Afia Schwarzenegger’s ex-boyfriend exposes the poverty her mother lives

Prince Darlington Williams, an ex-boyfriend of Afia Schwarzenegger, has exposed the poverty life of her mother by sharing pictures of the house she lives in.

Afia Schwarzenegger: Ex-boyfriend exposes the poverty her mother lives

Afia Schwarzenegger is a famous comedienne in Ghana who lives an expensive life as seen on social media, but her mother’s life is quite the opposite, according to her ex-boyfriend.

Carrying out an attack on the comedienne, Prince shared pictures of the uncompleted building her mother lives in and captioned the pictures:

“Afia Schwarzenneger mother’s residence@ KSI. smh yor mother lives here but u have da nerve 2 talk trash.”

This is not the first time he has launched an attack on her. Last test, he exposed her after she claimed to be 37, which according to him is way younger that her real age.

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  1. I still don’t understand why boyfriend and girlfriend don’t break up in peace but until they wash their dirty linen outside,they won’t have peace,so sad

  2. His action is so absurd and childish. Even if they are not on good terms, he shouldn’t have backstabb her mom this way. There is more to life than this

  3. If you have issues with your girlfriend settle it with her,is not right to dragged her mother into this mess ..

  4. Relationship of nowadays don’t just end in peace I don’t really know why, why embarrassing her this way to the extent of dragging her mum into it

  5. You are living an expensive life while your own mother is living in abject poverty, if you dont change and take proper care of your mother, God will forgive you

  6. No matter what u achieve in life ur family are the ones to enjoy first before anyone or even u…… So u better go back and amend ur ways

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