21-year-old man stabs his niece to death in Abia State

A 21-year-old man has been arrested after he stabbed his niece to death around 11am on Xmas eve, along Port Harcourt road, Aba, Abia State.

21-year-old man stabs his niece to death in Abia State lailasnews

It was gathered that the deceased, identified as Kamsy, had just finished eating noodles with the said uncle, when he took her for a stroll to the next street and stabbed her twice. He was, however, apprehended by someone who caught him in the act.

According to reports, two days prior to the incident, the suspect had displayed signs of insanity and was taken to a psychiatric hospital, but was given a clean bill of mental health and discharged.


  1. Jesus Christ how unbelievable am sure he’s a cultists he should be dealt with no sinners should go unpunished for terrible sins like this

  2. For God sake why, he is actually insane. This is not normal at all. May her gentle and innocent soul rest in peace.

  3. It’s sad. I know the boy is still insane. The police will do the necessary test to ascertain his sanity

  4. What a despicable young man! It must be for ritual purposes. Betraying the trust reposed on him. I hope he will be charged pronto.

  5. What is all these. Where is safe in the world and with whom. The mental evaluation on the man was not thoroughly done, the guy is truely insane

  6. This is serious, my goodness I don’t think if he has mental problems, he want to use her for ritual.

  7. What a heartless man he is, probably he was not well diagnosed, may God deliver him, he should be punished for such evil act.

  8. What a pity. This is a sad news. May her soul rest in peace. The boy should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for proper examination.

  9. This is a sad one..May her soul rest in peace.If this man has mental problem, let him be taken to the psychiatrist.

  10. What a pity!! Government should pls employ good hands and good equipment at the psychiatric centres to treat such cases so that there wilk not be such occurrences in future….rip baby girl

  11. I blame the psychiatric Doctors who gave the obviously insane guy a clean bill of health. Now he has killed an innocent girl.This is so sad m

  12. Wonder will never end. What a very wicked soul. That small gal . they have to kill him also. He must not go unpunished

  13. If he was once observed to be insane then why leave him alone with the little baby… Some parents are careless


  15. This is very demonic. How can he possibly think of killing the little girl. What a pity may her soul rest in peace

  16. For God sake why did he do such a thing, he must be out of his mind, may her gentle soul rest In perfect peace.

  17. This is unfortunate this season. Once they noticed a sign of insanity, they shouldn’t have left the niece with him even though thry thought he has been cured.

  18. I blame her parents knowing the kind of boy he is why would they leave the girl with him this is carelessness

  19. May her soul rest in peace. For the offender, he need to go through a Intensive mental assessment and if his mentally and physically sound he should be punished apropretly.

  20. If someone behaves in a psychotic way, he should be monitored for a few days.. He shouldn’t have been left alone with the girl.. This is really sad

  21. This is a case of psychopathic violence, and it’s just unfortunate that it claimed an innocent life.

  22. This is wickedness from the highest order, maybe he wanted to use the niece for money ritual, who knows. People are bad

  23. Is he suffering from any illness, how on earth could someone be this wicked and dangerous . He should be dealt with

  24. Immediately the notice such mental disorder, the family should have taken him to the hospital where his head will b well checked and properly leave him there for some days. Look at how he killed that little girl jus like that… Oh God! This is heartbroken

  25. This is so Sad and unfortunate am very sure the guy is normal at all so he should be taking to where his brain need to be test.

  26. Once it was notice that the man is showing signs of mental disorder he should not have been released from the hospital. May the poor soul of the kid rest in peace.

  27. That sign of insanity he showed prior to the incident could just be an act….. Please he should be well investigated

  28. Maybe the doctor didn’t examined him well.. This is pure act of insanity.. What could have the little child done.. They need to reexamine him before he kills another..

