18 vehicles destroyed by touts, traders robbed in Lagos clash

No less than 18 vehicles were destroyed by hoodlums in the early hours of Sunday in the Oyingbo area of Lagos State during a clash by the touts. Traders plying their trades in the area were also reportedly robbed in the clash.

It was gathered that the hoodlums, who reportedly numbered more than 25, were fighting for territorial supremacy on the streets of Oyingbo.

18 vehicles destroyed by touts, traders robbed in Lagos clash lailasnews
18 vehicles destroyed by touts, traders robbed in Lagos clash

Punch Metro gathered that some of the vehicles vandalised by the hoodlums included interstate buses used in transporting farm produce to the Oyingbo Market.

One of the market women, Alhaja Moji Kadara, while counting the losses incurred as a result the fight, said the extent of damage was unprecedented.

She said:

“It has been about six months now that they (hoodlums) started fighting; they would come into the community and destroy things.

“On Sunday morning, before I arrived at the shop, I was told not to come early because the boys were at it again. By the time I got there, I saw that they had already destroyed numerous vehicles, including three of the buses that bring in agricultural produce for us from Ile-Ife, Osun State.

“The drivers had to run for their lives when they sighted the hoodlums. The hoodlums stole the battery of one of the buses, broke the windscreens of two others and stole the vehicles’ particulars. They also stole the drivers’ phones and money. I have never witnessed such vandalism before.”

The leader of fruit sellers in the market, Alhaja Fausat Shogbamu, said the fight broke out around 1am and lasted till about 4am.

“I live in the community. The hoodlums broke into six shops and stole every valuable items and money they could lay their hands on. Those selling vegetables were also robbed of their money. They vandalised every vehicle parked on Coates Street, Oyingbo Road and Borno Way; in total, 18 vehicles were destroyed,” she added.

However, upon visitation the scene of the incident, seven of the badly damaged vehicles were still parked on the streets, while the others were said to have been evacuated by the owners.

A community leader, Lateef Lasisi, called on the government to make a police patrol team available in the area to put the hoodlums in check.

He said,

“The traders in this community are into the sale of agricultural produce. The little they get as proceeds are what they use for training their children through school. Imagine some miscreants breaking into their shops and stealing their money. What we ask from the government is that a police patrol team should be provided for the area any time from 8pm.

“Those bringing the goods from the farms didn’t know what was happening in Lagos, only for them to have their vehicles vandalised on getting to Lagos. It is not fair at all.”

The Baale of Oyingbo, Chief Adegboyega Junaid, said the boys were only using the fight as an alibi to steal.

Junaid stated:

“The boys perpetrating these acts are between the ages of 14 and 16. It is when they want to steal that they claim to fight each other and in the process, they vandalise cars, snatch phones from people, break into shops and even injure some people.

“All that were destroyed were valued at about N5m. We have lodged our complaint with the Denton Police Station and we are making attempts to find a permanent solution to the menace.”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, said some of the boys had been rounded up, adding that investigation was still ongoing to arrest those who were at large.

Oti said:

“We received a distress call that a group of boys were engaged in a free-for-all in the Oyingbo/Ebute Meta area of Lagos.

A quick intervention team from the Denton Police Station was deployed in the location and brought the situation under control before it escalated. Fifteen hoodlums were arrested.

“One of the boys has made a confessional statement, claiming that he and the others engaged in a territorial battle for supremacy. He took us to where they kept their weapons and we have been able to recover eight machetes and two daggers. Investigation is still ongoing and as soon as it is completed, they will be charged to court.”


  1. Please let the FG look into this matter. This hoodlums are armed robbers and thief’s. Let the police soround that area for proper security.

  2. Rhey should be charged to court so that can experience the family house (prison) atleast when they are back, suprimacy will not be their goal, but they will learn how to obey the community rules and regulation

  3. This is too bad ,the problem now is how can the culprit be captured and brought to the law,that why Nigeria have to step up in terms of advancement in technology in an advanced country you will go for the CCTV clips to get those idiot, anyway sorry for those that run loss

  4. hoodlums in Lagos state are taking over gradually because the stAte government are not doing anything to curb them.

