2019 UTME: Cyber cafés owners lament after being deserted

Cyber cafe owners are lamenting a loss in patronage as applicants of the 2019 JAMB UTME have completely deserted them.

2019 UTME_ Cyber cafés owners lament after being deserted lailasnews

The Board’s Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, said recently that it would stop the use of cyber cafés for registration of candidates, to stop extortion of candidates by these outlets.

According to NAN, Checks at some of the major cafes in town, as well as the JAMB’s CBT centre in Kogo, showed that while the cafés were abandoned, the CBT centre was making brisk business, as applicants struggled to maintain a queue.

One of the cafe operators, Mathias Ugo, said that all they were left to do for the applicants was to create email address for those who had none, for a negotiable price of N200.

“They would first of all need to create an email address, of which some are not usually aware until they get here; so, some of us are just hanging around to assist them to facilitate the process.
“We also help those who have not uploaded their results on the JAMB website to do so, at the same price. “I must say, cutting us out from the exercise will affect business greatly, especially for some of us who run cafés close to the CBT centre because, before now, applicants run to us when the hassles to get into the centre gets tougher.

“We profited from the exercise and so did desperate applicants; now, they are left with no other alternative,” he said.

An applicant, Jumoke Laolu, who was among the first group of applicants to be admitted into the centre for the exercise, described the process as hard, but organised. She said:

“I came here since 6.00 a.m; we were then given numbers and went in batches. Inside, everything was done in a civil manner and speedily too; except for where the network was a bit slow. “It is just to get in, once you get in and you have all the requirements, it doesn’t take time to be done with the exercise.”

Applicants were to pay N3,500 as cost of registration pin, N500 for Compulsory Reading Text and N700 for service charge, totalling N4, 700, as against the N6, 200, charged the previous year. The sale of forms will last for six weeks, while the 2019 UTME is scheduled to commence on March 16.

JAMB approves 160 as cut-off mark for 2019 admission


  1. It’s so unfortunate for those running cyber Cafe business. But the board should put these people into consideration. This is their means of survival

  2. Very good. The rate at which they extort applicants is too much. Just because they see that the applicant is desperate for registration. Serves them right.

  3. Now, l love the price, but this is the best way of jamb this time around, although is going to affect those that have cafe.

  4. That’s good for the student, for the cyber cafè they should be managing it or look for a way forward.

  5. The country is facing a hard time, it’s not easy anywhere. The little you make now manage it.business will normalize soon.

  6. This thing you are talking about that is not favouring you, is favouring us.
    Enjoy the ones you got last year

  7. I a pity that these people are in such a tight fix. Jamb know s best why they have opted for the means of registration. I would submit that maybe jamb parastatals review the method so that cafe owners could also benefit and not be rendered jobless

  8. They did this for the interest of the students, if this new system is smooth then it’s better that way. We are talking about one’s career here.

  9. I think is a good development for the jamb candidates but the cyber cafe should look for another way around it to make the students come back to them may be they should cut down their prices or create an interesting avenue where students will always want to go.

  10. Very good. The rate at which they extort applicants is too much. Just because they see that the applicant is desperate for registration

  11. Everyone in Nigeria are just ready to exploit students sha. Well there are other businesses that cafes can do apart from the utme registration

  12. good for them, the rate at which they extort applicants is much, imagine if jamb form is #2500, cybercafe will register you with #4000, thats Very bad

  13. This is serious o.pls they should consider those that rely on that as there means of survival. At least so that they won’t be jobless

  14. Stop lamenting, something better is on the way. But jamb should have at least considered them a little, as most of them feed families from the Cyber cafe buisness.

  15. its unfortunate, but if not for the extortion by cafes, i feel they also have their part to play to make registration faster and reduce queue

  16. Ahah!
    Aba we are facing economy recession now and most of those students are from poor home so the Cyber cafe people should try and consider them. Because we are all humans.

  17. Cyber cafe shouldn’t lament cos jamb registration isn’t the only job they do…. One door closes another one will open

  18. That’s so bad from jamb board. There’s no job in the country, you are closing the little wasys people make money.

  19. Bad business for cyber cafes owners but all the same is to improve the quality of the exercise I believe and the cafes owner are still making money from create mails and uploading results that. If it is where they are expose more what stop them creating email with their android phone

  20. I love this changes. Parents have suffered in given out money to cybers. Parents can now afford to purchase JAMB form for their children.

  21. There are advantages and Disadvantages of this things. Cyber cafe charge but to shock you even in that so called jamb office, they still extort money, if you don’t pay for someone to help you fast, you are on your own.. while those people that pay, do theirs faster and leave but thenormal ones that don’t pay they will waste their time.. even tell them jamb network is not working again.. come tomorrow.. Rubbish

  22. The want to bring in politics to this registration of a thing, OK how will the masses feed on, if jamb scrab online registration by cafe dealers…

  23. They shouldn’t have shut down source of their livelihood… Do they want crime rates to increase in this country? They should just consider them

  24. I feel this is wrong. They should still keep them in the business cos jamb registration is a huge part of their source of income

  25. Stop lamenting and face other aspects to gain money,let jamb do whatever they want.All is well, your business will not run down

  26. The aim to cut down the high rate of extortion is good. Its is a welcome development. Must these cyber cafe owners extort these students just to make money? Imagine the difference in the amount they charge and the one charged at the CBT centres. They should reduce it and see how they can be allowed to continue registering students

  27. That’s better and I hope all the candidates make it this year even though I feel bad for the cafe owner

  28. That’s the way it is, and this is another opportunity for you to expand your business to other higher and better level. Though it’s quite unfortunate it happened in the first place, it should be air lesson too for you.

