2 church guards arrested for stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants

Two suspects have been arrested by Police for allegedly stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants at the Mission House of an orthodox church in Akure, Ondo State.

The suspects, Samuel Linus and Adekunke Ogundana, who were security guards posted to the church, were said to have stolen the pants the lady spread overnight.

2 church guards arrested for stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants lailasnews 2
2 church guards arrested for stealing pastor’s daughter’s pants

The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Femi Joseph, who paraded the suspects, said Linus and Ogundana were working with a security outfit and were asked to guard the church on Arakale Road on Sunday.

Joseph said a lady spread her undies in the presence of the two guards on the premises of the church in the evening of Sunday but could not find them when she woke up the next morning.

He said:

“She washed her undies and spread it and the next day, she did not see the undies there. The guards were the ones that supposed to guard the place. They are the prime suspects.”

The two security guards denied the allegation but they were handed over to the police by the clergy. One of the suspects, Ogundana, claimed that he was sick throughout the night battling with ulcer.

But the other suspect, Linus, said there was no strange movement in the church premises and the vicarage in the night.

“The only strange thing I noticed during the night was the barking of the dog.

I moved to the place but there was no strange movement. I was surprised when I was called about the development because I have no business with pants or underwear,” Linus said.

Femi Joseph, Police Public Relations Officer, said the command had commenced investigation into the matter. Joseph added that the two suspects would remain in police custody.



  1. Wonders shall never end. What is all this rubnosh on pant stealing? Thorough investigation be conducted so that people will not be punishes unnecessarily. However the guards are liable of negligence

  2. I don’t blame the guards . the girl whose undies were stolen is carelessness and doesn’t value her life. Despite the warnings that they should spread their undies outside again. God will help her

  3. They must be brought to book. Besides, news are everywhere that pants and bras are at risk these days. May God help us all in Jesus Christ name

  4. They should torture them, they will soon confess as log as both of them said that their is no strange movement in the compound then who else are they suspect that stole the pants??

  5. What is it with young men and ladies’ pants these days? Anywhere u look there’s a story of a young man or young men with ladies’ pants. What’s the country turning into?

  6. Investigations should be done properly before drawing conclusions, and if the allegations are true let the suspects be severely punished.

  7. They should be dealt with if found guilty of stealing pants but should investigate well to avoid harming innocent one


  9. How on earth will someone spread undies outside in the night. Apart from someone stealing the pants it unhealthy to do so. The police should do thorough investigation so that they do not punish wrong person

  10. While will she spread her pant outside,well thankGod they were caught,they should be given sivere punishment.

  11. Truly this is becoming seriously serious, what is all these rubbish about ladies panties trending on social medias.

  12. This stealing of panties is now too rampant here in Nigeria. I dont know people don’t have value for life

  13. Even with all the warnings and awareness she didn’t learn from it. She should learn to be careful and the culprits should be punished.

  14. This is really getting serious. Does it mean that no one can be trusted? They should be dealt with to teach other a lesson.

  15. This stealing of panties is now too rampant here in Nigeria. I dont know people don’t have value for life.

  16. Some ladies are very careless. Ladies panties should be guarded with caution. Although what the guys did was very bad. Money by all means.

  17. Thisis serious, the stealing of pants has now become something else. Even in the church, those two securities must be the suspects

  18. Hymmm, God should have mercy on the ladies ooo. This issue of pants stealing is because serious. Did the pant grow wings, they should investigate the matter very well and the girl father should pray fervently concerning it

  19. OK , the security given charge to protect, is now the one destroying , the very persons they ought to protect, people need to be wise and careful whom u choose to work in your house.

  20. How could she spread her pants outside over night with all the warning and news we are hearing.. God will save her

  21. This pants thing is getting to much ooooo na wahoo so pants is not safe in the house of the lord too this matter need story be investigate so that they will not punished the Innocent and the wicked go unpunished

  22. Na wahoo so pants is not safe for church too I hope the police solve this case with ease so that the Innocent will not be punished and the wicked go unharm

  23. How come a strange movement and you couldn’t get to know and you’re a security. The two of you are suspect

  24. Has she not been hearing the news all over about the stealing of pants?why would she spray her undies outside throughout the night? please allow the innocent guys go let her go and look for her pants.

