Abuja APC chieftain murdered, wife and children injured

An Abuja APC chieftain identified as Pastor Benjamin Imeogu, was murdered by unknown gunmen along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road, Abuja, around 9.30pm on Thursday.

Abuja APC chieftain murdered, wife and children injured lailasnews

His wife and three children who were with him at the time of the incident, were injured by the gun who shot the Abuja APC Chieftain 5 times on the chest at close range. The deceased was the Chairman of the APC panel, on the conduct of the National Assembly primaries in the FCT.

While the wife of the deceased and one of their sons were critically injured as they also received gunshots with bullets piercing their stomachs, the other two children escaped with minor injuries. Punch reported that Imeogu’s remains have been deposited at the National Hospital’s morgue, while his wife and son are battling for their lives at an undisclosed hospital.

Confirming the incident, Imeogu’s friend, Opeyemi Ogunsakin, said he hugged the late politician after a church service on the day he was killed. Though it couldn’t be confirmed if the attack was connected to the Abuja Municipal Area Council elections in which the deceased actively participated as the Chairman of the electoral committee, however members of the Transforming Church, Galadimawa, Abuja, where Imeogu was a prominent member, have been paying tributes to the late politician.

Ogunsakin wrote, “The pain is excruciating and intractable; we just hugged and left church Thursday evening and the next thing is the call…seeing you lifeless with all those bullets into your heart breaks me.

“You are not just a friend; you are a brother indeed and my political mentor, as I call you. Your love for God and His kingdom is contagious; you are a great believer in Nigeria. What will happen to all our colourful plans to be a leading light in Nigeria’s political sphere of influence?”

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  1. That is terrible. RIP n may the injured once have a speedy recovery. There should be a torrough investigation on this

  2. Assassination during election in Nigeria is something that has been for years now. Hope this diabolic act will be curbed.

  3. This is a very sad one may God heal his wife and son
    Rest in peace sir I lpray that your killer will be located

  4. Incredible… I still do not understand reason behind the deaths of APC members, may his soul rest in peace.

  5. This is terrible. Please, politic should not be a do or die affair now. Imagine the pain inflicted on one family. To lost a father unexpectedly. May his soul rest in peace and May God grant the mother and son quick recovery, amen.

  6. Election has not start,they are already killing themselves.we really need God’s intervention in the 2019 election

  7. Nigerian politics is some how.That is why it is call do or die,whoever does this will not pass this year alive amen.

  8. Abuja again….
    but i thought abuja is a more civilized area….
    are they not more security there, that means they can kill our president

  9. Abuja again…..
    but i thought abuja is a more civilized area…
    where are our security… that means they can kill our president

  10. Hmmm this killing is now becoming too much what’s really happening,she purity agencies should be provided now in various places at night,too bad

  11. We are yet to understand this party what is wrong with a pc the way people are dying tagging a pc is unfair does it mean that is not an ordinary party like other parties.

  12. Those blood thirsty politician that kill without thinking twice will be brought to book….Rip.this is sad.

  13. Political killings here and there. Politics should not be a do or die affair. May his soul rest in peace.

  14. What a terrible disaster, dad dead mom and one child critically down only two have minor injuries seriously this is the reason why am afraid of been a politician ones life is more at risk may your soul rest in peace sir

  15. Abducting and killing of Apc chieftains is now what is rampant, I am sure this the aftermath effect of the Primaries

  16. The evil that men do lives with them and after death.. Only God will avenged the death and havoc set..

  17. RIP..to APC chairman…nigeria will never cease to amaze me…but only God know the best…and i 0ray the will be gotten soon…

  18. That’s not too good for Nigeria in such state,but I still don’t know why politicians kill their selves and what they gain in killing them selves. may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  19. The killing of apc chieftains are getting too much . Is the party negligent of the wellbeing of their party members . Something is needed to be possible as fast as possible

  20. Why attacking families is this for political reason or something else its not worth shedding bloods of the innocent rip to the man and speedy recovery to the rest of the family

  21. politics is a dirty game,they should continue killing each other wetin concern me ….let the killing continue abeg

  22. God have mercy. This political campaigns are becomings very deadly and dangerous. God please save our soul

  23. May his soul rest in peace. I hope his wife and children recover quickly. People do not realise that spilling of blood no matter the monetary gain is a crime against humanity.

  24. God have mercy this killing of APC Chieftain is becoming too much all for politics may God rest his soul and grant the rest of the families speedy recovery

  25. So sad. Politics In Nigeria is now a do or die affair. There must be blood shed for their dead gods to aide them, but the God of vengeance will unleash his wrath upon all blood sucking demons in politics. God will preserve the remaining members of the family and comfort them

  26. To lost a father unexpectedly. May his soul rest in peace and May God grant the mother and son quick recovery

  27. So sad,so many deaths when will all this killings stop,we need Gods Intervention soon. may God help those who are battling for their life iin the hospital

  28. This is so sad and painful . I pray his wife and son escapes death since they are trying to survive . This world is so cruel what on earth will someone take delight in taking another’s life

  29. This is terrible, I don’t know why all this trash will end in Nigeria, may God intervene to the situation of out country. Rip to him, so sad

  30. Disheartening indeed. That’s is why I said that politics is a dangerous game… IN a twinkle of eye, he lost his life .took bad. I pray for quick recovery of your wife and children. Amen

  31. All family name wiped. This killings is the order of the day most especially this election period. May their soul rest in peace.

  32. This upcoming election in Nigeria is becoming something else , how many politicians have been killed this past week , if not an accident it will a kidnapping case or an assasination

  33. That’s an attack I guess from his political rival. Its no news but isn’t he suppose to have a security guardsman? 5 gun shots on his chest, other members of family shot in the stomach and injured, they must be bullet proofed individuals. Election has not start,they are already killing themselves.we really need God’s intervention in the 2019 election. His soul rests in piece.

  34. It is so heartbreaking how barbaric Nigerian politics has gone. I have said it before. They should cut their salaries so that this killings will stop

  35. When so call pastor or man of God involved himself to a Nigerian politics, if he didn’t comprises his stands, death will be the result

  36. This is just the the height of wickedness, they were ready to finish his family but for God. Politics is sure a dirty game in Nigeria. May God rest his soul and keep his wife and children

  37. How can u take d life of a fellow human for what Eva reason?The killers shall neva escape d judgment of God.

  38. Nigeria politics Is just a do or die affair and it’s very bad because politics is just to appoint people for the betterment of the country but the politicians take it personal these days

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