AFF Disrupt 2019: Africa Foundry Fintech Disrupt – all you need to know

AFF Disrupt 2019: Africa Foundry Fintech Disrupt conference is a world class digital innovation conference that will bring together like-minded high achievers with a common goal of making a difference in the world of innovation.

AFF Disrupt 2019

It will hold Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Landmark Centre; Plot 2 & 3 Water Corporation Road; Victoria Island Annex, Lagos, Nigeria. Time is 08h00.

AFF Disrupt 2019 speakers & Panel members:

Expected potential guests and speakers include Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access bank Nigeria, who will be giving an introductory speech on the Future of intelligent Bank and the grand launch of Tamada.

Tamada is a conversational and transactional chatbot, assisting with the transfer of funds, pay bills, book loans and investments, generates mini account statements and other informal questions.

Brett King will, at AFF Disrupt 2019, provide a keynote address on ”Not technology that changes the world, but the dream behind the technology”.

There will also be panel discussions with key players in the industry on topic such as women in technology and venture capital.


Major Financial Sponsor of AFF Disrupt 2019 is Access Bank Plc, supported by 20+ sponsors, which are:

  • Microsoft,
  • AFEX, 21st Century,
  • Dell,
  • 7up,
  • Nigerian Breweries Plc,
  • Unilever,
  • Kia,
  • Coldstone,
  • Airtel,
  • Templars,
  • Pinkberry,
  • Internet Solutions Nigeria,
  • The Agile Advisors,
  • Bluechip Technologies,
  • United Capital,
  • eStreams,
  • Dominos Pizza,
  • Trium, with the aim of promoting and boosting Fintech activities in Nigeria.

Startups at Africa Foundry Fintech Disrupt AFF Disrupt 2019:

20 startups attended the Startup Challenge that held on the 3rd of May and 5 Startups were shortlisted to demo at the Conference:

  • Gricd,
  • SmartTeller,
  • Trep Labs,
  • Kaoshi and
  • Seso.

AFF Disrupt 2019 – AI, Big Data, Robotics, Blockchain technology

To build awareness around AFF, position Access Bank as the most innovative African bank and a thought leader in the banking industry focused on emerging trends such as AI, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Machine learning, Blockchains, Big data and analytics.

This conference will create awareness around Access Bank’s newly developed AI technology, provide a platform for strategic partnerships and collaborations between Access Bank and Investors, Experts, Regulators, Innovators and Technology companies to create a new era of technological disruption in the banking industry.

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Disrupt 2019 is centered around the age of the digital gold rush, the conference is meant to gather innovators and experts so that new ideas and information is exchanged, potential start-ups for acquisitions or partnership are identified.

We will be having creatives highlighting and promoting the gaming activities such as:

  • Ps4 game
  • VR games
  • Interactive game – “What made You”
  • Idea lottery
  • Creative signing boards

Exhibitions are expected from the following companies and AFF Sponsors:

  • Stampar 3D – 3D Printing of Access banks new logo
  • Quadron – Localised VR work environment simulator for training
  • Tap n pay – NFC payment solution
  • Insyt – Social media Monitoring platform.
  • Up Nepa – IoT Power supply prediction smart device.
  • Kanji Drive – VR driving simulator
  • Beat Drones – Multi sector drones

The startup with the best initiative will receive a prize of $10 000.

AFF Disrupt 2019 theme:

The theme for Africa Foundry Fintech Disrupt Conference 2019 is Digital Goldrush: Building a Sustainable Tech-Economy with sub-themes centered around how Data has become the new gold, and how it enables the use of AI, Robotics, Analytics, and blockchain technology.

These are all the disruptors that Data brings to the banking industry and across sector.

Disrupt 2019 provides a great opportunity for innovators, founders, entrepreneurs, experts, leaders and executives to network. It provides a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs as well as executives to form partnerships, experts to share their knowledge, leaders to inspire the future bright minds and founders to showcase their start-ups.

About Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF)

Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) is an Access Bank initiative that aims to nurture, fund, and accelerate the growth of Tech startups in Africa through its mentorship and accelerator programmes, fast-tracking their growth and maturity to deliver relevant solutions to the market, providing greater access to financial services to the financial excluded across the continent.

What is AFF’s area of focus?

AFF is focused on Technology startups in the growth phase of their business lifecycle. This includes but not limited to the following; eduTech, healthTech, insureTech, FinTech, AgriTech and RegTech.

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What value does AFF provide to the startups?

AFF scouts the startup ecosystem, conducts open application processes, and leverages off partner networks (global accelerators, financial and technology partners, government and donor agencies etc.) to find and attract promising FinTech startups to provide the following services:

  1. Mentorship and Training
    Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) conducts a 17-week accelerator programme offering startup cohorts co-working space, mentorship by talented AFF partners and in-house operators, access to AFF facilities and amenities (internet, research, computers etc.), business acceleration, pitch training and many more.
  2. Funding
    AFF through its partner network offers funding of $30,000 in pre-programme investment and
    post-accelerator programme investment after Demo Day to promising startup cohorts.
  3. Acceleration
    Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) uses the accelerator model to transform the startup ecosystem in Nigeria and across the continent by assisting startup cohorts refine their business model, products/solutions, and customer segments, securing resources and access to capital, enabling startups to grow and achieve scale.
  4. Networking
    Africa FinTech Foundry (AFF) leverages on its extensive partner networks and relationships to offer startup cohorts access to markets, customers, funding, educational and mentorship opportunities. Post Demo Day, successful startups are exposed to a plethora of networking opportunities to meet venture capital firms, angel investors, corporates, and other qualified investors.
  5. Post-programme support
    Startup cohorts from the AFF continue to receive ongoing support post Demo-Day, as well networking opportunities with the extensive AFF partner network. Startups also receive formal and informal referrals, voluntary quarterly check-ins and invitations to mentor current cohorts in the accelerator programme, and most importantly, continued access to funding.

How is technology an enabler for business growth?

Technology helps to provide opportunities for business to continually expand. It serves almost as an extra factor of production that helps to provide new ways to work, grow and deliver products and services that meet the needs to customers. This helps businesses to be customer focused with the following advantages/benefits to customers; freedom of choice, transparency, trust, and being valued.

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What role do Tech Startups play in growing the African economy

The growth of technology startups in Africa is very instrumental to the survival of the continent on a larger scale. New ideas translate into new businesses, which inevitably drive employment opportunities and become an enabler of both social and economic development. In addition to this, these key players help ensure that the economy is diversified, as there is less concentration on one sector. Another important benefit is the increase in investments obtained by these startups from both local and international Organisations. All of these has led to more structured economy’s infrastructure, creation of more jobs and a lift in income for the average earner.

What role AFF is playing in the tech space ecosystem?

As an innovation hub, the Foundry has created a sustainable platform, whereby innovative and disruptive solutions are created by quality startups. Most importantly, it brings together key players ranging from business angels, larger corporates, venture capitalists, innovation hubs, tech enthusiasts, industry experts to a common field to solve complex problems and create a ‘wow’ effect. To summarize, the Foundry seeks to build up the business capacity of startups, support business development, and facilitate access to capital, markets, customers and global innovation partners.

What significant role do partnerships play in the tech ecosystem?

Collaboration between technology start-ups and large corporates is key for fostering innovation in Africa. This kind of relationship is extremely beneficial to all parties with the ecosystem. In the long run, this helps corporates enter and create new markets, while start-ups are able to develop feasible and scalable products.

Are we open to partnerships and how can my organisation partner with Africa Fintech Foundry?

Yes, AFF is open to collaborating with potential partners. Since its inception, our partners are both within local and global reach. Please feel free to contact us via email on collaboration opportunities that can exist between both entities.

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