Actor advises Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business

An actor who identified himself as Brakin Face has advised reality TV stars Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business.

Actor advises Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business lailasnews 2
Actor advises Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business

According to the man, being an alumni of a reality TV show doesn’t guarantee instant success in the music industry.

And it is high time Efe and Teddy A realised they should try their hands on other things before they exhaust the prize money they got on the show.

Actor advises Efe and Teddy A to quit music and start pure water business lailasnews

He wrote:

@efemoney Nd @iamteddya make una nor come dey feel say big brother Nd music industry relate first eye go turn una 2 like round about when present account balance don turn #2,500 make una nor go open pure water factory firstmake the neighborhood respect una for just one thing first😂😂😂

@efemoney u go still talk say u nor know say hon jollof ur back bone from day 0 do rally yesterday ooo cos na u busy pass but u dey get chance dey go studio go misbehave😂😂 una eye go clear if una nor use una brain oooo😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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  1. That’s a nice suggestion pure water business is not bad after all even if they don’t like the business they can invest in other things to keep their cash running and yielding interest.

  2. I don’t know if I should call this stroking
    This is hilarious, but from every foolish took, words of wisdom can be picked

  3. Well he’s suggesting. Moreover he didn’t say they should sell pure water but rather he said they should open a pure water company in the neighborhood. It’s a huge investment in the long run… But the news caption could will make you think it’s an insult.

  4. For me it’s not an insult, it’s advise. It’s just the way the adviser present it that look like and insult. Do you know how many people take pure per day?

  5. It’s a huge investment in the long run… But the news caption could will make you think it’s an insult.

  6. That’s is his personal opinion about them, but really those guy need to work on themselves more, have listen to their music, it dross

  7. It’s a huge investment in the long run… But the news caption could will make you think it’s an insult.

  8. It’s funny though. But on the other hand make Una try something else not necessarily pure water business.. Lol

  9. It doesn’t feel like suggestion to me,, its like he is mocking them because they aren’t making it in music yet ,,,

  10. Hmm. Well, this is a nice advice in disguise, why? because the manner which he gave the advice is really shocking. But on the brighter note, i will suggest Efe and the like start something different apart from Music.

  11. Everyone musnt sing…he gave them a good advice even if dey can’t do pure water business there are other better businesses to do

  12. Stop insulting them for God’s sake,I think they know what is good for them so let them be.They will surely make it big very soon

  13. Why looking down on them like that.
    Any it’s still a business they just have to be a good entrepreneur cause that place the actor thought there is no opportunity, that’s where they should see the opportunity

  14. This Is An insult..But i think Is A play…purewater bussiness Is Not bad Though, you can still make money While doing it

  15. Go and advise your self Actor called Brikin known by himself alone. Mind your business. To Eden and teddy A Keep trying don’t give up. We will continue to encourage one another… Team EFe alwayz

  16. Good advice… will they hear it now. That’s how the will Miss their Destiny because they want to be like Davido And Wizkid.

  17. Why looking down on them like that.
    Anyways it’s still a business they just have to be a good entrepreneur cause that place the actor thought there is no opportunity, that’s where they should see the opportunities

  18. Yes the truth is better. It Funny but make sense. Better Advice. Look at it very well. Do it. What is bad in it.

  19. That’s too raw. It’s not the way to do things. If u don’t like them later wen they hammer u will swallow ur words

  20. lol that’s really funny and an insult too, why don’t you mind your business and leave them to do what they want.

  21. Good suggestions , even pure water business is more profitable than what he is doing that he called music

  22. Honestly speaking is an advice but was put in a wrong manner. But to be sincere I think those guys should look for something better to back their music career before they waste it on music alone because I can’t buy those songs..

  23. Sincerely this is a very good advice no offence. They should be versatile, music is not for everybody. Is high time they understand that. And start doing other things to help themselves

  24. Good advise, but is it only pure water business you can think of? well, I am sure they have other things they do apart from music…why worry so much about their chosen profession or career?

