Actress Nkechi Blessing fails woefully after she was asked to spell Hippopotamus (video)

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, who joined her colleague in the movie industry for a girls night out event, failed woefully when asked to spell Hippopotamus.

Actress Nkechi Blessing fails woefully after asked to spell Hippopotamus (video) lailasnews

In the video making rounds on the internet, the actress was corrected after her first trial during the spelling contest. Here is the video below;

The actress made headlines recently after she got engaged in an online war of words with Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim.

This came after she shared a video from a movie set, which showed her receiving a slap from comedian Arole. As seen in the video, the light-skinned actress had to call for a cut because the slap was just too hot for her to continue the scene.

However, actress Juliet Ibrahim, via a comment on Nkechi’s page, made it known that she shouldn’t have called for a cut because it will only mean she will have to receive another slap or more, till the director of the movie gets the right shot he wants.

Infuriated by the comment, Nkechi Blessing slammed Juliet Ibrahim by calling her an idiot for not understanding how she felt when she received the slap which made her call for a cut of the scene. Making a quick comeback, Juliet capitalized on Nkechi’s poor grammar and mocked her for not being famous.

However after she apologized over the face-off, Nkechi Blessing further added in an interview that Juliet Ibrahim was yet to acknowledge the apology.

Speaking on the issue, she said, “I have apologised but she hasn’t responded. I am happy with myself that I apologized; so, it doesn’t really matter whether she has responded or not. All the blogs that reported the fight between us also published my apology; I am sure she must have seen it. I am at peace with her and we don’t have any issues. What happened was a misunderstanding and I have moved on.

“I have never met her before and when she made that comment, I felt she talked down on me as an actor and I didn’t find that funny. If she had said it in a more subtle way, I wouldn’t have reacted that way. She probably thought I was an up-and-coming actress who nobody knows and she wanted to trample on that fact. However, Nigerians showed that it wasn’t so. Truly, people have said that there is so much hate in Nollywood these days and that is what we are trying to eradicate. Toyin Abraham and Mercy Aigbe have made up. Other people, who are fighting, will soon make up; they will follow the footsteps of those who have made peace. We need more love than hate in the industry and we are working towards it.”


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