5 things PMB may not know about TSA Implementation

There has recently been a lot of dust raised on account of the call by Ms. Priti Patel, a former UK Secretary of State for International Development to investors to be wary of investing in Nigeria on account of the country’s woeful records of respect for contracts.

5 things PMB may not know about TSA Implementation lailasnews

The Nigerian presidency has taken very serious exception to Ms. Patel’s “attack”, and understandably gone to town with stories that shows it’s wholly committed to the rule of law and demonstration of MEGA respect for contracts. The Government may probably not have taken things so seriously if national elections were not just a few weeks away and would not allow any “foreigner” paint it in bad light before those who are looking for any and every reason not to return the Government of the day to power.

Nigerian presidential spokesperson, Garba Sheu was quick to fire back to defend “Nigeria’s honour” by saying Ms. Patel’s proposition was wicked and lacking in substance.
To give strength to his defense, the spokesperson gave examples of the often touted successes of the PMB Government which include the Treasury Single Account (TSA), Integrated Payroll & Personnel Information System (IPPIS) and Bank Verification Number (BVN). It is however instructive to note that none of these initiatives was initiated by the PMB Government.

The BVN initiative, by the way was an entirely-private sector conceived and funded initiative by Nigerian Banks when the Government-led National Identity project was taking forever. That is however a story for another day.
Garba Sheu’s response may however have further played the country into the hands of Ms. Patel and her ilks on account of the now stale hoarse repeat of the success PMB has made of TSA, IPPIS and BVN actually reflect the real issues Ms. Patel was trying to draw attention to.

It may therefore be interesting to draw attention to some not-so-interesting things about the abput some of the successes the PMB Government continues to pull out of the magic hat every time it wants to state its achievements in the anti-corruption realm.

The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had in November 2015 publicly on TV denied the existence of a contract for the provision of Technology services to for the FGN’s TSA scheme. It was with consternation Nigerian’s watched his red face when he was subsequently confronted by the Nigerian Senate with a 2011 and 2013 updated contract signed by the CBN for the provision of TSA Payment Gateway Technology.

The CBN’s governor lame excuse after the public show of shame was that the contracts were not brought to his attention when he resumed duties as the CBN Governor! Is this not sufficient grounds for Ms. Patel and her cohorts to gloat?

Do you think PMB knows about this?

Despite the continued claims of successful TSA implementation and its curbing of corruption by PMB’s Government, the presidential mandate for the full implementation of TSA continues to be flouted as different MDAs led by the ever creative and evil ingenious civil servants and their political backers have found back doors to escape the grip of the TSA.

This came to light at the recent house of Reps sitting on TSA where it was discovered that some MDAs were surreptitiously keeping government funds with commercial banks while some went into other arrangements under different guises to bypass TSA guidelines on disbursement and collection of government revenue. Some of these MDAs include Customs, Police, Immigration, FRSC, INEC, Some Federal Universities, etc.

More importantly, the House of Reps probe revealed that some powerful forces have continued to hold back the implementation of the forex component of the TSA and that the old order of high wired corruption still continues despite the 100% TSA success claims by the likes of the Information Minister and presidential spokesperson.
PMB is obviously unaware of this or do you think he knows and just turning a blind eye

Nothing seems to validate Ms. Patel’s position more than the unraveling by the House of Reps Committee set up to investigate TSA operations that whereas PMB’s Government was celebrating TSA success from the rooftops, it had flagrantly refused to pay the Banks and contracted technology contractors who were providing services for a period of over two (2) years. As at the last check, according to a release by the Accountant General of the Federation, this was in excess of Sixteen (16) Billion Naira!

Who does that? You deny a contract. You later agree it exists. Then you go ahead to ignore its terms while enjoying services and then do not hesitate to tell anyone who cares to know that you’re a respecter of contracts and faithful in keeping your obligations. Who does public naming ceremony with the father of the bride in attendance without first paying dowry?
More worrisome is the unveiling at the House of Reps sitting of the fact that the president actually gave an order of the fees to be charged and instructed that all outstanding payments should be made but that some “powers that be” within the system (like the princes of Persia) have made this impossible until now.
This is surely a sad testimony of how Government should not be doing business. We simply do not need Ms. Patel to tell us this.