  25. some likes poke nosing into peoples affairs it didn’t concern you with what they do with their lives

  26. He is very right, cause the big brother award is a one time thing, and if the money is not invested carefully, he may end up as the artist said.

  27. Hahahaha I think the guy just de voice his own opinion considering how efe spend millions in music and yeided nothing in return ..

  28. Let them mind they songs and you also mind you business. If u aren’t interested in they songs someone else like it

  29. Chai this insult is strong oo but he would have said another business not pure water na.
    He is actually telling the truth thou

  30. This is a big insult from him…teddy A and Efe should sue him for this talk….are they begging from him that makes him to insult them like that.

  31. There are many business to do,Pure water business is not the only business to do, they should look for good suggestion.

  32. Well, this is a nice advice in disguise, why? because the manner which he gave the advice is really shocking. But on the brighter note, i will suggest Efe and the like start something different apart from Music..

  33. His message is clear and makes sense. which is to be enterprising and give back to the society, so that they can see and relate with it.

  34. Anyway is an advice, but that’s very sharp and in an abusive way. There are more nice business they can do apart from pure water ti back up their music career

  35. What a harsh insult
    Some people could be so jelouse and stupid
    If u don’t like their music then mind ur biz

  36. What kind of insult is this self? He should be the first to start pour water business before you follow him. Rubbish

  37. Well his some way right.They could invest the money in business and other things.. It mustn’t be music.

  38. seriously it’s true who is Efe abeg.
    must u sing songs to earn just because music industry will pay u even if u sing nonsense or not does not mean u should go into it for money and fame..

  39. Funny but that is the honest truth, if music does not pay try other things, not everyone will succeed in music.

  40. That’s was a very nice advice for Efe and Teddy and I am sure they will make it in pure water business

  41. He is right if the music industry is not favouring them, they should try other business before it late.

  42. This is not sound as a good advice, it’s act of embarrassment and discouragement , precise they haven’t come to you for money to go to studio and if they had, you don’t need to accuse them on what they likes.

  43. You don’t look down on people like and starting insulting them on social media even if it is an advice, what are you trying to prove?

  44. what an insult! he shouldn’t have said so to them but still pure water is a lucrative biz in Nigeria.

  45. Busybody . You won’t mind your business instead be poke nosing in their affairs. Attention seeker.

  46. For me it’s not an insult, it’s advise. It’s just the way the adviser present it that look like and insult

  47. I seriously agree with the young man.. Music is not for everybody. People like Efe and other BBN winners like teddy and co should find something else doing instead of wasting money on something that isn’t their talent.. Efe especially is making music look annoying. He should find some other Carrier. He doesn’t have any music skill or talent. Truth be told. Efe fans may not want agree same with teddy fans but this is the gospel truth

  48. This is not advise you’re insulting their integrity its non of your chance what they do with their life and money do they come to you for help or something for you to insult them like this Mr face

  49. It right look like a an abuse but its just the truth efe has not release any reasonable songs after winning the prize and what of teddy a same as same I rest my case they should venture into another line of business

  50. Efe and teddy are really bad when it comes to music, he is making sense I just feel he should have said something better like they should go back to acting.

  51. I think there’s truth in what he’s saying
    Big brother and music doesn’t relate at all
    They should try another business

  52. Haha make them use them brain oo
    Cos if that kind 2.5 k eye turn them eh
    Na suicide oo
    The next thing be say them go cone dey lie for depression head

  53. the true talk always look bitter. a little word is enough for the wise.. especially that Efe Warri Guy

  54. That’s really an insult to efr and teddy A . I don’t think judging someone when you haven’t walked in their path is the right one . If they have chosen music then it’s music and nobody’s busy

  55. To me is an insult, is not a bad thing to go into another business after all it is their money, i see nothing bad in that.