  29. Jesus Christ what kind of wickedness is this???what as this innocent child done??? The man need to be killed too

  30. Its pretty obvious that he is mentally not ok. Prio to his display of insanity they should not have allowed him to go out with the girl

  31. With what i read now, i think he is not normal in the first instance. But why wil they have to leave the poor girl with when he is not ok

  32. This pure wickedness ..what has that little girl done to him…they shouldn’t even attribute it to mental health..he better get death term

  33. He was displaying insanity to distract people, they have asked him to bring the niece for money ritual.d

  34. Oh my God ,what crime has that little girl committed , I guess her said uncle was not totally free from the insanity like the psychiatric hospital claimed he is ,now it has brought sadness to the parents of that little girl and to the family in general, what a pity.

  35. Please the man should be persecuted the lady is too young to be murdered ohooooo. He should be sent to prison………

  36. Insanity my foot! It is a premeditated action.
    He should be prosecuted for murder.
    Such a beauty cut down too soon!
    God comfort her parents.
    So, so sad.

  37. So the insanity didn’t drive him to go jump in the river or stay on the express to be crushed by a trailer. Such an innocent kid,at her soul rest in peace.

  38. So sad. May her soul rest in peace. Research should be conducted to know the reason why the man did that, he must be under the influence of something unknown.

  39. This is wickedness of the highest order
    May the girl’s soul rest in peace
    And the woman should br killed

  40. This is not good at all……its heartlessness of the highest level to do this…. What do you guys think is the best punishment for him?

  41. What a sad news they shouldn’t have entrust the little baby with him since he his acting funny besides why can’t they keep him at the hospital this wouldn’t have happen

  42. He must truly be mentally deranged.. Wat normal person wud do such?
    He deserves 2 be punished.
    May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  43. They shouldn’t ignore this his wickedness on insanity, he must have had an intention of doing it, he must not escape his punishment for his murderous act

  44. Oh my God! What a shocking news. The man is not okay at all. Why will they clear him from the psyche ward? He just wasted a child’s life for nothing.

  45. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional cos as it stands it looks as if he is suffering from some mental problems or he is possessed.

  46. He was given a clean bill of health and discharge and the next act was to kill and innocent baby. God have mercy.

  47. I blame the parents of the child for this. They knew that he had a case of insanity and they left their daughter with him. They didn’t monitor him well. They need to take him back to the Psychiatric hospital before he will do more harm. Rest in peace to the poor girl.

  48. This is disheartening and wicked. The matter must be seriously investigated to know the truth if the man is truly insane and not an intentional act. Such an innocent girl killed for no reason. If truly his insane, I suggest the psychiatric hospital be questioned on how they could give a clearance that he’s fine and well. The matter must be investigated and justice be served.

  49. I think the mental hospital which certified him OK should equally be held responsible for the gruesome murder of the innocent child

  50. This is really cruel to have taken the life of an innocent little girl maybe he want to use her for ritual

  51. Jesus Christ! Unbelievable, am not sure he is normal, he must be insane. He deserves to be jailed forever

  52. he must not escape his punishment for his murderous act, they shouldn’t have left the niece with him even though thry thought he has been cured

  53. This is bad, if he had snowed such display of insanity while then leave him with a small girl. Its just so unfortunate.

  54. Why will he do that if not insanity? The Hospital should e sued for allowing or causing this havoc due to incompetency.

  55. Am yet to understand what people are actually thinking when they take knife to stab others. The man should be tortured so as to feel the pains of killing the niece

  56. For God sake why, he is actually insane. This is not normal at all. May her gentle and innocent soul rest in peace

  57. He his a very heartless and wicked man
    Who does that…
    Maybe he wanted to use the child for ritual..
    God will really punish him o

  58. God! The parent made a mistake by still allowing their daughter to eat with someone they already know av been taken to psychiatric hospital before….the guy simply insane and their nothing they can do about it. ..so sorry dear…rest in peace. May God be with your family.

  59. Omg this is sad.. They should have watched him get well before allowing him stay with the child. May her rest in peace.

  60. I strongly believe this spiritual because the hospital gave him a clean bill of health. So painful, how will the parent fill. God help us

  61. either is suffering from mental illness or not, the judgement must be made on him without wasting time, who kill by the sword, needs to be killed by the sword too,, This mean and dubious act is getting too much hahaha

  62. Someone was showing signs of insanity and he was taken to psychiatric hospital but was discharged two days ago and given a clean bill of health. If he was really okay as per the health bill that means he was fully well and in his right senses when he stabbed his niece. And for that alone he should be punished according to the law. May her soul rest in peace. My heart goes to her family.

