Activist says Gideon Okeke once begged to play a gay role in movie

An activist, Olumide Makanjuola has reacted to actor Gideon Okeke condemning the same sex marriage between designer Marc Jacobs and his partner.

Activist says Gideon Okeke once begged to play a gay role in movie

Shortly after news of the wedding went viral, Gideon Okeke took to social media with the below quote.

You go world…
For the Effeminacy of the Man.
You go world…
For making the word SODOMY seem cool.
You go world…
For negating the order set by The Creator.
The one who makes NO MISTAKES.
You go world…
For serving your protestant agenda to generations unborn. Building a community inside of humanity.
You go world.
But I and my household are NOT of this world.
So we don’t know what Yall be talking ’bout.
YES I SAID IT. (2nd Timothy vs 3)

Reacting to Gideon’s post, the activist Olumide Makanjuola called out the actor with claims that he once lobbied to play the role of a gay in a movie.

I can’t stop laughing. Same Gideon that was trying to hustle for a queer role in a film through a major PR director in Nigeria? Issaokay sha, everyone got to trend somehow. But again, if you know, you know. #PeaceOut



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