58-year-old man arrested for allegedly defiling daughter in Lagos

A 58-year-old commercial motorcyclist, Johnson Okon, has been arrested for allegedly defiling his 14-year-old daughter in Lagos state.

58-year-old man arrested for allegedly defiling daughter in Lagos lailasnews

Parading the suspect before newsmen, the state commissioner of police, Edgal Imohimi, said the victim had informed her mother about her father’s action. Her mother who did not believe her, asked her not to tell anybody.

Angry that her mother was unwilling to act against her father, the victim fled their home and took refuge at her father’s friend’s house.

“The command’s Gender Unit is investigating a case of defilement reported by a 14-year-old girl against her father, Johnson Okon, 58, of Charismatic Road, Abule Berger, Ikorodu.

According to the victim, after her father, who is a security man/okada rider, had defiled her, she reported to her mother, who did not believe her and warned her not to tell anybody.

She added that because of her mother’s inaction, she ran away from home and sought refuge in the home of her father’s friend. The victim has been referred to the Mirabel Centre for medical examination.” Imohimi said

Also paraded was a 64-year-old man, Habib Abdullahi, who was accused of sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl in his apartment in Ikorodu, Lagos. Parading the suspect before newsmen, CP Imohimi said;

“The Gender Unit is also investigating another case of defilement that occurred in the Ikorodu area of the state and reported by one Mrs Obinna, 37, of Selewu, Ikorodu on behalf of her six-year-old daughter against one Habib Abdullahi, 64, a carpenter of the same address as the complainant. During interrogation, it was revealed that onMonday, December 3, 2018, around 10am, the suspect took the victim into his room and inserted his fingers in her private parts.

“However, her mother noticed that her daughter was unnecessarily irritated and withdrawn; so, she began to ask her questions and she revealed to the mother what Abdullahi had done to her. Investigation is ongoing into the two cases of defilement; the suspects will be charged to court soon” he said

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  1. This is insane, he should be dealt with some other people who cannot control their sex organ learn from him
    This is becoming common

  2. The rate at which sexual assualt is happening in the world now..one will be afraid to have girl child o

  3. This is nothing but madness. Beautiful nonsense. To his own daughter, Na wa o. Child abuse. He Shud b arraigned.

  4. Men that are close to their graves damaging he lives of the new generation, they have to spend their last days in prison.

  5. When will all this nonsense stop in this county. If a man feel like having fun outside marriage probably his tired of his wife, why must it be your own daughter can him go out there an look for big ass to bang rather than his own daughter. There are many woman out there that has money but they are sex starve.

  6. This man should be castrated…he obviously has no control… your own blood. What’s going on this year abeg

  7. this man is a beast sha. but the girls courage was amazing she will be an inspiration to millions of victims all around the world.

  8. What are these old men looking for and what do they want to achieve by all these, they should be seriously dealt with, they have wives yet choose to ruin the little ones wicked and foolish men. Please everyone should be very vigilant especially mother watch your kids like TV and do your best to keep them save.

    • No wonder a woman said she won’t allow her husband to bath her daughter, people misunderstood her, is because of this kind of thing, you see how a man defiled his own daughter,he is an animal,he must be punished

  9. What a non-challant attitude. 58yrs old. What a shame to him. He is heartless and he must face law. I guess he didn’t ordinarily do it. It might be for ritual purpose

  10. This matters must be thoroughly investigated to get the truth. This is absolutely evil and demonic if is true. What’s this world turning into please. If they are found guilty, let the law punish them severely.

  11. Something is wrong with the two parents. How can the mother keep mute over this evil. Is she scared of the truth been a told?

  12. This is getting out of hand like seriously…how would such an age man be doing this to someone that was suppose to be seen as a daughter…this is not normal at all…..let him dance to the law..

  13. What is possessing some men these days? This rape is too much . they police people should give a serious punishment for others to learn but no they are just joking about it that’s how one man was realised a month after defiling a little girl . abi is the DPO waiting for his baby girl or his little granddaughter to be defiled before he starts taking serious action.

  14. So mothers shouldn’t just be scared about uncles and other men but also the father of their children . Some men are wicked . Jail term is waiting for you man

  15. Your own daughter… Some have serious issues… I wonder what they feel when they do that… Ur own blood… Look at their faces

  16. This is disgusting.. God have mercy.. How can men of these age be involved in such act.. Self control and integrity they say is a virtue.. Law should take its course.. These men are evil and shameless

  17. Right now I don’t know if I should be happy that the culprits are apprehended or sad that this menace is eating too deep into our society.

