Accountant recounts being refused accounting task with UK charity for being Nigerian

A female Accountant has recounted how she was denied access to the money and other accounting tasks with a UK charity because she is Nigerian.

According to the Accountant, Yemisi Ajeojo who took to her social media page to share her experience, her Asian manager had told her she could not be given accounting tasks to do because she is a Nigerian and Nigerians are known for fraud.

Accountant recounts being refused accounting task with UK charity for being Nigerian

She wrote;

These stories of fraud affects all of us. I applied for an accounting role with a charity in the UK during my placement year One day, after I had complained that I wasn’t given any accounting task to do, the manager who was Asian called me into his office and asked me…

“What are Nigerians known for?”

Without thinking, I said ‘jollof rice” 😣😣

He said No and then went on to give me a long lecture on how Nigerians are known for fraud and although he wanted me to be a part of the charity, he will not let me work directly with the money.

It was a few hours later on my way home that what had happened hit me. I remember crying all the way home and being so thankful that it was raining so people will not see me. Never had someone question my competence or integrity because of my nationality.

I went on to do great work for the charity though. Managed their digital skills project, wrote bids and proposals that raised thousands of pounds within a short time as well as set up and managed other projects for the community.

I was so good they offered me an extension after my contract was over. I was just never allowed to handle the money or records directly.

I am heavily involved in enabling more young people leverage on the digital economy as an alternative to crime and unemployment. But how can they do so effectively when they have been stigmatized because of their nationality.

You can’t even use your laptop in certain public places because they are not sure if you are using it to commit crime or not.

While we are encouraging provision of knowledge and opportunities that will enable more people be productively engaged online as an alternative to crime, it is important that we also address the stigma that comes with being a Nigerian.

I took on project to raise money to buy laptops and phones for students or people with digital skills who could not monetise their skill because of lack of resources.

Later I realised. “Yemi if you give these people these tools and do not provide the opportunities or guide them on how to get these opportunities, you have basically given them a tool for crime.”

Few hours after her thread had started gathering so much attention and some users attacking her, she took to thesame platform to make some clarifications. She wrote;

I am not sure how some of you are reading and interpreting this thread.

1. No where have I justified my manager’s behaviour.

2. I was a very smart but naive 19 year old working her first full time job. I just wanted my results and work ethic to speak for itself and they did

3. I am now a lot more confident and vocal and would respond differently if that situation happened today.

4. It was an unpaid job

5. I was the first black female to work there. There was a lot of bias I had to address.

6. I do not regret working there. It was my first role in the development sector and it really helped me discover and sharpen core skills that has helped my career in the last 4 years.

7. That was the only racist encounter I can remember having in the UK. I loved living, studying and working there and enjoyed engaging with people from different parts of the world.

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