2 corpers sacked by NYSC over refusal to wear trousers – Nigerians react

Nigerians have reacted as National Youth Service Corps, NYSC Ebonyi State chapter, sacked 2 female corpers over their refusal to wear the Khaki trousers.

The two youth corps members identified as Okafor Love Obianuju, with call-up number EB/19C/0523; and Odji Oritsetsolaye, with call-up number EB/19C/0530, were asked to leave the camp after they were found guilty of insubordination.

2 corpers sacked by NYSC over refusal to wear trousers – Nigerians react

Nigerians however trooped to social media to express their opinions over the incident:

***Can someone please explain to me what is happening here? I thought what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If Muslim ladies are allowed to wear Hijab in NYSC camps for religious reasons, why won’t some Christian ladies be allowed to wear skirt for same reasons?

*** So a lady was kicked out of Nysc Camp because she refuse to wear trousers, it’s against her religion. This remind me of the one that happened in my camp. She was the only one wearing skirt. Right there on the parade ground. She stepped on her skirt and fell flat on her face

*** Well if Muslims are allowed to wear hijab which is solely based on religious beliefs then I see no reason why Christian’s can’t wear skirts during NYSC.

After all some time ago a Muslim pushed for hijab while being called to Bar and it’s a thing today.

*** It is either we are allowing religious symbols into NYSC camp (Nigerian Bar Association) or we are not. Very simple choices there.

You can’t allow Hijab into the Bar association and then Bar the veil oc Catholic nuns.

Can’t allow Hijab in NYSC camp and ban wearing skirts. Mba

*** Muslims being allowed to wear half shoulder hijabs doesnt mean NYSC is supporting muslim,being allowed to wear hijabs on your NYSC outifits doesnt change the normal NYSC outfit,which is trouser and a top


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