2 Ghanaians who kill victims with acid after robbing them, arrested

The Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team has arrested two Ghanaian thieves who kill victims with acid after robbing them of their possessions.

The Force spokesman, DCP Jimoh Moshood, confirmed the arrest to newsmen on Tuesday in Lagos, stressing that the suspects carried out the crime in Edo on December 9, but they were arrested in Enugu State, News Agency of Nigeria reports.

2 Ghanaians who kill victims with acid after robbing them, arrested lailasnews 2
2 Ghanaians who kill victims with acid after robbing them, arrested

Moshood said that the suspects allegedly poured raw acid on Taiwo Adesanya after robbing him of his truck with goods at the Olukwu area of Benin City.

He said that the suspects, Eric Aidan and Matthew Kwasha, are notorious criminals who specialise in killing their victims with raw acid after dispossessing them of their belongings, especially vehicles.

Thief caught while trying to steal snails from a farm

The image maker of the Force, who said that the suspects were currently being detained at IRT Cell in Ikeja, Lagos, noted that their mode of operation was to seek employment as driver and conductor in haulage companies.

He said while in such company, they study the company and perfect ways to divert their employers’ goods and sell the vehicle.

Moshood said after selling the goods, they would relocate to another place where they would apply for the same position in another company, stressing that their last operation was the incident of December 9.

He said that after they attacked the driver who was sleeping from the long journey, pouring acid on him and thinking that he was dead, they snatched his truck loaded with 600 bags of sugar and dragged him out of the truck.

Thief caught while trying to steal snails from a farm

The image maker said that the owner of the truck petitioned the I-GP following the attack on the driver and the diversion of the sugar worth over N10m, which the driver was carrying to Benin City.

According to Moshood, based on the petition, the I-GP directed the Commander IRT, DCP Abba Kyari to investigate the matter, stressing that upon the directives, Kyari directed CSP Phillip Rieninwa, IRT commander in Lagos, to go after the suspects.

“The team, led by CSP Rieniwa, swung into action and tracked the suspects to a shrine in Nsukka, Enugu State, from where they were apprehended.

“They have confessed to the crime and they will soon be charged to court.

“The victim, who survived the acid attack, was able to recognise the suspects,” Moshood said.


  1. Thank God they have been arrested, they have been succeeding everytime but it’s their turn to die, I wish the police will bath them with the same acid

  2. That is a good job from the nigerian police the robbers should also pass through thesame process and be killed..

  3. I thank God for the useless people were arrested. May the face the full force of law. God bless the NPF

  4. They are criminals and thank God they have been apprehended they dont need to face justice. Death straight a way

  5. They should also be poured the acid to get a taste of their own medicine.. That’s merciless for crying out loud

  6. It’s a good thing that the criminals have been arrested. And they should be punished because they are really wicked. Using acid to finish their victims after robbing them is pure evil and wickedness.

  7. They are Very wicked. They deserve to be killied too. This is so unfair to humanity. To our Nigeria police Kudos to them.

  8. The sad thing about this is killing the victims after robbing them because why take life after getting what they want. The police should make sure justice is well served

  9. Thank you to the Nigeria police for doing a job well done.The mem are very wicked.After robbing them, you still have the mind to kill them with Acid

  10. They should face the harsh wrath of the law. Its nonsense after robbing their victims, poured him acid on his face.

  11. Our own Nigeria police is doing great, the criminals Dont need to go to the prison rather they should be hanged, or better still pour acid on them ,

  12. Welldone to the Nigerian police kudos to them on that after robbing them damaging their body too not fair.

  13. Hmm. What an incredible act.
    This is no the case of catching them, they should better face the consequences.

  14. Praise God the victim survive and was able to recognize them.. This is very bad and may the be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.

  15. Some people are just heartless, well done to the police for catching them and please let them face the consequence .

  16. That’s a good and commendable from the Nigerian police they came all away from Ghana to perpetrate such evilwhen we are even struggling with our own criminals

  17. What a wicked world…after robbing them
    ..isnt thst enough, then you pour acid of all things on them…don’t they have any atom of mercy… Those people shouldn’t be let out of prison oh

  18. He need also to be poured that same acid to get a taste of their own medicine.. That’s merciless for crying out loud

  19. Good news and kudos for Nigeria police, thank God we still have glant police officers but the culprit must face the full rot of law.

