7 Online Shopping Hacks To Help You Spend Less In 2021

Thanks to covid-19, more and more people are shopping online. The e-commerce industry is on the rise. Nigerians have tasted the comfort of shopping online and having their supplies delivered to them in the comfort of their premises.

Shopping on the internet is convenient. Thus, it is easy to be carried away by the comfort, which can make you go overboard with your budget. Also, with the recent kidnappings and other forms of insecurity in the country, online shopping and e-commerce will continue to be a good option for consumers.

These are reasons why now is such a perfect time to enlighten the new entrants and to remind existing shoppers of some of the online shopping hacks that can help them spend less and get more value for their money.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Hunt Deals

This is the number 1 and the most important online shopping hack. Promotional deals, sales, and discount offers are the shoppers’ holy grail. Online businesses and stores are constantly rolling out promo offers to secure more customers and make more sales. This they do especially during the holidays like Independence Day, children’s day, and others.

It is your job as the customer to keep your eyes peeled for these deals and promo discounts.

There are three major ways to be updated with the latest deals from these e-commerce stores: One is to download and use their mobile apps or sign up to their email list.

To hunt all the best deals you can by using the Kimbino app or website Kimbino. Kimbino shares digital flyers of ongoing deals and discounts from different online stores and businesses. This saves you from having to use up your device’s mobile storage with the mobile apps of the different online stores. Likewise, your inbox can be cleared of the marketing email clutters you would be receiving when you sign up to their email list.

2. Abandon Products Your Shopping Cart

This is not a 100% working online shopping hack but it’s worth giving a try. Sometimes when you leave items in your shopping cart, you will receive emails or get targeted by social media ads offering those items at a discounted price. This hack works for big and popular e-commerce brands and online stores.

These stores have the technology to track user activities behavior and activities called cookies. As a result, if you fill up your shopping cart but don’t complete the transaction, you can expect to receive an email or an ad in your social media feed with a personalized discount on the product as an incentive.

3. Compare Prices

This is an obvious thing to do. This is something we all do in the brick-and-mortar setting, and it works perfectly in the online world too. You can use websites to compare prices quicker (f.e. https://ng.naijatechguide.com/).

As an online shopper, you should be aware that most items are offered on several websites and each website is competing for customers, so everyone will want to give a lower price to outdo their competitors.

It is up to you as a consumer to take full advantage of this.

4. Look Out For Free Shipping

Before you buy any product online, make sure you check the shipping cost to your location. Don’t be surprised that the shipping cost of some items can be the same as the cost of the product you want to purchase. Sometimes, it could be more.

So, the hack here is when you find an item of interest in a store and the shipping cost is high, check other stores to see if any has a free shipping policy on that product.

5. Have A Wish list

Sometimes, you want a product so bad but can’t afford it right away. In cases like this, instead of going out of your budget, just add such a product to your wish list. This helps you keep the product in sight until you can afford it or when sales or discount deals are available on the product.

6. Talk To Agents

The sales agent of an online store is the one with first-hand information about the store and its products aside from the owner. These people are often given special discount codes and coupons by the store owners. When you talk and have a rapport with them, they may drop some of their discount coupon codes for you. If not, they can inform you when there is a special deal or discount for the day before third-party websites pick it.

  1. Always Be On Guard

It is normal to want to get the best deal for your purchases but remember, sometimes, “Awoof dey spoil belle’. This simply means you need to be careful in your search for cheap deals. Don’t fall victim to scams and phishing websites. Be sure to visit trusted e-commerce websites directly and not through any link shared with you. Be safe.


Now that you have the online shopping hacks to help you spend less, let the shopping spree begin!


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