9-year-old dwarf, Quaden Bayles and his mum should go to jail – Dencia

Singer, Dencia while reacting to the the case of the 9-year-old suicidal kid, Quaden Bayles, who is a dwarf, has said the boy and his mum ought to be arrested and sent to jail.

9-year-old dwarf, Quaden Bayles and his mum should go to jail – Dencia

The controversial singer is of the belief that the boy and his mum are out to fleece on the compassion of internet users and using the medium to raise money rather than seeking therapy.

Dencia alleged that Quaden Bayles rehearsed lines in the video which went viral on social media.

She wrote:

I understand people want to be compassionate and help people but the real people who need help are in the streets, the real boys and girls who need help are in the streets, homeless and helpless, being molested, hungry etc not a mom recording her son saying rehearsed things.

Any mom who is a loving mom will be hugging their child and telling them not to say or think what he is thinking.Instead they want to raise money to go 2 Disney. Will it stop the bullies? Will it erase his dwarfism? If he was being bullied and was suicidal,

Mom should be getting him therapy, helping him get strong emotionally and mentally.Y’all should be thinking with your heads. Everyone in the world has been bullied unfortunately nowadays parents use their kids with disabilities to scam people & get attention & fame #QuadenBayles

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