  63. The parents caused the death of this innocent girl.How could they have left her with someone with insanity.They should be arrested and sentenced!

  64. He must truly be mentally deranged.. Wat normal person wouldn’t do such?
    He deserves 2 be punished.
    May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  65. Lord have mercy.
    He didn’t do this we willing.
    May God have mercy on him.
    May the soul of the little girl rest in Peace.

  66. it is a very big mistake for the parentb to allow a child to still eat with a man they knew that he is mentally unbalance now he has killed that child

  67. Things are happening oooo since they knew he was mentally unstable they should have not allowed him carry her.he has to be punished

  68. oh my God. oh little child. what a painful death. that man doesnt deserve to be seen around people he should be issolated

  69. But he should be kept under isolation since it was discovered that the boy has brain issues. Poor girl, she would have been free from his assault and untimely death. What a pity

  70. Oh my God,I don’t believe he is insane,because if he is ,he went take her to an uncompleted building to stab her,am sure is for ritual purpose. May her soul rest in peace.

  71. He displayed madness and was also allowed to take a stroll with her. Who knows what will happen in the next minute?

  72. Mental disorder my foot
    Please you people should examine him carefully,if nothing is wrong with him let him face the law

  73. So bad may her soul rest in peace, it could be that he wanted to use her for ritual, thank God he was caught. May God give her parents the fortitude to bear the loss

  74. Oh my God… What is the world turning into? The innocent child was killed for nothing. That uncle deserves life in imprisonment.

  75. This is a clear sign of manipulation, prayer is the key these days, we shouldn’t leave God’s side

  76. I don’t think he was in his normal senses to have done that to his little niece. But this kind of news is so worrisome to hear. Bad things are just happening everywhere.

  77. The family shouldn’t have allowed him to get close to the baby even if he was given a clean bill of mental health.They ought to have allowed him to get admitted in the hospital for some days in case of such problems like this

  78. He should be seriously punished,for this wickedness whether mentally disorder or not because he can be acting as if he is mentally disorder.

  79. Immediately they saw a sign of insanity prior to that day, they would have observed him closely before entrusting a child to him, even though it was claimed that he was attended to by a psychiatrist and have been cured. This is very unfortunate for tge parents. Tgey can never enjoy their Christmas.

  80. There is nothing wrong with him, he displayed that act so that it will serve as a cover up when he will carry out his evil act

  81. This man must be a ritualist, but I thank God they caught him, may the authority never allow him go free, such a wicked act.

  82. He is very ok please dont use mental as an excuse…. he is veey sound and should be purnished. Imagine a small girl for that matter.

  83. Unbelievable..
    It was hard to believe when i hear the sad news , i pray they investigate the reason behind this heinous crime..

  84. Can we say this is wickedness?? Because they saw him acting as if he is insane that was why they took him to the hospital, but was declared mentally heathy… So what has led him to stab his niece to death? Maybe it’s their family problem sha. God should always deliver is from evil

  85. Most of the atrocities committed nowadays can be attributed to high level of substance abuse. This because I don’t think a right thinking person should take the live of his own fellow man.

  86. Omg!!! U people made a very big mistake, they suppose leave him in that hospital since they notice that something is wrong with him..rip to the bby xo sad

  87. Oh my God,this is outrageous, I don’t believe he has mental problem if not the doctor would have kept him in the hospital for treatment.

  88. So this is how this poor girl lost her life. Is the man really insane? This man needs to brought to book. Very bad incident.

  89. They suspected insanity and next thing was to discharge him. Under what circumstances did they discharged him from psychiatric? May the soul of the little girl rest in peace.

  90. This life is full in all kind of things peoples are using their follows human for rituals god protect your children’s

  91. What a pity. May her soul rest in peace. The boy should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for proper examination

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