  56. I think this guy just leashed out insults to Teddy and Efe….Though there could be some iota of truth in his speech but that was too direct. Haba

  57. I know some people we say that is advice that was given to them but for me I can tell u if it is advice it is too expensive please. Simple

  58. Like seriously the guy is saying the fact, most especially Efe music is not his calling at all, he should invest that money on good business before the money finish…

  59. Lols, the truth is bitter ooo. But the man should have suggested another work rather than pure water business.

  60. both of them are still growing in the music Industry, it not quite easy but things like this happen

  61. If this is a joke, it’s too expensive. And if it’s not, this is too insulting. People should mind the type of things they say, I’m just saying.

  62. Everybdy should face his or her business dont put eye on what someone is doing that will even make u insult other is a very bad attitude

  63. Na Efe own tire me. He doesn’t even have voice yet he’s busy calling himself a musician. He should try another hustle

  64. Abeg tell them oooh..Efe is not good in music to me he is just trying to have a smart fame which will take much time and therefore loosing money along the line…nice advise to them i swear..they should go and invest first money is very fast to go down…

  65. Well I don’t know what impact those two have for the industry cause they have not really done anything significant. But I would advise they go into other industry

  66. Its a good idea u knw,pure water business is quite profitable Dan music na,CO’s listening to music is optional, but drinking if treated water is compulsory to d massive,u can give a 2nd thought on dis

  67. I won’t say it’s bad of this guy to say they shild stop music but pure water business lol this one really weak my life

  68. This guy is very funny, good advice he should focus on his talent rather than music everyone can not be a musician

  69. That was a harsh way to talk to someone if you don’t like their songs why not keep quiet and keep it to your self.

  70. Wat a rude n insulting way to advice someone. Its clear that he’s an immature human being. Won’t it be more respectful if you call them personally and advice them rather than calling them out on social media. We really need to support each other .

  71. Well it may sound insulting but the truth is bitter they are just out maki\ng noise nothing concrete or worthwhile coming out of them. its an advice sha

  72. Why does he think they will fail? The choice of what to do is not should not be his own decision to make.

  73. He is not far from the truth!!he had to be blunt so that they realise music us not their thing.i will advice both of them to indulge themselves into a lucrative business. It really difficult to please Nigerians with music..too much competition

  74. Lol this Barkin Face guy is a Savage, of all the businesses around na only pure water business you advice them to embark on

  75. Honestly speaking that is harsh, is a free world everyone is allow to express their potential and try their luck, even if that is nothing working there is many businesses they could be advise to venture into not pure water business.

  76. Bro a little encouragement can go a long way than giving then this advice. Tell them what and what to do that can improve them in the career they choose.

  77. There’s sense in what he his saying he didn’t state weather they should open a pure water factory company or just be selling water. I’ll support the idea because it hard this days to please Nigerians with music and alot of rumours are carrieiin music industriy

  78. This looks like an insult but he said the truth. Music is not for everyone, big brother naija does not make someone a music artiste.

  79. Why this kind of advice? How Did He Know they Cant Make it in music industry? They should continue with what they choose

  80. He is right though. Everyone can’t be a musician. There are a lot of other things they can invest into.

  81. Are you trying to advice them or mock them there are several business ventures they can do and not pure water business If you can’t advice them properly please keep your mouth shut

  82. as far as i am concerned, i haven’t listen to any good music from this two, this advice is good though

  83. really who even know the braking face, everybody have their own time just because they are not making it very big doesn’t mean they are not progressing. this country self people will not mind their business

  84. There’s no harm in trying something out. Young man you should pray for them to improve and get better in the industry

  85. Well he is not insulting them, he was using pure water business as an analogy to explain their present predicament

  86. I love their movie, but if he didn’t love them wouldn’t give him the ordersity to insult them

  87. Ogah actor how e take concern you. Na your money abibna your music? Mind your business. You sef who you be for movie industry wey people no know you?

  88. This is pure bad belle, insult on top injury. You that is advising them, where is your company. He should have said guys invest your money in something tangible.

