Abike Olawuni cries for help, claims her stepfather assaults her mother (video)

Media personality, Abike Olawuni has cried out for help, she claims her stepfather allegedly physically assualts her mother repeatedly.

Abike Olawuni took to her social media page to claim that her stepfather has always assaulted her mother and he recently assualted her recently knowing very well that she had a second baby for him through C-section. She also accused him of assaulting his son, her stepbrother.

Abike Olawuni cries for help, claims her stepfather assaults her mother (video)

She says she cannot sit back and watch her mother die from domestic violence from her stepfather and so she needs all the help she can get.

She wrote;

I do not see myself doing this years to come but I kept occurring and it’s really breaking me knowing that my mum is not in safe hands and it possible she might die in this situation that she finds herself in. my has been suffering domestic violence from my step dad for years now and I’ve been trying to fight for her but people kept saying I’m doing too much that it’s in no way my business but she is dying how am I suppose to watch her die in the hands of a wicked man. the last one which happened last night was really disheartening meanwhile my recently just had her 2nd baby for him through operation,he still had the gut to beat her till started bleeding.we ran to the police station near us they didn’t open the gate we stood there for over and hour no one came to her rescue.

She went back day break to report they happened to know him when they called him,they swiped it under the ground like it was nothing serious. She is already packing out,the heart breaking part is knowing we do not have anywhere to go from here,along side her 2years old baby and weeks old baby plus me.

He doesn’t even care he kept saying it that she should leave with the child whenever he is angry he flings Akorede who happens to be the first child my mum had for him. please at this point I need help,I have been trying to work hard to ensure this suffering doesn’t last forever but it now looks like God is behind this.

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