  18. Been a security / Okada man, you cant afford 500 naira to hit any sex worker? This a big shame. Your daughter, your blood ahh God

  19. This is becoming too much, there is no week without such news. Am beginning to think that this is not ordinary there must be spiritual implications to all this.mothers please take care of your home

  20. what a wicked world, his daughter for that matter, he is so heartless, 14 years old kids for God sake. this is so bad.

  21. These men must be insane, maybe government should stop putting them in jail instead they should allow people to be chopping their body parts alive to end these evil act

  22. Uncontrollable sexual urge, but still can’t he go to say hello to the call girls and do it as he pleases there rathan than trying to destroy this joung girl’s future and inflating injury on her in that manner, he should be dealt with without delay. I believe our prisons still have enough space to freely accommodate his kind

  23. How can one have sex with his biological daughter? And the mother, knowing what is happening, will keep quiet. Both parents should be dealt with in the name of the Law

  24. There’s problem in this world oh, man defiling his daughter, his blood this is in sane. Repentance and acceptance of God in our lives is the only way to be free from these unwarranted sinful way of living. God have mercy on him and help us not to fall into such temptation as this man.

  25. This child abuse and at the same time abomination life jail term should be placed on offender so that others can desist from it

  26. I just don’t understand why old men defile children, what really interest them or attract them to this children.

  27. This man could be possessed, he should seek deliverance from God and I pray that God wipe away the shame and trauma he inflicted on his child.

  28. Is this father mad or something or was he cursed to have defiled his own daughter??? I fear for my generation.

  29. This world became something else. Father sleeping with daugther, let police investigation the cares very well.
    This is child abuse.

  30. Some men don’t have shame and they lack the fear of God in their hearts ….hmmm raping your own daughter. …God have mercy on us

  31. This is exactly what that woman that says that she can’t leave her daughter for her husband to bath and everyone wanted to chop her raw. How can a father do such abominable thing. Pls this type of issue is getting out of hand.

  32. What baffles me is that, the mother wanted to protect the father.This is a major issue as far as fighting this crime of sexual abuse…more importantly against minors.

  33. Wahala dey ohoo all this old people nowadays always doing bad things to children please every parent should be careful and know how to handle there children

  34. What Is The World Turning My God, How Could You Defile Your Own Daughter? For What? He Should Be Punished To Serve As Deterrent To Others

  35. Hmmmm…children of these days are no longer safe o…you don’t even know who to trust anymore. God help us.

  36. The fight against sexual assaults must be kept high, what kind of a father would find pleasure in defiling his own daughter and a man also fingering a six year old girl, they must all fully pay for their crimes, all this nonsense must stop

  37. At 58? What then had he learnt so far as a man. He’s a shame to humanity. Such people shouldn’t be taken for devils because we all have our own flaws.

  38. I think that man has been insane that is totally nonsense now. how can your body so attractive to you own blood.

  39. These men are shameless. If they know their wives are not capable of satisfying them sexually, they better go and get a prostitute at cheap price so as to satisfy their sexual urges

  40. Where is this world going to what pleasure will your daughter or a small girl give to you even with your wife in your house what generation of children do we want to bring up such an abominable act.Hmmmm child molesters everywhere even a father that is expected to protect a child has become a threat.
    For the women we are charged with the responsibility of protecting our helpless children even if a father fails why then are we busy protecting criminals all in the name of keeping our marriage these stories are becoming too much cos we have failed in our responsibilities protecting our criminal husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles nephews and sons they then go out there and become a terror to our world pls let’s take note and change

  41. the federal government should do something drastic about this incident,its becoming ranpant.parents,the ball is in your court

  42. Incestuous acts are now the order of the day..father sexually molesting their daughters. Let justice be done to the man.

  43. What is wrong with all these men. You have wives why defile your daughter and a six year old. For God sake this animalistic behavior

  44. They should be punished.I really remember what last week the woman on TV show said she can’t allow her husband to bath her daughter. Is real .the woman was right of what she said.

  45. God have mercy! what? how can a man has sexual urge to his own biological daughter? is that not end time? kai!

  46. You should be ashamed of urself. Instead of you protecting your daughter you are now defiling her. Wat happened to ur wife and your mates. I wish I will be the one to decide your punishments

  47. The rate oof child abuse and rape in this year alone is becoming too alarming only God can save our daughter in the hand if this useless pedophile called father,he must not go unpunished

  48. This trend is rampant everywhere now the man should just be castrated once and for all what a wicked world we are in you can imagine the stigma he has gave her daughter in the society

  49. I don’t know what pleasure he find in her daughter that he cant find in woman of his class that makes him do that

  50. Is like it is the spirit of rape that the Satan is using now to destroy the world, I reject it he will never succeed amen.

