Adunni Ade weight loss – Actress shows off inspiring 6Kg weight loss in one month

Actress Adunni Ade has shared her inspiring weight loss journey with her fans to motivate others to do better.

We all have seen many celebrities talk up their weight loss journey, and Adunni Ade’s is one inspiring experience.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Nollywood actress shared photos of herself flexing her body in the gym after an intense workout. She revealed that she has been able to overcome a weight issue she has constantly battled for almost 3 years since she started working out.

No drugs or surgery, just workout.

She wrote;

This weight issue I’ve been battling for almost 3 years has finally been conquered. I literally stopped working out for almost 3 years straight. All my life even with kids remained a size 4-6(US) all of a sudden Amala, rice and Ko took over. It is definitely not an easy task. From Jan lost 6 kg (13+ lbs) I’m good with that. Look ! My fellow women and mothers, do not be pressurized, slow and steady you’ll get there. No supplements, pills, herbs Just pure workout
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