  25. This pant stealing is becoming too much, but the girl was careless upon the news around ans caution on this issue , she still spread her pant were it can be stolen


  27. But why will she spread her undies outside with all the news about stolen of undies everywhere, I think she should be questioned,cos she maybe trying to punishe those guys for notting.

  28. This issue of missing pants are no longer funny, everyday pants will be missing in one or two places or state, hmm, something really need to be done before it gets out of hand, somebody can not wash and spread her pant in peace,

  29. I dont think it will be nice to conclude on this matter because there is strong evidance that they took it.

  30. when will this pant stealing stop.is she not aware of this stealing of pant issue that is on going that she hung her pant outside and even leave it their over night.well i will not blame her cos she feels that she is covered in the church. abeg everybody in the church should be thoroughly investigated not only the securities.

  31. I don’t blame the guards I blame the girl did she want to tell me she don’t know that what the Yahoo guys have being using aren’t she suppose be careful

  32. Don’t go and punish people for a crime they know nothing about, thorough investigation should be conducted to avoid mistake of identity.

  33. Who would have thought that things like this would ever happen 5 years ago……..what a world we live in.

  34. This pant issue is becoming something else, I think the girl is a suspect too, why will she spread her pant in front of the guard ? What was she expecting.

  35. Pants war continue in Nigeria. The Yahoo native doctors should be ashamed of themselves. Pants! God save girls oooo

  36. In the house of God. Hmm, wonders shall never end. People don’t fear again o. This pant issues is still trending and ritualist still doing voodoo with people’s panties.

  37. This is nothing but an allegation which are not yet proved true. They shouldn’t be in a hurry to crucify them.

  38. Wonders shall never end. What is all this rubnosh on pant stealing? Thorough investigation be conducted so that people will not be punishes unnecessarily. However the guards are liable of negligence

  39. I don’t blame them she’s to be blame if not that you are careless why will you spread your pant outside

  40. Comment*
    The police should investigate this issue. Those guards may be innocent of this.

  41. God have mercy…. Stealing of pants is becoming alarming now. If those that caught were very well punished i don’t think that the stealing of panties will still be on. This is way too

  42. Well they are accused and not guilty now, but lets hope that the right investigation will be done and the truth will be know

  43. wait a minute,pants issue again is that’s what’s reigning this days,pls ladies beware let someone not render u useless for life

  44. They want to useless another girls life.
    They should be treated just the way criminals are treated with hard labour.
    These pant stealing must stop

  45. they will soon confess as log as both of them said that their is no strange movement in the compound then who else are they suspect that stole the pants??

  46. This pant issue of a thing when is it going to stop ..
    Ladies have to very careful with their undies
    Proper investigation should be done

  47. What is happening in this world.. We have to be careful and prayerful.. How can they steal from where they work and make a livelihood for themselves. So sad,thank God they were caught

  48. So the guards are meant to be guiding your pants abi? This is some how funny, let investigation be carried out then, this stealing of pant is getting out of hand. Women should stop spreading pants outside of there houses biko.

  49. They have taking it into the church again. May God help us no where is save.. But I think proper investigation should be made before making conclusions

  50. Goodness! Even in the church? This really means that people are no longer safe in this part of the world.
    They should be interrogated to ascertain their sponsors

  51. Na wa o,pant stealing everywhere why did she spread them outside in the first place ,overnight for that matter

  52. God safe us especially ladies and this issues of pants. They didn’t noticed any movements yet the pants are gone.

  53. The truth will surely be exposed more so that it happen in the church premises. Let them investigate it properly.

  54. This stealing pant issue is getting out of hand. Ladies please take care of our indies these guards should be dealt with

  55. What has these criminals turned pants into, all they care about is to use it for rituals, these guys mustn’t go unpunished, their evil deeds have caught up with them

  56. This is becoming so serious oooo the love of money is the root of all evil…. The government should do something about it

  57. I don’t know why ladies should spread their pants outside despite all the happenings in our society now.This really serves as a warning to other ladies who are in this category,to desist from it so as to avoid using their pants for rituals.