  51. This is a total violation of rights. This man should be locked up for long.
    Why should a father do such to his own daughter?
    Some people are inhumane

  52. What prompted such evil is because t her mother was unwilling to act against her father, the victim fled their home and took refuge at her father’s friend’s house.

  53. God have mercy on us….
    A female child of this nowadays they need to be very secure..
    They should punish that man for his crime.

  54. Comment*if I’m not mistaken, this is child abuse, incest. what is this world turning into. may God help us all

  55. The man is very stupid. I like the step the girl took after telling her mother and the mother is inactive about it. The man should badly pay for it by the law

  56. all this old full should go and die somewhere instead of molesting small, small girls,they must not go unpunished.

  57. These men are a big disgrace to manhood. How can a man dile his own daughter and to make matter worse the girl’s mum that was supposed to fight for her didn’t believe her. These men must be made to rot in jail.

  58. Some mothers give deaf ears to what their children tell them. That Calabar/akwa-ibom dog who’s not satisfied with his wife went ahead to defile the daughter. He will suffer in jail.

  59. That man is a bitch,an animal, he is so heartless what are this world turning into,,,,,,may God have mercy on us, he should face the consequence.

  60. Why can’t he control his sex organ nowadays it’s the elders one that corrupt the young ones….it is called corruption

  61. But why would a father do such a thing to his own daughter. He has scarred the poor girl for life. He should be jailed for 116 years.

  62. Na wa o, fathers raping daughters is now the new trend and the mothers are kind of supportive!
    This is blood money o
    All this parents of this century eh, hmmm

  63. this issue about rape is getting out of hands oo
    Can u imagine
    Heartless man.
    We are in the end time era

  64. This man got no shame….his own daughter for God sake….hmmmm and he wants to eat the fruit of his labor…is fruit of bad things he will rape….mothers should always see sense in what their children tells them at times

  65. Imagine this kind of thing,even the mother ought to be ashamed,because the daughter told her and she ask her to keep quiet.Thank God for the girls wisdom to run out of the house.

  66. Das too bad, that man must be jail so that it we be inform of lession to other people’s who also engage them self in such kind of things

  67. Sometimes I just wonder the kind of fulfilment those men are hoping to get by sexually abusing kids
    They should nt be treated lightly
    Gosh so disgusting

  68. Am tired of hearing this kind news,should daughters be running from their father? Oh! Mothers please be cautious over this

  69. What is this world turning into for call father to abuse his own baby .this is just a big lesson to mothers out there , baby u tried joorr and as for those men pls gvt punishe them

  70. what a world…
    What kind if joy will one derive defiling his own daughter ?
    looks like sime kinda ritual.

  71. The case of defilement is on d increase daily now. I implore the concerned authority to take this matter urgently and deal with every offender as well. Government should also introduce greater punishment for such offenders.

  72. these men have to be checked… I think this is the why that presenter said she won’t allow her husband bath their daughter

  73. This sexual abuse is becoming too much and unbearable. The man should be prosecuted for doing this act

  74. Phedophile on the increase day by day. Useless father sleeping with his on daughter.
    Shameless men all over the place.

  75. What’s wrong with these dirty old people that they just can’t help harassing children sexually?
    These offences that are recurrent should have capital punishments attached

  76. All this stories is really getting me pissed off,why can’t old men control themselves, or patronize the service of a prostitute

  77. The issue of defiling underaged girls is getting out hands in Nigeria..
    Offenders should be dealt severely

  78. Imagine a 64 and 58 year men. Grandfathers… When will this rubbish stop in our nation . child Abusers should just be hanged better still their genitials be chopped off

  79. This is a crime against God and humanity. People like these should not be spared. The full weight of the law should be brought against them.

  80. The fact that the mother did not do anything is what pain me most about this. How can a mother do that to her child.

  81. What is wrong with all these old men of nowadays by sleeping with their own daughters!God help us n our children o

  82. At 58? What then had he learnt so far as a man. He’s a shame to humanity. Such people shouldn’t be taken for devils because we all have our own flaws

  83. some parent need to start believing their children, how wish the mother believe her I’m sure it would have gone to that extent

  84. That man is not only stupid but also wizzad because ears can not ear such great offence. God will punish him o

  85. Men that are close to their graves damaging he lives of the new generation, they have to spend their last days in prison.

  86. Look at their ugy faceses… I thank God for the blod step taken by the young girl and I don’t blame the mother because she trust the old fool she call her husband. Let the police take them to court and let them be sentenced life jail. ( Fools)

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