  89. People with useless opinions on social media
    What is his business, they are not complaining, he doesn’t feed them and in sire they have better life than he does

  90. I think it will be good as Actor advises Efe and Teddy A has decided to start pure business, since they had realised they should try their hands on other things before they exhaust the prize money they got on the show.

  91. Actually there’s sense in what he said because music isn’t favouring them but pure water habba!! E too bad.

  92. It not everyone that has the calling to the music inustry. @efe and @teddyA don’t have the calling at allllll. They listen to the advise

  93. Oga, before they where featured in the bbn, they have been leaving and after bbn they would still leave, so face front and mind ur own business.

  94. This guy is right tho! Teddy A and efe don’t have any musical talent! They should try something else, maybe not pure water business tho

  95. In as much as pure water business is a very good and recruitive one, he has no right to tell them to leave their choosen career and and go into it. It is an insult

  96. They are adults and no what’s good for them. Such advice are giving to children you feed. Please let them be

  97. Advicer please mind your own business for your information that isn’t the way of putting one straight .if it’s a joke put it a stop

  98. The advice is not bad but the way he goes about it. Let them invest the money in something else that what he is trying to say

  99. That’s a very big insult to efe, why would the actor say such a thing like that, I think some people should learn how to mind their business

  100. Unreasonable and insulting way of advising Efe and Teddy A . Music has been their passion and if they are not perfect today, they’ll someday.

  101. This is a slap on their faces. Assume you even said they should leave it for acting, that’ll be different

  102. it Is a nicevnice advice and they should put it into consideration,my advice is that they shshould look into other areas of music and discover with one would work in their favour

  103. well I suggest they out more effort and pray to God they shall prosper I think he’s jealous of them

  104. He should pray about it, every pure husstle make sense but may God direct us to our own way. Best of luck guys

  105. This is so funny,but it a great advise o,not because they came out from reality show then they think they will blow in music, they shd just think of something else to do,but I don’t like the idea of selling pure water,it an insult to their personality

  106. It’s really look embarrassed the way he comes to social media to say it, though there is on honest point there. But let it be private.

  107. This is a very big insult to them
    We know you are saying the truth but you shouldn’t have said such thing in social media please
    Nawaaa ooooo

  108. I support the actor, efe should stop wasting his money on music production and something else but for the other guy I don’t have any advice for him

  109. Not actually selling water,but changing hustle its better because music its not been favourable to them.They should start something different that would work out.

  110. This is a very big insult on Efe and Teddy A. How can the actor ever expect them to do pure water business. In as much as Efe and Teddy A are not doing well in the music industry, they can still improve and become better. The actor is not God to tell them what to do in life.

  111. Chai Please who is this person that just gave Efe and Teddy A this advice of a life time… Bros God bless you for this wonderful advice.. I Wonder why they have refused to listen.. Lol

  112. They should not quit music but they should have another source of income. It might sound funny but is up to them to give it a try

  113. Why insulting them now this is one of hate speech we are talking about.if you want to advise them I believe there is a platform you can do that.

  114. As in, especially efe. If that guy ever becomes poor then him no get sense, brain or common sense.

  115. Seriously Speaking truth is better, what he said is right they should engage in business than music industry.

  116. The way he said it night sound harsh but he’s actually saying the truth.
    They can start something else, music doesn’t work for everybody.

  117. Well to have done that openly is bad but to me i think he has said the right thing…but sha they are still living fine

  118. How is it your business. Instead of you to wish them the best you’re there saying what we don’t know.

  119. I don’t think they are complaining, if that is the career they choose so be it, why the insult

  120. To this is stupidity of the highest order, there are other ways of advising someone on what to do not this rubbish. He’s a cheap talker

  121. He might indirectly be telling them the truth…but he is soo harsh…he should leave them alone…

  122. Mr, not all that are rich started from that little. They can till archive there dreams from this point

  123. they should know what is good for them as an adult. though giving them advice is not bad, but why pure water?

  124. It may seem like an insult but there is an element of true advice in it but the manner in which it was said was wrong.