  20. Those two are sop heartles , why wil they pour acid on them after robbing them, can’t they just let them go, they should rot in jail

  21. Pls the two idiots should b put to death immediately ! Had it been Nigerian did this in Ghana and they where caught, their media and citizens will talk all sort of trash against Nigerians

  22. Dis people are wicked o,raw acid on ur fellow human being, kudos to d police, but my own judgment will be ,DAT dey should naked dem and wet dem with raw acid from head to toe and free dem after one hour and see if dere life will remain d same.wicked souls

  23. Their time was up that’s why they were caught. Thank God for the survival of the man they poured acid on.

  24. Just imagine a Ghanaian coming to Nigeria and that commiting crime,after collecting the money they could have allowed the person to live but the kill the person with acid, those guys did not mean well for Nigeria at all.they should be punished

  25. Pure wickedness, robbing someone is not enough. Why pouring acid on the person again? Kudos to the police, for a good job.

  26. Those thieves are heartless, how can they do that to people after robing them of their belongings, they should be made to suffer before death the same way to see how it taste to be afflicted

  27. The wicked will not go unpunished, the Nigeria police had done well, the criminals have reached the end of the road, they must pay for their guilt. The law must take its course.

  28. Imagine leaving your damn country to commit harvoc in another man’s land…. Stupid set of wasted sperms…. They need death by pouring acid on them before hanging them…. Kuddos to our Nigerian police y’all have done well.

  29. They have to face the law. Thank God who spared the life of the man. If not they would have succeeded like before.

  30. Evil robbers…why u use acid when u re through With robbery.. Nice job NPF..those robbers should be seriously punished

  31. This is a job well done by the police force..kudos to them on this. They shouldn’t take chances with the caught criminals because they seemed very notorious in the mode of robbery, wicked souls.

  32. nice job from the Nigerian police. Most times I wonder whether these killers have conscience at all. After robbing their victims the still poured acid on them.

  33. nice job from the Nigerian police. Most times I wonder whether these killers have conscience at all. After robbing their victims the still poured them acid

  34. Peoples heart is so bad and wicked,it’s a relief that they have been caught, good job Nigerian police.may the creature protect the good ones from bad.

  35. Thank God a victim survived and recognized the devils behind this wicked act, they should go and eat the meal they prepared for themselves in jail

  36. Thanks to the Nigerian police, they are doing a great job. Those idiots should be made to bath inside acid so that they can feel the pains those victims felt

  37. That is job well done by the police, they committed the offence in Edo and they are been apprehended in Enugu. They must rot in jail, wicked souls

  38. Kudos to you nigeria police force for the great job you have done to caught does thief that used acid to kill person when dey want to steal there properity

  39. The two Ghanaians that did this are really wicked. Thank God they have been caught and will suffer for their wickedness.

  40. That is wickedness , they will rob and pour acid on that person all the way from Ghana. They should punish them thoroughly .

  41. Thank God that the driver survived the attack on him as for the culprit must face the law. All the from Ghana, they are killing innocent Nigerian.

  42. What an organized way of car jacking. Pouring acid on their victims, this is so dangerous. They should suffer a life sentence

  43. Thanks to Almighty God for the arrest of these notrious theives. Imagine the agony their victims wold have gone through with the acid. May God let them get life sentence

  44. Hey this is wickedness after rubbing them you still and ask you don them this no reserve to die by hanging

  45. That’s pure wickedness. If you robbed them successfully why didn’t you leave them alive and go with their items.. Hmmm

  46. This is the height of wickedness in man how will they pour acid on them after robbery they should prosecute them without delay

  47. They should pour acide on them too…wicked people, after stealing they hav the mind, the gut to pour your victim acid…height of wickedness…

  48. This world is turning to something else a painful death,they should face the law nd punishement for their wicked act rip.

  49. This is good news,Ghanaian are not coming to this country to give us harm,Our officers are good to catch them,this is really good news to hear

  50. This is wickedness and evil, what a painful death, they should put behind bars for the rest of their lives for the evil act.

  51. These thieves are deep root in crime and wickedness for them to perpetrate such atrocity on their victims. They should be tortured with same acid, punished and sent back to their country.

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