  7. They are good friend so they need to move together but she soppose dress normally because one day she will get married

  8. No need wearing dress…next time, just go naked…fine woman like you dressing anyhow in the name of fashion.

  9. what a transparent dress for a lady, it’s best if she had worn some singlet and underwears, people should learn how to dress well

  10. What’s all this,celebrity are destroying the life of youths, after copying the examples girls only end up been raped

  11. I can see her with her dress half naked I can see her black pant that is what she wants to show us now, anyway, good for your fans.

  12. The way some people displays their nude nowadays is very alarming, must you show us what is meant for your husband

  13. Can u imagine this nonsense. She no even fine sef and see the weak man where she carry join the picture. yeye

  14. That is what is in vogue for all these celebrities. If it’s not boob’s that is open, the whole lap will be open. May God show us mercy

  15. The world has finally come to an end, that dress is disgusting, I thought the whole aim of cloth is to cover our nakedness, but this is really too irritating

  16. She dressed indecently, what’s the essence of the dress she wore,she would have gone to the ceremony naked.

  17. It is one thing synonymous with artists but our environment is not civilized to that level of accommodating such indicent dressing.

  18. She’s wearing clothes and looks like she isn’t. A dress that covers more is personally recommended.

  19. Rubbish thing, no b say u fine sef, go ask Rihanna how it’s done, instead of disgracing yourself like dis.

  20. What kind of stupid dressing is that? in her mind now she’s hot not knowing that she looks so irresponsible.

  21. Why is it that most of this celebs almost want to be naked during awards. Is it what their juju tells them to do

  22. Hmmm wonders shall never end…..later they will be complaining of rape why they are the cause of all those things

  23. Celebrities should put off this attitude of wearing revealing clothes… What message her they sending to viewers?

  24. congrats to you ma’am, but ur dress spoilt it all please in case of next time try more to cover up

  25. I honestly do not want to comment on this but it’s not just leaving my mind. This is outrageous, just not it. What’s the need of wearing clothes when you are still naked. And by the way, fashion is not a license to walk naked

  26. Most of these our celebrities don’t know that most people look up to them especially the youth. Look at the nonsense this one put on!!! Shame on to you madam braless.

  27. that’s he Own Cup of tea, she is proud of what god has blessed her with and I see her fault not.

  28. Nawa oo did she went dere to advertise market some of our celebrities behave like prostitute all in the name of civilization.

  29. If you have got it flaunt it that’s what she is saying I don’t know if she went there to seduce people what an immoral mode of dessing

  30. She must be insane to put on something like that in public..she should just go naked already..people no longer value their body at all…

  31. Some people don’t have regards for their body. Look at how she flunt her boob all becos you went for an award night, and d worse of all, she is even smiling. May God say men from devils

  32. I can imagine how the female folk there will feel. It’s so embarrassing and unreasonable for her to expose what she should be guiding as her pride. It’s obvious she has no shame at all.

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