#AbujawithGoogleMaps: See exciting photos from Laila’s tour of Abuja using Google Maps

#AbujawithGoogleMaps is a 2-day Google Maps-guided tour of cultural and historical landmarks in Abuja. It is aimed at demonstrating how Google Maps can be an indispensable tool to help people explore and discover the world.

Laila Ijeoma was among the Nigerian influencers who went on the #AbujaWithGoogleMaps tour. Check out lovely photos from my trip below.

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Thursday 30th May, 2019 to Saturday June 1, 2019 will always be unforgettable for me. Simply because on these days, I got to tour Abuja with Google Maps and it was some splendid experience.

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Throughout the trip, I got to experience real life demonstrations of how Google Maps can help me, you, your loved ones, everybody discover and explore the world around us.

Together with some Nigerian social media influencers, we took a tour of select landmarks and locations in Abuja using features like Navigation, Traffic, Near Me, Offline Maps, and Local Guides.

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The selected landmarks and locations were in no particular order:

  • Summerset Continental Hotel in Abuja,
  • The Millenium Park,
  • Thought Pyramid Art Center,
  • Ushafa Pottery Center,
  • IBB Golf Country Club,
  • The Cube Cafe,
  • The Dunes,
  • Julius Berger Waterfront park,
  • Transcorp Hilton hotel,
  • Magicland Abuja,
  • National Stadium, Abuja
  • Abuja City Gate,
  • Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre,
  • Silverbird Entertainment Center, Abuja,
  • National Arboretum, Abuja
  • Marrakech Restaurant in Abuja
  • Central Park, Abuja


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What we did with Google Maps on our tour:

For each of these locations, using Google Maps, we were able to:

  • Navigate anywhere, fast:

Finding exact directions on how to get to each landmark on our #AbujaWithGoogleMaps tour, from wherever it was we were, was so effortless with Google Maps.

We could quickly add destinations based on recent searches without having to manually type in the location. We could search for places, get alternative routes, real time information about traffic jams and delays, and an up to date ETA so you know exactly when you’ll be at your destination.

We were able to add detours to our routes effortlessly. We’ve all been there – you’re on your way to a birthday party and you’ve forgotten to buy a gift. Cue panic – or not. With Google Maps you can easily search for places along your route while in navigation mode, so you can find the nearest store and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

It was also awesome navigating through Abuja using the voice prompt feature that can be seen on Google Maps.

  • Add reviews and rate our experiences at each location.

It was beautiful to learn that for each honest review and rating you share, you earn points which you can redeem for rewards.

  • Add each location to our favourite places to visit in Abuja which we can share with family and friends

Using Google Maps on our #AbujaWithGoogleMaps tour, we were able to create lists which we used to keep track of our favorite places in Abuja. You can do same for yourself and share them with friends.

  • Find locations in Abuja that didn’t have their own exact street addresses. We were able to do this using the Plus Codes feature on Google Maps.

More amazing stuff you can do with Google Maps:

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  • Never miss your stop again:

Use Google Maps to get transit navigation times, ETAs and a notification that tells you when to transfer or get off your bus or train, so you can stop worrying about missing your stop and start enjoying the sights.

  • Wheelchair accessible routes:

Use Google Maps to find wheelchair accessible transit routes to make getting around easier for those with mobility needs.

  • Offline maps: No data? No problem.


You can still find your way even if you have spotty reception or an expensive data plans. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or traveling abroad, you can download a map of an area so you can see directions and use turn by turn navigation even when you can’t get online.

  • Wait time estimates and popular times:

Use Google Maps to find out what the estimated wait times and popular times are at your favorite businesses so you can beat the crowds and save time.

  • Remember where you parked:

After navigating somewhere, use Google Maps to save your parking location so you never have a “Dude where’s my car?” moment again. (This is a US-based movie reference, so feel free to localize).


  • Find things to do and places to eat based on your unique interests and preferences.
  • OK Google, what’s my ETA? Keep your focus on the road by using voice commands on Google Maps. Just say “OK Google, find gas stations” or “ Show alternate routes” to get the information you need, hands free.

Why should you care about Google Maps?

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Google’s vision is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful to everyone. Part of this vision includes helping more people use Maps to make better decisions, and be able to make good use of their time.

This has very meaningful and understandable impact on their overall happiness.

Nigerians want to live the most out of every day and relish every experience. One of the ways they do is through holidays and travel adventures. Google Maps is available to guide them through every step – beginning with the planning, to when they eventually take the trip.

We want Maps to become an indispensable tool that helps you discover and explore your world.

How Google Maps is helping people discover and explore the real world:

The information across Google Search and Maps helps millions of people, every day, discover and share great places. Our goal is to help people get out and enjoy the world by building a map tailored to each user and their likes and preferences.

  • Discovery and Exploration

Google Maps has always helped users get where they need to go as quickly as possible, but now they can also use Maps to find things to do and places to eat based on their own unique tastes and preferences. Now, users can:

Find new things to do and see dining, event, and activity options based on their location in the newly redesigned Explore tab.

  • Know where the tastemakers are going:

Trending lists with information from local experts, Google, and trusted publishers help users know exactly where to go in their neighborhood based on what’s popular right now.

  • Easily make plans as a group:

Users can create a shareable shortlist within Google Maps and instantly share it with friends across any platform so they can vote on a place and decide where to go within minutes.

  • Make decisions about where to go quickly with “your match”, a number that suggests how likely you are to like or dislike a restaurant based on your preferences.
  • Stay on top of the latest and greatest with the new “For you” tab.

Users can see trending places, newly opened restaurants, foodie lists, and more in the neighborhoods they care about most.

Google Maps strives to provide people with accurate, useful and actionable info about the world around them. This includes not only showing them all available travel options, but allowing them to book a ride, reserve a table, see how busy a place is or how long the wait is, book a fitness class or beauty treatment, order delivery, and more.

Reflecting the real world:

Google Maps is constantly improving with more than 25 million updates made each day throughout the world — including the latest road names, business addresses, public transit schedules, Street View images and more.

We’re heavily invested in empowering Google Maps’ users to contribute their local knowledge to the map to make the product even better for themselves and other users.

  • With Google My Business, business owners have a streamlined (and free) way to update their business info quickly and easily across Google. And users have access to up to date information for millions of businesses throughout the world.
  • Any user can add a missing place or correct business information from Google Maps and Search. Users can also report errors using the “Report a Problem” tool, found at the bottom right corner of the map.
  • To contribute local knowledge to Google Maps and engage with a passionate community, people can join the Local Guides program where they can earn points and unlock rewards for submitting edits and other information.

Building for Everyone:

  • Accessibility

We care deeply about building a map that everyone can use to explore the world around them. We added wheelchair accessible entrances to the map and created a way for people to contribute additional accessibility information to the map in July 2017.

With the help of everyday users and our Local Guides community, which was established in early 2015, we’ve been able to add accessibility information to nearly millions of places around the world. And we added “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation.

While the complex nature of gathering accessibility data takes time, we are excited to continue building upon this foundation.

  • Bringing country-specific features to emerging markets (NBU)

We build features and experiences based on the evolving needs of our users no matter where they are. We launched two-wheeler navigation mode for users in countries like India, Indonesia, and countries throughout Southeast Asia where two-wheelers are a common mode of transportation.

We’ve also launched support for traffic management programs like even/odd days in Jakarta and vehicle rotation in Brazil.

In 2018, we launched Maps Go, a lightweight navigation app designed specifically for low-end devices, which now also includes turn by turn voice navigation.


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