  58. As if the girl is not aware of the issue going on in Nigeria about pant stealing she wasn’t careful enough.i pray the undies will be found

  59. Pants issue again but that girl is careless after all the noise about pants be stolen you still spread your pants outside

  60. Why would she dry her undies outside when she’s aware of all the recent happenings, or did she expect the guards to stay awake because of her pants, The police should better investigate very well in order not to punish innocent people

  61. What a serious case nobody should be trust……. A guard stealing pant let them face the consequence…….

  62. Some people who are here saying is nonsense. Let me tell u it with complete sense. Everyone is now a suspect. U don’t know who is who. The one u think u know Will shock u with action. If d lady is looking for her undies let them provide it. Where they not guiding d whole building including what is inside d building

  63. The rate at which panties are being stolen these day is becoming something else. I believe the thief would be caught and the truth revealed.

  64. That’s what love of money always lead to. They dont even have the fear of God in them. May God have mercy

  65. Hmmmmm very strange. If they is a dog barking the previous night then maybe the dog saw something or someone


  67. There diserve to be put to death not been imprisoned because if there were not caught,is only God that will determine the pastors daughter fate.

  68. This pant and boxers wahala. Do this people want us not to be wearing pants and boxers in this country? May God save us.

  69. police should investigate the matter and find out the truth,if the police find them guilty ,they must be punish

  70. Even with all that you have been hearing, you still chose to spread your pants outside. Play safe girl, who knows, it may not be those suspects who took it

  71. The lady is so careless, how could you spread ur pant outside despite the publicity about stolen pant. May God save us

  72. It is a pity that it has reached church compound where things had started disappearing. No truth again. Ladies be careful with ur pants.

  73. Thus pant issue is becoming something else, the government should pls work on it. God bless Nigeria

  74. This pant issue is getting out of hand. What is our society turning to. .Everyone wants to get rich fast. There is dignity in labour. Put in your best and you will be rewarded.

  75. This is laughable. Wonders shall never end. I hope this case is properly investigated. Maybe someone else had come in and taken them.

  76. this pant issue again, and why is it that most young guys or youth venture into stealing ladies pants. is this the current news or way of getting sharp sharp money. they will dance to the tune of their crime

  77. Why should she spread her pant outside despite the news everywhere on panties being stolen for rituals? It’s possible someone else stole those panties not the guard, please let the guy be, she’s just a careless fellow.

  78. Lol so funny I can’t just beleive pastor body guard steal her daughter pant wow this pant matter God help us

  79. Hmmm this pant issue again I don’t like it at all I don’t believe in it am a child of most high I belif

  80. These days people don’t even fear good again.in the house of God for that matter. This pant ritual of a thing is making people go crazy.

  81. The Girl must be very stupid for washing her undies in the night hours and also spreading it till day break! What carelessness is that! Men those two guys are innocent, she should go search for the pant herself, maybe evil birds must have taken it to deal with her.

    Careless Lady! Shame On You.

  82. Pant story again, what is this country turning into, this is what happens when everyone wants to be rich without working hard for it, I pray that the culprits will always get caught just like these ones

  83. Lol so the guard now is the problem . people whom are suppose to be safe guarding the premises lol

  84. What is the issue with pants again, this issue has gotten out of hand o
    Any body caught with female pants should be dealt with throughly

  85. Comment*they should handle this matter very well,what if they are not d ones,someone could have fly over d fence,pick it and jump back

  86. What is this world turning into?? Selling of pant again, every body wants to get rich over night. May God help us.

  87. Why will she have to spread her panties outside when she knows about what happened to female panties these days. Now putting the blame on the poor security guards

  88. That’s serious. How could she just hang her pant n leave. We’re they there to guard pant. Lord have mercy

  89. So the guards will now be guarding pants while would the girl hang her pants outside whe she knew it could be stolen

  90. Naija which way? Now it’s pant they are stealing no longer pads and pampers. How did I get into Nigeria please?

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