Activist refuses to pay at restaurant for playing R-Kelly songs on repeat

An activist refused to pay in a restaurant in Atlanta after they played songs by alleged sex predator R-Kelly on repeat.

According to Kenyette Tisha Barnes, she refused to pay at an Applebees restaurant in Atlanta after she said she was forced to listen to a sexual predator, R-Kelly.

Activist blasted for refusing to pay at restaurant for playing R.Kelly songs on repeat

She took to her social media page to recount her experience, stating the restaurant have threatened to get her arrested. She wrote;

Tonight I was forced to listen to R. Kelly, on repeat at @Applebees, in Atlanta. I asked to not be forced to listen to a sexual predator. I refused to pay. THE MANG. CALLED THE POLICE AND THREATENED TO HAVE ME ARRESTED. The BW staff was dancing. We have a SERIOUS problem here!

That we are more comfortable marginalizing the sexual violence against black girls is reprehensible. No wonder 60% of blk girls are sexually abused. Enablers and predators.

And despite the horrific treatment of the manager, and other staff, my server was a sweetheart, and I tipped her >18.5%. I am a proponent a Fair Labor, yet, not going to pay an establishment who disrespected me.

The restaurant’s official page responded to her post, they wrote

Kenyette, we always want guests to feel comfortable at their neighborhood Applebee’s. We connected with the local franchisee who confirmed that they’ve been in contact with you.

One of her followers immediately asked the restaurant not to pay attention to her because she had reportedly done it at a Nissan car shop, demanding she gets the car she was test driving for free because R-Kelly song was playing at the dealership’s service area.

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