  5. To me I would prefer an army patrol team not police cos an incident dat happened in my area, police ran away.
    Again, people struggle hard to survive yet others use conflict as a medium to steal. #Nijaihail

  6. Police officers should be alerted fast on such occurrences and interventions should be made to cub such acts before escalating. Hoodlums should not be allowed on the streets.

  7. Sometimes I wonder why the target of touts during clash is mostly people’s valuables and people’s properties. Imagine robbing traders and destroying people’s vehicles, that’s absurd.

  8. Totally rubbish, what the government is doing since the disastrous had been happening for days, are they not aware I’m not sure

  9. Lagos is a place of mad people and one is not surprise to see or hear such thing coming from Lagos. The rate of crime in Lagos is beyond imagination. Those properties they are destroying of what I’ve is it to them? Why not look for people who offend you and fight them instead of retaliating and pouring your devilish anger on innocent people. God help us oo

  10. they have finished with isale Eko its Oyingbo Now, the worst is that police will be there and be doing As If is none of their business. God save us

  11. These hoodlums are a serious threat to lives and properties. The government should please do something about it. Adequate security should be provided.

  12. The government should come to their aid in that community,, more security personnel should be discharge to that area

  13. This tout are at it again. Destroying things up and down. The police should do their job properly this time around too.

  14. Thank God no live was terminated . the government should intervene because we don’t know their next move it may lead to burning down houses rendering people homeless and they may even take lives as well something should be done about it before its late.

  15. All this holigans roaming around the streets of Lagos causing damages everywhere, one day luck will surely ran out of you guys

  16. Why destroying properties ? Disturbing peace of your own nebourhoo?.they should look for somthing to do with their lives..This is sad!

  17. What is this country turning to there is nothing we will not see the government should provide proper security

  18. Theft in broad day they destroy people means of livelihood and cart away with valuable once they are apprehended they should prosecute them we don’t want touts,miscreants and the likes in Lagos

  19. All these non sense will not stop. What is the security agent doing about it. I think the state government should do something about this.

  20. Hmmmm were are the security agency and have they done about this now. This are the things the government needs to look into. Robbery every were no body is save on the country. Before you know Now they will been release bribery and corruption. Those boys should go to prison and rest for some years maybe they are brain will come back to life because for now igbo done Don loose guide they are brain. Fools Thank God they did not take any innocent life

  21. Young boys that are not up to 18 years fighting and destroying properties when they should be in school.Government should look into this, if the boys don’t want to go to school,let them learn skills.

  22. I think our law enforcement agencies who are our security apparatus should please be awake to avert disastrous situations like this.

  23. Community clashes here and there by teenagers and youths who should be in school or engaged in skill acquisition. Sad situation indeed. Security agencies should buckle up to curb this.

  24. That is too outrageous, the NPF need to really upgrade the security plans of the area and serious investigations should continue, i think with that a lot will be achieved.

  25. Security for life and property is gradually going into extinction or better still becoming a history. How can miscreants be fighting for supremacy thereby causing all manner of damages, also using it as medium for theft in a state that has government and nothing was done? Where are the security personnels, was it that they didn’t hear it or was informed about it and yet nothing was done? Hard luck to those affected. It’s unfortunate that those that are supposed to protect the people have gone to sleep.

  26. I call on the state government to look into the situation . The life and security of its people are still paramount

  27. imagine, boys of 14-16 years proudly parading themselves as hoodlums and fighting each other all for supremacy and the opportunity to carry on other criminal activities and you wonder if these ones are also part of those we refer to as leaders of tomorrow. the police shouldnt just treat this case as that of juveniles, they should be treated like adult criminals since they refuse to flow with their age and be responsible. i still wonder how we will have police force in lagos and other security agencies like NDSC and so one, and this kinda stuff will be going down. its appalling.

  28. Such perpetrators has to be tracked down and brought to justice. This is one of the reasons CCTV is needed in major areas of activities in our dear country, Nigeria.

