Abusive man released after apologizing to wife, then later killed her

An abusive man who is a disgraced former judge, was sent to prison for beating his then-wife, so severely, in 2014, that she required facial reconstructive surgery, has eventually killed her.

She was found slain Saturday morning in the U.S.

Abusive man released after apologizing to wife, then killed her

The Shaker Heights Police Department said officers responded to a 911 call at a residence in the morning, prompting them to launch an investigation into Aisha Fraser’s killing.

Ex-Cuyahoga County judge, Lance Mason, Fraser’s former husband, was then taken into custody. While trying to flee the scene, Mason drove an SUV into a police cruiser, causing “serious injuries” to a police officer’s lower legs and ribs, according to Cleveland.com.

He then tried to escape on foot and was arrested. Mason pleaded guilty in 2015 to attempted felonious assault and domestic violence after punching Fraser, 20 times, and slamming her head against the dashboard of a car, five times, in 2014.

He was released from prison after serving 9 months of a two-year sentence, after he apologised to Fraser.


  1. It was ok for the woman to have forgiven the husband but not to go back to the marriage for the sake of her life. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. This is an act of wickedness, he deserve to be punish for this… Doing this to a human being like you, this is totally unfair

  3. Should marriage be a thing of disaster.
    The woman shouldn’t have gone back to the marriage.
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  4. May her soul rest in peace. The heart of a man is deceitful. Why did he apologize to her since he knew he was going to murder her. He will get what he deserves

  5. Further investigation should be carried out before they jump into conclusion that he killed his wife. Come to think of this, how will a man who served 2yrs in prisonment come up with an act that will serve him whole life in prisonment.

  6. She should have separated from the man for long since the man was a threat to her life,the man too should be sentence to life imprisonment

  7. This is not ordinary ooo I don’t think dis is ordinary cus it is so weird and weird..I feel sorry for the woman.rest in peace and the man should be killed

  8. Lol! The woman CHOSE to stay….. na she know! Shout out to adults both men and women living with physical abusers in the name of marriage….. na all of una know.

  9. Whatever the case, this viciousness is becoming one too many. People are loosing control and society is watching helplessly. We need to raise more responsible men.

  10. This man need deliverance I mean after after spending years in prison instead of feeling remorse over what he did he even step up his crime

  11. I’m not sure with the lesson he just past through it’d absurd, Further investigation should be carried out before they jump into conclusion that he killed his wife.

  12. may your soul rest in peace.Many people out there are mentally sick, please and please don’t stay in abusive marriage.

  13. Only the Lord knows what the woman went through before she died. How could she remain with such an abusive man? I hope the disgraced judge never leaves prison.

  14. This is not ordinary ooo I don’t think dis is ordinary cus it is so weird and weird..I feel sorry for the woman.rest in peace and the man should be killed

  15. Why will she agree to stay with a man that damaged her face again? This man is really wicked and heartless if actually he did kill his wife

  16. This is animal in husband form how can he be so extremely wicked definitely he already have plans before he was released this is sabotage..Ythey should just kill him straight

  17. He doesn’t deserve to me whether apology or not or although I know the incident has already occurred.

  18. Dear ladies, most men turn
    monsters when a wife turns to a
    cheating wife. Pls if you are not
    ready for marriage don’t marry
    and start cheating…It has never
    ended well. Remember your
    husband is physically stronger,
    so you stand a higher risk. Am
    I saying it should be so? Not at
    all, but it is what it is. No to
    domestic violence no matter
    what.The look on that man face, it
    shows that he is ready to face
    the outcome. Only God knows
    what that woman has done to
    warrant this ungodly act from his
    husband. If not that they caught
    him, he might as well cook and
    eat his wife’s flesh as well.
    The man is already a monster,
    and I believe the wife was the
    person that brought out the beast
    in him.

  19. What a wicked world!!!with what is happening in some marriages now,some single ladies and guys ar scared of going into it.

  20. What a wicked world!!with what is happening in some marriages now,some single ladies and guys are scares of going into it..

  21. What a wicked world!!!with the happenings in some marriages now,some single ladies and guys are scared of going into marriage .

  22. Why do people prefer to stay in an abusive marriage? This man should be sentenced to death by electrocution

  23. This man is so heartless and wicked,even after he got out of prison for a great offence, he committed a greater one,that’s too bad and that man need to be killed

  24. The woman should have never returned to the abusive relationship again. It is so disheartening to read news of avoidable deaths of married women like this!

  25. Wat a wicked world we live in and to think he was a former judge……he shld be sentenced to death too….he doesn’t deserve to live

  26. How cruel! So he only apologised so that he could come out and do his worse. He should be given a death sentence.

  27. These men thay beat their wives are animals. After what he did he served only 6 months jail term out of the 2 years he was given simply because he apologized to her. I hope this time he is locked up for good .

  28. Women should totally avoid domestic violence as this always leads to death which can never be reversed.may her soul rest in peace

  29. He looks too innocent for such stories. A man that beats his wife is a beast. A judge for that matter. He deserves to get more punishments his release is too early

  30. After confessing your love to your wife, you Marry her and you guys live for sone years, then after having kids, suddenly you develop hatred on her and killed her,, all this sounds so abnormal

  31. God forbid bad thing this man is so heartless upon her wife apologised to him he still go ahead and kill her

  32. This is so so sad! So his apology was not of a repentant one. May her soul rest in peace while he rots in jail.

  33. This is what I just discussing with my friend that I will not support any man that is abusing his wife, one day it can lead to earlier dead

  34. This man is so heartless your wife released you because of the love she has for you than you killed her for her mercy upon you, you deserve to route in jail.

  35. Someone you pledge to love and cherish yet people treat their mate as if they are nothing. What a wicked world.

  36. You see the reason why it’s good for one to leave abusive marriage or relationship, it’s not good to remain in the marriage or relationship whereby you are being abused or where the person is facing domestic violence. This man deserve to be killed because he will not change because a killer remains a killer.

  37. Hmmm what a wicked husband,who is meant to protect his wife,how can you raise your hand on woman you said you love,now she has died,Rip

  38. This is terrible, and you claim you love her, got married to her, then the next thing is to beat her, such a wicked man, you must pay for this

  39. That’s terrible. There are alot of psychopath on the street everyday that someone needs to be wary of.

  40. As a former judge he knows the consequences of his actions. Mr Mason need to see a psychiatrist he possibly have mental problem with how he is behaving. Something is definitely wrong with him. So sad for Aisha Fraser and her family.

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