2019 election postponement: Nigerians react

The news of the postponement of the 2019 general election came as a shock to many Nigerians, and they have taken to Twitter to air their views on the development.

2019 election postponement_ Nigerians react lailasnews

The Independent National Electoral Commission in Nigeria (INEC) on Friday night announced a shift in the general elections dates to February 23 and March 9 respectively.

The new schedule was announced by the Chairman of the commission, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, early Saturday morning after an emergency meeting with security officials, election observers and other political stakeholders.

See some reactions gathered by LailasNews below;

@_Tolexy – No owanbe, no election, no premier league, no work.
INEC turned this weekend to a useless and boring one. This is too bad.

@____Jumoke – There is no way anybody can concume that it is not Buhari that postponed this Election.

After preparing for a whole 4 years

INEC fall my hand 😒

@ayosogunro – INEC said logistics. “Logistsics” is one of the most fraudulently ambiguous words in the Nigerian lexicon. Like love, it covers a multitude of sins.

@SoberSodje – I haven’t even received my training allowance yet. but I managed to show up for the process. slept outside ontop grass. and that was after standing for hours at the inec office. and you fucking postponed the election!!!

@Ediong – INEC who couldnt give Zamfara APC additional 24 hours to finish their wrestling match primaries, want Nigerians to give them 7 days. I thought the election was based on timetable. Now they’ve distorted the timetable, they must apologise to Zamfara APC bcos they’re not any better.

@BITO_WALE – There is nothing INDEPENDENT in INEC. If you know, you know.

@DrJoeAbah – When our uncaring airlines postpone our flights & just tell us it’s for “operational reasons”, they at least pretend to “regret any inconveniences this may cause.” INEC couldn’t even be bothered to pretend that it regrets any inconveniences caused to us. Poor!

@dr_khalidz – So what are we going to do today sef? No election. No wedding. Nothing. We go just dey! Dey vex for INEC


  1. So people that have already fixed an occasion for 23rd feb and 9th march will start cancelling because our government is insensitive of whatever the poor masses are going through.

  2. Blames shouldn’t be place right now… The main point here is that a foul play is about to surface and we need to be very active to see what is coming and stop it…

  3. This is Nigeria any act like this dubious especially when it’s based on logistic…INEC is not independent at all

  4. Nigeria would b in different reaction
    Evry1 was anxiously waiting fr this day
    Hmmm so bad its has been postponded ..

  5. This postponement is really frustrating you know, many appointments cancelled and we are just home doing nothing, shame to INEC

  6. Actually people have to comment because so many individuals program has been distorted for this issue if postponment

  7. Inec must apologise to nigerians for what they have caused both the business and wedding ceremonies and other things that people plan for today

  8. What a fucking shit,I can’t remember my surfferness since yesterday till this morning, only God knwz how to vindicate them

  9. INEC have failed us……what they could not get right in 4 years….is it 1week difference would do the magic

  10. Like seriously, these people had no right to postpone the election at such a short notice, it’s nonsense

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