  29. Ages 14 and 16!!!!!!!! Where are their parents??? See what poverty has caused. Those boys need to survive and the only way they know or are exposed to is by destroying and stealing. Can they really be blamed

  30. This is too bad..I hope government will do something good about this..and all this because of poverty.now no part of Nigeria is even save may God help us all

  31. The rate at which fights break out on the streets of Lagos especially oyingbo is becoming increasingly alarming…I thereby suggest that a patrol team shld be station at least 100yards away from dose troublesome streets in order to maintain law order and protect human lives

  32. Lagos state government has really got a big work in its hands to put this ugly menace under check. The police should ensure they do their work well to arrest this ugly situation.

  33. We all know that such nonsense cannot happen outside the county because they will be arrested immediately. There should be total eradication of these people that boostfull call them tout hence this country will never move forward

  34. God……the hoodlums are very wicked they dnt knw how much of damages they made destroying people market produce which they normally used in training their children to school….

  35. Laziness is the root of all this problems. They want to eat but they don’t want to work. Instead they keep destroyering things in other to steal.

  36. Poverty is d cause of all this nonsense… Look at their age range 15-16years…they should be in d school, but no money

  37. Hoodlums just want to benefit from another person’s hard labour
    The only thing that would help is that army’s should be put there to watch n stop these hoodlums bcus nowadays they r no longer scared of the police instead they bring them so that they can have their way

  38. Laziness, they should go and look for job and stop stealing from those suffering to eat and train their children

  39. Lagos is a mad city…its over populated by tours, hoodlums and criminals looking for easy way to make money.

  40. It’s been happening for the past 9 month and the government is quiet about it. They should do something quick

  41. This is what the FG should be fight against.
    Poor and innocent people’s life and property is at risk.
    The government should do something.

  42. thing are getting worse the world is really coming to an end corruption is radiating each day but when we see a leader trying to help out we complain that he is not let things go normal imagine rubbing everyday and destroying of property what other have been labour for for so long then some nothing people go in suddenly and just take and destroy it just like that. may God deliver us in this our country.

  43. Security is no longer tight in Nigeria what teenager boys are doing these days they want to be worster than the elderly ones that taught them.

  44. What is the government doing about this hoodlum, nothing, instead they just tax money from them, atimes use them for illegal jobs.. all this hideouts, parks, that’s where they simply hide. Why can’t the state government empower them meaninfuly and reduce the rate of this touts. Seriously this is getting out of hand

  45. Security should be beefed up in d area. This is not healthy at all. Those caught should feel the full weight of the law

  46. These ones are confirmed armed robbers hiding under being touts, hoodlums or miscreants just to carry out their wicked activities.

  47. Imagine such huge loss, the federal government need to sit up concerning the security situation of this country especially on the high way.

  48. Where are the policemen, where are the SARS and SARK men. Why not get them arrested let them pay for the properties destroyed

  49. This brats must be brought under check, extorting people of their hard earned money and valueless all because they(hoodlums)are lazy youths!

  50. Government should urgently attend to this issues it been long this fight has been on I didn’t expect it to get to this stage

  51. I hope the Nigeria Police Force Lagos division would act swiftly, because this boys are taking over Lagos State.

  52. This is practical robbery that the boys are engaged in, under the guise of territory control.
    Please the station handling the case should ensure that the hoodlums are brought to book

  53. What is their gain now after destroying it all these tout now all these thing they destroyed in a twekenled of eye worth millions

  54. This is common in Lagos and can be attributed to Tinubu who legalized such when he was governor of Lagos

  55. Oh my God!
    What are the security agencies doing FG should also look into the matter to bring those hoodlums to judgement

  56. Crime rate amongst teenagers is alarming. The police should mount a patrol van within the community to scare the boyz.

  57. Looking at this critically, I want to believe that there’s probably a demand from this youths that has not been looked upon, but even at that they are selling out their destiny to death and poverty by causing such a huge lose to this traders.

  58. This is outrageous, this has been happening over six month and the authorities has not done anything about it to control this menace , all these cars that’s has been destroy but those hoodlums that can’t even afford a tire , who wil pay for the cars since they have been destroyed ….

  59. What do you expect when the youths are jobless, an employed person won’t have the time to become a hoodloom

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