Actor Samuel Otigba blasts Seyi Law for joking about rape – Read the joke

Actor Samuel Otigba has taken a swipe at comedian Seyi Law over his insensitive jokes on rape at the BlackThanEver show that held recently in Lagos.

The actor blasted Seyi Law for making rape seem as if it is the normal thing to do and even talked about the rape case between Busola Dakolo and COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, right there in the presence of the former.

Actor Samuel Otigba blasts Seyi Law for joking about rape – Read the joke

He then went further to call Seyi Law names and schooled him about making jokes on rape as such jokes are not considered funny

He wrote:

Nigerian comedians need serious reorientation. At Seyilaw’s #BlackerThanEver show, first fatphobia jokes, sexism & then rape. How tf do you find rape something to joke about. How?

SeyiLaw said “if you call me man of God again, I’ll Krest your daughter o, I mean the one that’s over 18, I don’t do below 18” right in front of Busola Dakolo. People laughed out loud while I wanted to enter the ground. Cringeworthy moment.

WhaleMouth joked about building a hotel & naming each of rooms according to his celebrity women crush.

WM: I want to sleep with Funke Akindele

Receptionist: Funke’s Ac isn’t working.

WM: what of Eniola Badmus

R: They’ve converted her to a conference room.

Ajele talked about how he hates rape & men should stop raping. Went on to say “imagine robbers came to your house, stolen your money raped your wife & daughter, not good.” “Imagine women robbers, men will be the one calling; its has tayed, when’ll you come back to rob & rape me”.

Comedians need to understand one thing, when you joke about things like rape, not from an informative/educative pov but for clownery, you normalise these vices & make it hard for society to take rape crimes serious.

Aproko did a great job yesterday. Didn’t belittle women, joke about rape or body shame anyone & everyone gave him a standing ovation. He was brilliant. Be like him. Evolve.

Last reminder: Rape isn’t a joke Sexism isn’t a joke Body shaming isn’t a joke Any Disability isn’t a joke.


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