22-year-old man arrested for allegedly killing his father

A 22-year-old man, identified as Huzaifa Hussaini Usman has been arrested for allegedly killing his own father in Abuja.

22-year-old man arrested for allegedly killing his father lailasnews

The deceased, Alhaji Hussaini Usman, a businessman and contractor, was allegedly strangled to death in his residence at Abdulkareem Adisa Estate, Apo, Abuja on October 28.

Police investigators have reportedly concluded after over a month of investigation that the deceased’s last son, Huzaifa Hussaini Usman, was the main suspect in the murder.

According to initial reports circulated on October 28, armed robbers invaded the house of the deceased and strangled him.

Huzaifa was said to have told people that after he discovered his father had been killed and the assailants had left, he dragged the corpse to the sitting room from the compound and he went to call his mother before they went to the mosque to call for assistance.

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The family source said this conflicting narrative led to further questions.

“Huzaifa said they went to call people from the mosque but the people from the mosque said they actually went on their own to make enquiries in the house. These are a group of people, so we believe they cannot be lying.”

He added that

“on Huzaifa’s body, there were scratches that looked like finger scratches. So we were suspicious and asked how he came about the scratches since he earlier said the assailants asked him to face the wall.”

The source further revealed that suspicion grew when they discovered that Huzaifa did not accompany the corpse to the National Mosque despite being the only man in the house since his elder brother, Aliyu Hussain, was in Kano the night of the incident.

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It was gathered that the request of the police to conduct an autopsy on the corpse was rebuffed by his family members who insisted he should be buried immediately according to Islamic rites.

About two weeks after the incident, Huzaifa was invited by the police and has been in detention since then.

A source familiar with the police investigation said Huzaifa admitted that he gave money to someone to kill one Ismail but not his father.

However, spokesman of the FCT Police Command, DSP Anjuguri Manzah, while confirming the arrest, added that investigation had been concluded and a charge has been filed against the son as the principal suspect before the High Court of the FCT.


  1. This show the height of wickedness in mans heart your own father blood, he should be punished accordingly

  2. How can someone be so wicked? How could he kill his own father in cold blood? This is really so sad

  3. The world is really turning from bad to worse, how can someone have the mind to kill someone that brought Him into the world

  4. Haven killed his father, he should have died alongside so as to enter heaven and be received by seven virgins.

  5. If he actually killed his father met him tell us what he intends to gain from his father’s death.

  6. Hunm, this is so painful, how the baby you raised to be a sin and take care of you in your old happens to be the person that will send to early grave, God have mercy

  7. Only God knows what the father has done against him,no matter what,s man who brought you to this world and he has the mind to kill him.that boy is already cursed

  8. After giving birth to you, you paid him back by taking his life from him. Even if he’s the worst father on earth you shouldn’t have done what you did

  9. Its obvious this boy has a hand in his father’s death. They would interrogate and torture him well. He will say the truth.

  10. Guys have become hearthless and wicked, you gave money to kill another but your father is now killed

  11. This world is so cruel now that you can’t trust anybody,not even family members can make you feel secure,is getting really scarier day by day..

  12. Wer are we going to in Nigeria… Son killing Father,may God Almighty help us o Nd may his soul rest in perfect peace

  13. If na accident may god forgive you. But if u deliberately do it God will judge ur case may his soul rest in peace

  14. This is sad to hear, son to kill his own father, he will surely pay for it.He suppose to protect and defend his own father, nawa ooo

  15. This guy is insane. Many are those without a father figure and yet u have one and u killed him. May God forgive u and punish you as well

  16. Are you sure he did not give his statement because of torture from the police, they should investigate properly because I wonder what that will make him kill his own father

  17. No matter what the man must have done to hime ,he is your father,that shows the wickedness in the heart of men

  18. This is such a backfire death, gave money to kill someone and it was your father that was killed instead hmmmm

  19. Truly the world is coming to an end, strange strange things happening every where every day. May his soul rest in peace.

  20. I think him also should be expecting his death from his children too because what goes around surely come around

  21. The son is telling cock and bull stories. He should be pressed further. But why kill the dad except the dad’s frustrating him.

  22. What on earth has your father done to you that makes you think killing him is the best option,thorough investigation is needed and if found guilty they should sentence him too

  23. stupid idiot if you kill your father and make money who will eat the money. dummy head. guy you nor try o

  24. He is a bastard child. Their should be thorough investigation to the case and If he is found guilty he must also be killed

  25. What’s really happening in this World !
    May God forbid evil,son killing father what a wicked world…

  26. Haba , 22 years old, your own father, ok now i will share my father with you, he should face the wrath of the law, .

  27. What could have been the father’s offence? The son’s claim that it was one Ismail that he targeted is equally evil and unacceptable.

  28. That is very absurd. why should a son kill his own father. There need to be more serous investigation into the matter.

  29. That is very absurd. why should a son kill his own father. There need be more serious investigation into the matter.

  30. He should be punished, he has no right to take a human’s life except if it’s in the area of self defense.

  31. This is an abomination a son killing his own father what could have happened. May his soul rest in peace

  32. The baby you raised to be a sin and take care of you in your old happens to be the person that will send to early grave, God have mercy

  33. world is really turning from bad to worse, how can someone have the mind to kill someone that brought Him into the world

  34. Why will someone kill his own father, but these people just like to kill, they have no human sympathy at all.

  35. For God sake what was his father’s crime nah most you kill your father before achieving your aims? This world is turning to something else

  36. What has the father done to him to deserve such painful death,he should be punished.May his soul rest in peace.

  37. What we should know is that this world is coming to an end otherwise what will make someone to kill his father or what will your father do to you and you kill him.

  38. More investigation must be carried out ascertain if the son really killed him or had an accomplice so not to jail an innocent soul. But if is true he killed him, good let him face the law and have his punishment. Feel sorry for the family.

  39. What is his reason for killing his own father…in fact no amount of reasons is ok to kill his own father…he should be arrested and jailed

  40. What on earth would push a son to the point of strangling his father if not for the aim of money rituals…. that’s common these days.

  41. Report said arm robbers, rob the home,but no one know if he is the guy that kill his dad,and on a second thought why did he drag his father from the compound, he can possibly be him

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