Abroad-based Nigerian man thrown out by his white girlfriend for not cooking (video)

A Nigerian man living abroad has been left stranded and homeless after his white girlfriend threw him out of the house for not cooking.

The man was found by another Nigerian sleeping outside on a bench in the cold weather.

In the video recorded by the other Nigerian, the homeless man revealed that he has been with the white woman for 5 months and satisfies her in every way.

Explaining what happened between him and his white lover, the man said the incident happened after he didn’t cook before his girlfriend came back from work.

After she came back from work, she asked him why he had not prepare meal and he explained that he was tired and would cook later.

The lady became annoyed and then threw him out of her house, and he didn’t have a choice but to sleep in the streets.

He revealed that he has been treated badly by the white woman, but that he had to endure the suffering due to poppers and green card.


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