34 churches shut down in Angola for operating illegally

The national police in Angola have confirmed that no fewer than 34 churches have been shut in the country for operating illegally.

34 churches shut down in Angola for operating illegally lailasnews

The national police director for communication, Orlando Bernardo, said 19 churches were shut in Cabinda Province, 11 in Luanda and four in Malanje province.

The government said recently that more than 50 per cent of churches operating in Angola were foreign, mainly from the DR Congo, Brazil, Nigeria and Senegal, adding that at least 1,116 of them operated illegally.

The police rescue operation started on November 6th and will run until the end of the year. The operation aims at restoring the state authority by instituting order in worship, on the roads, fighting unregulated hawking and illegal migrations, among others.


  1. Illegal operation of churches? How? Well the churches that really stand for God should know better not to involved in anything illegal. Let the churches stay clear from their don’ts and also not go contrary to the leading of God.

  2. Some churches turn themselves and the church premises to business all in the name of God. This is too bad of them

  3. I think the government did the right thing, they should go and register legally so that they will be recognized by the federal government incase if anything happens

  4. How is it that churches would be operating illegally? Whatever the problem is ,it should be sorted out soon.

  5. That serve them right, everywere churches deceiving people with their false miracle making money motives, the founders should even be prosecuted self for bleaching already established law regarding how any religious institute supposed to be recognized

  6. very very good development and gesture from the angolan government. id such is taken down to nigeria here, over 798,000 churches will go down cos many of them operate illegally and constitute noise pollution to the highest peak of it. we need to curtail some things that go on in our own country starting with religious practices. well done to the angolians

  7. I don’t get this . I am thinking how can a church operate illegally. Have never heard churches being registered before when it’s not a school or a company

  8. I am still yet to understand what they mean by illegal opening of churches oh. Or are they supposed to be in some kind of union? In Nigeria here Shaaa we can’t even count the number of churches again oh. And anywhere including your personal house can be used as a church self.

  9. That’s very good, I wish it will be so here in Nigeria. The rate people are opening churches and duping people is on the high side, pastors breaking homes by the day, tomorrow you will hear that they found human head in a church. Please let them start shutting down all these churches here in Nigeria as well.

  10. illegal church operation what is that suppose to mean, has church of God turn into false practice?, Well is only the government that knows exactly what they mean.

  11. Churches are too much these days… Any body that can read Bible will just go and open a Church. Many of the so called pastors and prophets have turned churches into something else with various strange and unusual rituals.

  12. There are so many churches operating illegally in the world today, but I believe the ones that stands for God should hold on to God…. Only God will deliver the world from all this

  13. Seriously churches are too much now… At least even if it’s for business get registered first and be legal

  14. God said leave it for me am the better person to judge, so closing the church for illegal operation is not the right thing to do.

  15. They should register and stop operating illegally. It is bad,the house of God shouldn’t be described in that manner

  16. They must do the needful and stop dragging the church of God in a mud,let them do what is expected of them bikko

  17. I dont understand this ,churches operating illegally ? How, are church suppose to be registered with the government before the operate ?

  18. Everywhere church , church is now business well i do go to church to worship God not man if they create any bill I will only pay the one I have

  19. Is not bad,they have to close them churches need to be closely monitor now. Most of them are into business we also need this in Nigeria where church are now a lucrative business

  20. Even the Bible says that we should be obedient, they should lesson to the rules given to them by the law and ensure smooth and faithful running of the church

  21. Standards and rules shouldn’t be overlooked in the mask of doing the work of God. Orderliness is also godliness.

  22. government did the right thing, they should go and register legally so that they will be recognized by the federal government

  23. The government has little or no power to regulate the church activities but if truly this churches as mentioned are operating irregularly and without order as stated then the government is right.

  24. They are being called illegal because they are owned by foreigners and maybe since Nigeria is there. They have initiated dubious ways of extorting money from people all in the name of miracles and tith

  25. Even the Bible says will should obey constituted authorities here on earth. Jesus paid tax, so those churches should go and register

  26. He has done the best because most of this church you will only found few people, that they can joined the near by church and space still remained. So why wasting land and resources.

  27. illegally kwa
    Tot church was diff
    Cos in my country churches are numerous, even more dan de members lol

  28. The people that own the churches find themselves in that country illegally. So that serves them better.

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