Definitely, PMB does not know there are civil servants and their backers who can and continue to defy his direct instructions. Who will tell the president that he does not know this?

Most brazen of all which beats all imaginations is the fact that PMB may simply be unaware that the cost of TSA operations has now been pushed to citizens. Whereas the Government does not push the cost of software or its maintenance to citizens, the cost of maintaining the TSA system has now been pushed to already impoverished citizens.

Who does that?
Whereas on one hand, petrol subsidy which has nothing to do with Government operations continues to be borne by Government, it is unexplainable how citizens are now being forced to pay additional money anytime they want to pay into Government’s coffers.  Is it that there was no budget for TSA implementation or that some people in Government have cornered the multi-billions allocated to it in the 2017 and 2018 budgets?

It would be nice to know how this indiscretion was presented to Mr, president (if at all) and under what influence he approved its implementation. So should we assume PMB is unaware of the pains of the citizens and that is why he agreed that they be slammed this additional hardship?

The way this Government touts TSA, BVN and IPPIS at every turn you would think all these terms were first conceived and implemented in Nigeria of any other place in the world.
TSA is a prescription of the World Bank as an efficient cash asset management and many other countries have implemented it successfully without making any fuss.
One just hopes PMB is aware that countries like Rwanda, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia and even Ghana have implemented TSA and are benefitting from it without any noise.
Please who will tell PMB that Nigeria did not invent and does not hold a patent to TSA?


  1. TSA raised since 2015 is still raining dust till now.
    And to say that the presidency is not aware of THE TSA is another angle to it.

  2. Ms Peter’s attack is mostly because the avenue through which the so-called colonial masters used to steal from us has been sealed.

  3. Did they say the presidency is not away of the TSA. Okay na, if he is not aware na me set aware. Nonsense

  4. As we head to the polls in 2019, let fiction be dispelled. Buhari should not be allowed to take responsibility for what he didn’t do.

  5. 2015 til now,TSA is still raining dust. How will the president deny its existence and the house clamoured TSA will go a long way in curbing corruption and looting of public funds.

  6. Let no foreigner come to our country and start making noise o, the reason for TSA is well justified, too many corrupt hands in government, leave the management alone we Nigerians are not complaining

  7. TSA that I don’t even see it use. Thought if that is done, corruption will reduce but is even becoming worse.

  8. This government is headache on its own why won’t the president know this dive things of are they confuse am sick of this country

  9. This is the prize paid for wallowing in corruption and pretending that the monster is fighting back. What a shame as we have myopic set of leaders.

  10. There is no way the government of the day is returning to power, so don’t even think of that. And yes, president Muhammadu Buhari is ignorant of so many things, I doubt if he even knows the meaning of TSA.

  11. I find this really difficult to understand that the TSA that has been in existence for some time, there are things Buhari still don’t know anout its implimentaion. Is shocking to me

  12. TSA that has been in existence for some time, there are things Buhari still don’t know about its implementation

  13. I don’t know why money should be a problem in thus our country. I pray we will have good leaders and cabinet members in all areas

  14. TSA, IPPIS, BVN aren’t used effectively. Worse of all, Nigeria adopted the system yet concentrate on only anti corruption system. President Buhari, pls your administration should do something to those 5 things listed out abt the TSA

  15. First of all , this is an internal affairs and i don’t know why Ms Patel is on our neck about the TSA . Second , the government is quite confused on the implementation of TSA , like it doesn’t even exist

  16. Mr President is actually on the positive side as he wants the best for the nation. This is Nigeria and the affairs of Nigeria is well understood by Mr President every step taken is for our good

  17. TSA raised since 2015 is still raining dust till now.
    And to say that the presidency is not aware of THE TSA is another angle to it.

  18. I’m sure Buhari is clueless on what TSA even means. Should we say he is suffering from ignorance, procrastination or dilly-dallying ? Thank God 2019 is almost here and let’s call a spade a spade.

  19. This our present administration are very set of confuse people, when we has a man without SSCE certificate, what will we expect from him

  20. Tsa account people doesn’t know what you are doing if up till now nothing is moving from 2015 till now if people are still talking of being in a dust, I think we should be clapping for you people.

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