  29. It’s going to bring business set back, but God will make a way where there is no way, I sympathize with you guys

  30. Thanks for the information and I will be very grateful to here more from you it’s very vital keep it up

  31. They should stop lamenting because they have been extorting students since. They better go look for another business to do.

  32. It’s really not fair at all that these Cybercafe business owners are entirely shut out.Some of them are unemployed graduates. But the fact that they extorted the jambites previous years is really bad of them

  33. It’s through that it will effect ur business this year but they are not ur God na,one door closes and another opens

  34. well am not in the business so I don’t known How it works, but I don’t support extortion from anyone

  35. I think ishaq oloyede just did the best thing. Atleast there will be no more cyber cafe charges on the students

  36. They should reconsider them its just that you don’t know the real people that’s the problem but still its their means of livelihood, they should revisit the issue

  37. Wow this is really good if not they will kill people under the sun going out from 6 and going back by 8 everything will be over now


  39. Everything will be fine soon sir, everything has time, God luck to you and students taking UTME exams.

  40. This is good for all of them,all those one’s that used to charge 10k per candidate have run out of customers

  41. sometimes change is painful but int he long run,it can be enjoyable and effective,nice job JAMB

  42. Monopoly is not totally a nice market strategy. Depending on a single source of income isn’t adviseable. Try be versatile

  43. That does not mean it is the beginning of failure, things will still normalize back to as it was, and the policy jamb made was just to guide students on their registrations

  44. Cyber cafe extorts a lot of money from people….so you should know their is gain and loss in a business..

  45. That is so true the extortion of Jambites is usually pathetic. People should stop enriching themselves from unnecessary profit

  46. It’s unfortunate 4 u all ooo, cafe owners, but I like de process my sister said it’s organized n cheap..

  47. Sir I believe it is for the betterment of the public cause some of u will use that means to extort candidates sorry about that

  48. This is a good step by the Board’s Registrar In this 2019. Cafe owners should stop lamenting because they are many business you can do online this days. So make use of those advantage

  49. The country is facing a hard time, it’s not easy anywhere. The little you make now manage it. Very soon business will be normalize.

  50. Everyone need to be succeesful in life,so if you don’t need lament why can’t the Governor open their own cafe.

  51. That was too bad for them because allot of peoples, feeding there family from it we not be able to do so again

  52. I must commend JAMB for this transformation. At least, the candidates will no longer have to pay much just for registration.

  53. This is bad, honestly speaking jamb can not handle it alone and if they can it will cause more harm than good. This is because not all students are physically strong or can undergo stress, some are sicklers. So jamb should please allow the cafes should also participate.

  54. Jamb is not only the means of getting money in any standard café. Jamb directives and new innovation shouldn’t be a threat to your business because it only once in a year.

  55. Well, sorry to those cyber cafe owners, but we actually needs more step up in technologies.. it’s nice to introduce that to the system.

  56. We need to put square pegs in square holes so we can get some certain things right. These people are just making things difficult for jambites. Na wa oooo this country sef.

  57. The extortion of student in the name of registering Jamb is too much. This should be corrected

  58. Is going to be a very stressful process for candidates considering the population that are to seat for the exams this year but am happy the price for the form is good

  59. This is fairer to the hearing
    Cyber cafe too exploit those that patronize them
    Jamb is not the only online registration that we got
    So don’t be offended

  60. This people extort a lot from jambite. I am not saying u should not eat, but if thus system will make it easier for the student then i support

  61. Those cafe collect plenty of money from we people that do jamb ooo if you talking about the gmail people can just come to do gmail only and we get out

  62. JAMB registration process is not the only business they do in cyber cafe. There are other business they do. So let them stop lamenting because when one way closes, many ways open

  63. infact, i am really affected as a Cyber cafe owner. Jamb should please do something to ease this suffering.

  64. They shouldn’t lament because of money because jamb has taken the best decision in the interest of the candidates.

  65. Its good for them sef. I remember when I wrote JAMB and how those cyber cafe people chop my money

  66. Nigeria is advancing that’s good, try another business if caber cafe won’t work to your expectations

  67. Last year some spent even more than 7k
    So it’s nice
    But CBT centres alone
    Sure would make the registration exercise strenuous

  68. Weather cafe or jamb office i dont want to know all i know is praying for all candidate for best of luck and a good result

  69. Its quite unfortunate for cafe owners. But the good thing here is that there wouldn’t be much charges as before

  70. Technology is advancing daily, it will soon get to an era where you write jamb on your mobile phones even in your room, cafe owners should understand this and start looking for other source of income. Why will you even put all your eggs in one basket?

  71. That’s business people for you, you give them chance to make money,they go ahead and extorts people without moderation or conscience. Now they’re complaining. That’s what happens when opportunity is being given and you abused it..it will be taken away.

  72. They have been extorting money from jamb candidate apart from N200 for email creation, we need government to stop cafe owner in jamb registration totally

  73. Cafe owners should stop lamenting because they are many business you can do online this days. So make use of those advantage

  74. If students weren’t exhorted, jamb won’t have done this. So they should quit complaining and use the money they have made from exhortation now.. lol

  75. a good development for the jamb candidates but the cyber cafe should look for another way around it to make the students come back to them may be they should cut down their prices or create an interesting avenue where students will always want to go.

  76. This is life is two sided,one person is happy,the other person is sad,the Cyber cafe owners shdnt worry,another will open definitely

  77. I like the fact they are using accredited centers
    It’s for security purposes to reduce exam malpractice in the country

  78. Why are they lamenting? They should find other things and do after all jamb registration is just one out of a million of what they do

  79. This new development will definitely affect those who are running cyber cafe business, they should be considered.

  80. Wen ubtake opportunity to extort students now u are now shouting abeg go sit down jare. Look for farm work do

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