36-year-old man arrested for allegedly defiling 7-year-old girl

A 36 year old man identified as, Daniel Kasule, has been arrested by the police for allegedly defiling a 7- year-old girl in Nansana, Uganda.

36-year-old man arrested for allegedly defiling 7-year-old girl lailasnews

The resident of Ganda Nansana was arrested and detained at Nansana Police Station after a case of aggravated defilement was opened by Teddy Nakimbugwe, mother of the victim and a fish trader at Jenina stage.

It is alleged that while the mother of the victim was away from home, Kasule called the young girl to his room, defiled her and after gave her a Shs 500 coin not to report him to anyone.

Nakimbugwe stated that he first got news of her daughter being defiled from a neighbor, one Margaret Kobusingye who always helps her with the kids while she is at work.

It’s alleged that Kobusingye told Nakimbugwe how she had heard the victim narrate to her friends of how Kasule had slept with her and given her Shs 500.

“Upon reaching home, Kobusingye told me that she my daughter had told her that Kasule had defiled her. I just got my daughter and we went to Nansana Police Station, where she was taken and examined by a police doctor. I wasn’t told about the results,” said Nakimbugwe.

Police was able to arrest Kasule and also had the victim examined by a police surgeon to find out his HIV status.

He was later charged with aggravated defilement on CRB No. 946/2018.

The Dpc Nansana SP Benard Katwalo said that the investigations were concluded and they were only waiting for the case file to come back from the Resident State Attorney and that Kasule would be aligned before court to answer aggravated defilement charges

Katwalo also requested parents to always get time off their busy schedules, to talk to their children, noting that if it hadn’t been Kobusingye to eavesdrop on what the children were taking about, this defilement incident would have passed.


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  1. I think this pedophile guy is possessed because I don’t knwnhiw a 37years man wilk defile 7years child, let the law take its place

  2. This is wickedness. There are commercial sex workers everywhere if he can’t hold himself why defiling a child. He should rot in jail

  3. I wonder why wine people should be so heartless. That’s why little girls should be kept under close watch . so as to avoid all these rubbish . as for that man he needs to be in jail all his life

  4. I think this pedophile guy is possessed with eveil spirit because I don’t know how a 37years man wilk defile 7years child, let the law take its place

  5. I think it’s high time the society give this rape a serious attention by given the rapists serious judgment like killing them immediately, it will stop. It’s now becoming annoying

  6. This is not irresponsibleness ,but I call it total wickedness of the highest order,a barbaric and animalistic behavior from this man ,who could what attracted him to a seven years old girl,let him be death with severely

  7. Could it be that can’t approach a lady, or even get one for himself, if not the little girl? Sleeping with a prostitute is even better.

  8. This pedophile should not living amongst humans. What a shameless act? What kind of satisfaction do they get for manhandling little kids. He should be put away without the slightest look of mercy.

  9. they should also examine his brain o, because I don’t understand how a grown man will do such to a little girl of seven what is in her body….

  10. That man should be castrated . Or probably stoned to death . This act of wickedness is getting too much in our society . We can’t just keep mute and fold our hands on such a matter

  11. uganda is another shit hole country where things like this happen and their authorities are corrupt as well. i wont be surprised if at some point this 36 year old pedophile will be set free, maybe after some consultations have been done and pepper rested on some hands. if the authorities want to be taken serious, they’d better prosecute this man and make him learn a very tough and dangerous lesson of his life which will serve as a warning to people like him out there in his home country uganda

  12. Yet another one. Old men defiling young little babies. I suggest that these kind of people should get nothing but a death sentence.

  13. This is a wickedness, he must not go free with it,why can’t him use that money and meet brothels girl than defiling innocent girl

  14. This type should not be set free at all. A 36 year man not ashame. If he is married and have kids he can defile his kids too.

  15. the guy is wicked and parents should make out time for their children, noting that if it hadn’t been Kobusingye to eavesdrop on what the children were taking about, this defilement incident would have passed.

  16. Such case is too annoying and shouldn’t even be looked into this much let the man just be sentenced to death by cutting out his man hood. If it was a good thing, he shouldn’t have bribed the little girl with biscuit money.

  17. Can somebody help me close my mouth please. What a wicked human being you are what so ever you called your name. How can you be so wicked, you are a demon incanent oooooh. Men like him can protect their daughter and sister very well but destroying other people children are their Joy. This man should been in jail forever and die there

  18. Severe punishment should be meted out to all these heartless paedophiles. And that will go a long way in scaring off other people who intends to indulge in defiling minors.

  19. This case of Rape is on increase this Time around. I think Government should look into it, maybe change the punishment to Death by hanging nothing more.so that some people will by force by fire learn how to control their libido

  20. I think the family has a great role to play in all these misconduct in the society.there is a high increase rate of rape which is becoming very worrisome

  21. He is a very wicked man, he should be sentenced to life imprisonment, I don’t know how he would have felt, if they did same thing to his daughter

  22. This time around in the whole universe , people don’t defile aged mate like them, they will rather have interest in young girls who don’t even know anything, like seriously, this act is so dumb to the extent that, they ought to be killed instantly when they are caught. I think killing them one by one will actually reduce them and others too who perform such act and not yet caught will learn their lessons

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