5 signs it’s time to upgrade your smartphone!

There are two kinds of people in this world- those who are quick to buy the latest devices every 6 to 10 months, and those who are perfectly fine hanging on to their aging smartphones, so far they work.

Whichever group you belong, let us remind you that this is 2019, therefore, you have absolutely no excuse moving around with a walking dead device as there is enough smartphone for everyone to go round. If your phone is old, broken, or it’s taking the back seat in giving you the best experience, it is definitely time to pick up a new one. Here are 5 signs it’s time to upgrade your smartphone. You’ll thank us later.

1. “Sorry, can I charge my phone here or with your power bank?has become your catchphrase.

Having to charge your battery every 30 minutes is enough to make anyone go nuts. If you have applied different tips on how to increase the battery life, and your smartphone battery still runs down before the day ends, then you know there is a problem. Rather than spend money on new batteries and chargers all the time, get yourself a new reliable and trendy smartphone, and drop that title of “King of low battery”.

2. You’re Spiderman’s landlord, as there is a giant spider web on your phone.

If your smartphone looks like it has gone five rounds with Floyd Mayweather, then it’s time to change it. Having a cracked screen is the worst, and repairing it can be quite expensive. Before the phone completely outlives its usefulness, its better to upgrade into something better.

3. Your phone takes you back to the ‘80s, anytime you use the camera

Remember the 80s photos- blurry, black and white, absolutely vintage. When you take pictures with your phone and that is the result you get, my brother, my sister, time to change that phone. There are affordable models out there with impressive camera specs, capable of taking clear and crisp photos.

4. You’re always running out of storage

If you constantly have to delete your apps, pictures, and videos to make more storage room, then it’s time for an upgrade. Get yourself a new smartphone that can run faster, lighter, and use less memory.

5. In a race between a tortoise and your phone, the animal would win

Nobody wants to wait around for a smartphone that takes years to respond. Although there are reasons why your phone might slow down, in many cases, the age of the smartphone plays a part, over the Android update, RAM size, and many others.

There is a good chance that the operating system on it is old and out of date. Not only will this prevent you from installing apps, it is also a security risk, as smartphone makers often stop releasing security updates for the older operating systems.

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