Most current actors use juju to stay relevant – Fred Amugi

Ghanaian veteran actor, Fred Amugi has stated that most current actors use juju to stay relevant in the movie industry.

Most current actors use juju to stay relevant - Fred Amugi

According to him, even directors and producers engaging in the act due to jealousy.

Fred Amugi said:

“It’s coming to my knowledge that people are working out through black magic. And that goes with the present crop of actors. Even among the producers and directors. He gets all the attention, so I must stop him…It’s all about prayers and doing good”.

Speaking on the actors and atresses offering sex for roles in the movie industry, Fred Amugi stated that it takes place in every profession and not just the entertainment world.

“As for that area, I’ll say it’s in every profession. It’s everywhere” , he added.


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  1. It is not a new thing. It has been in existence for a long time now and God will definitely expose them

  2. This one you know so much you are an actor too ain’t you, so you are committing the said act too. Talking of offering one’s body for roles is very normal in all spheres of life

  3. It is true to be said because nothing people no go do for anything this time around

  4. This is not new in this movie industry and I know that God will arrest them until the give their life to Christ.

  5. It is obvious nah or do u expect every body to be that good, even in church they are using charm talk more of movie industries filled with human and spirits

  6. I know that they use Juju sometimes but I don’t have a prove on it.
    But it’s entertainment no one is too sure.

  7. Black magic will take u no where only God can do dat,getting involved in tings dat displease God is only going to make u known here on earth alone bt nt in heaven as for d fact of giving their body to get a prominent role God will ask u y,ur body is d temple of God,make a change

  8. Who is to be blame…? One has to keep his hands clean to avoid nemesis. There are things one has to consider before getting involved in illicit act…

  9. That’s their problem. Let them continue to use it. If it is good for them. But I believe in originality

  10. May God help our actors and actresses all because of money, I want you people to know that all this things ends here (in this world)

  11. This is the very true,but why that wicked act why don’t u struggle till u arrive rather than indulging in this wicked act, and for the sex issue is true.

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