  125. This is funny, how can you tall them to start pure business, live them alone and mind your business.

  126. That was a very good advice, though the guy was saying it as a joke bit i think they should take his advice.

  127. Seriously this is a funny insult but I think I support the speaker u guys should use ur money to invest something big that last

  128. In every nonsense there is always a sense in it so my advice to you guys is to ignore the nonsense and collect the sense from it

  129. Fact say pure water industry It’s a huge investment in the long run… But the news caption could will make you think it’s an insult.

  130. Brakin face have really Brakin their face, he have just told them the truth coz I don’t even know what they are singing.

  131. What he said was true though. The two of them haven’t made any breakthrough in the music industry and they shouldn’t waste all of their money trying to pursue it

  132. I strongly believe that no condition this permanent, because God almighty will make a way were there is no way

  133. It’s a challenge my brother, don’t take it personal. Keep trying and one day you guys will be super stars.

  134. Big brother naija is cost that anyone that enters into music becomes a failure if you doubt me ask if Efe

  135. Ha ha dat is too much nah..but i support they quit music especially Efe.but not pure water bussiness

  136. Funny but it the reality… I don’t see why people are so comfortable in what they have no idea about… Try working on what you know… Stop going with the crowd.. Dare to be different.

  137. That is an insults, though pure water business is very good but you shouldn’t have say that.

  138. Efe being a musician was the least I ever thought he will be doing I think pure water is too big for him he deserve less if you ask me.

  139. Ah that’s so stupid,how could you say such thing,you are not the one to stop them from singing

  140. Why pure water business for Christ sake why not any other better business I don’t support that

  141. What an insult. Don’t be discourage Bro. When people say there is a casting down for you. God says there is a lifting up. cheer up.

  142. Are u serious or u are jocking? We the good advice there is that they should look for business to do in order to increase their income. God bless Nigeria

  143. Bros if na joke stop am why pure water bussiness now. Truth be told you don’t have to discourage others now.

  144. Mr man you talking rubbish, Efe made hit in “warri” he will make other hit song. People like you the one are the killing the youth instead of encouraging them, yor insulting and fun of them.

  145. Brakin should mind his business and leave these guys alone. That they have not made big in the music industry now does not mean that they will not make it.

  146. Anyway is an advice, but that’s very sharp and in an abusive way. There are more nice business they can do apart from pure water to back up their music career,although I don’t know what she saw in pure water business oo

  147. Are you better off that those in Pure water business ❓
    If you want to advice them you can do that without insulting them.

  148. Sincerely speaking Efe and Teddy A’s songs are really childish but advising them to go into pure water business is very rude, there are other good businesses that will yield money more than music out there in the society. They should look 4 better business, music is not their calling…

  149. It’s funny though but there is sense in it. Those need to try out something else before they run out of cash and end up frustrated. But hey definitely not pure water business

  150. He mentioned pure water factory, that’s not a bad a business at all. People are doing it and buying cars and houses from that business.

  151. That is so hard to get from them but that doesn’t hide the fact they are not doing very well in music industry

  152. Should I call it a joke or a direct insult, you don’t know what their next plan is, so don’t judge or conclude with what you are seeing,, or, did they come to you for money

  153. It’s good he didn’t fully insulted them, at least owning a pure water factory is also a way of generating good funds, they should just take the good side of his word and ignore any side they need to

  154. This is a straight forward insult on the personalites of the music stars, there are other more lucrative business other than pure water.

  155. People should start to mind their business and stay out of other people’s business. They should leave Efe.

  156. As funny it the advice sounds, i think the guy is right in a way. It just doesnt have to be pure water, they can dabble into other businesses.

  157. Hahahhahahha i can’t laugh oooo buh seriously the idea isn’t bad naw…pure water business is a good business..but teddy A is still producing better music pass Efe ooo

  158. This is an insult, very big one but it is a reality. They are not doing well in the industry, you must not be a musician, there are many other things out there

  159. is this a joke or what someone should quit music and start off pure business, why not suggest something reasonable. for me this is an insult.

