“98% of women don’t like domesticated man” – Twitter user replies lady who advised women to marry men who are domesticated

A Twitter user has opined that 98% of women don’t appreciate and value a domesticate man.

This came after a lady on Twitter @Ifeasde_Lu said that women should marry a man who can cook, clean, wash plates, dish food and go to sleep without making noise.

She said, “Marry a man that can walk into the kitchen, warm the food , dish it , eat it , take the plates back , wash it and go and sleep without making noise”

According to her, a man who is traditionally cultured should stay put and should not stress someone’s daughter.

She added, “If you know you’re the traditional type and your culture forbid you to do such. Stay put and don’t stress someone’s daughter out.”

Reacting to the tweet, @Ahamefulajosah said many women will abuse the opportunity of having a domesticated man as husband because they don’t value it.

“98% of women will abuse this opportunity, just few that will appreciate itand see the man as a helper..” he wrote.



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