  160. Efe and Teddy should overlook the way the advice was presented and make use of only the sense there

  161. Lolzzzz, efe wey don finish his own money since hahahaha..
    But the actor is making sense ooo..they should have invest this money in something rather than music..they no get the talent

  162. Every one must not be a musician actually he said the reality I think that advice is for Efe on a more serious note

  163. They should take the advice because in music, they are just not shining. But they can start a more decent business rather than selling pure water.

  164. I think he’s really saying the truth and they should follow his advise.I don’t get to understand their talent at all.Efe’s songs can’t even cross the studio

  165. That’s just an advice left to the Teddy and Efe to decide, at least if they grow broke they won’t come to my house to take money for food…

  166. He has checked the advantage and disadvantages of leaving acting for selling water and has been the one that has more advantages
    Good luck to him

  167. What an insult… Plz even if der are not doing well.. DoNt talk to them like that..Not everybody will blow once.

  168. If you point a finger at someone the other nine points back at you. So whatever you wish others same will be your portion.

  169. , this guy is funny, anyway because he has made it to the top does not mean they also cannot make it to the top guy watch your tongue!

  170. Lolzzz funny guy
    You bad ooo
    but that’s true thoes not feet them.. They can try business

  171. This is not an insult but an advice.Pure water business is a very lucrative one,even bottled water.They should take the advice and invest their money in a good business instead of wasting it on music that is not working for them.Is not every body that music works for.

  172. Is it in selling pure water that their destiny lied on, there’s no other things they can do, this is an insult to them naa

  173. This is a very good advise and is not bad at all because any money not invested will be spent and can’t be recovered again.

  174. It’s a good advice if he’s asking them to give back to the community but his way of saying it is harsh though

  175. They can do it on a large scale and make lots of profit , but seriously that’s the biggest insult of the century I swear

  176. The one that pain me most is that of Efe who couldn’t utilize 25 million.. Perfect example of lazy Nigeria youth

  177. The advice is not normal you people should continue music industry God will make a way were there is no way

  178. The insult may look small but it not good to insult both of them like that. At least he would have called them privately and explain to them about their life. Rather than insulting them

  179. A 2nd business will always make sense so as not to lavish all the money on expenditure. Investment is always better.

  180. they don’t like the business they can invest in other things to keep their cash running and yielding interest.

  181. I believe that they are the boss of their lives… So they should be the ones to see to how they live it without external intrusion.. Mr Brakin…go paddle your own boat if you are just going to mock…. I believe I Efe and Teddy… You both can make it big time.

  182. Why looking down on them like that.
    Anyways it’s still a business they just have to be a good entrepreneur

  183. The actor is right, its takes a real personality in an individual to sing and to be appreciated by his songs

  184. Doing pure water business is a very good one. I knew someone doing this business and now, his is a multimillionaire

  185. This is a word of advise in inform of parable and irony I reason with him.It is high time they achieve sth with the money before will be far spent.invest and don’t spend lavishly

  186. as for efe he needs to work on his music while Teddy A is own is not to bad but efe should put more effort

  187. I wonder in which century abi generation that people will start minding their businesses.. Nawa oo.

  188. Telling them to start pure water business is not an insult now. He said factory. My bothee the money you can make doing that business no be here ooooo. The issue Is he should mind his business

  189. Telling these guys to open a business is not a bad ideas but the business should be one that befits their current status as celebrities that they are

  190. Lol, this is savagery at its peak. Nigerian celebrities no go kill people oh. Its fun though, let them continue insulting themselves thereby creating new headlines for us to enjoy.

  191. Haha haha…. So funny! Guy u dey wella. But pure water biz… That’s is below the belt oooo. Haha haha haha.

  192. Nice advice, but it mustn’t be pure water business if actually they have to try other means of income. There are other things they can do to put food on the table other than pure Water.

  193. Bitter truth, they want to to waste money won, if they don’t have need for it they should give me to use

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