15-year-old boy kidnaps self, demands ransom

A 15-year-old boy has reportedly staged his own kidnap and asked the sum of N500,000 as ransom.

The young boy, who was caught in Jos on Thursday, told reporters that he launched the plan with his friends in order to enable him to buy clothes and celebrate his forthcoming graduation.

“I was the one who initiated the plan and not my friends. I wanted my father to give me money for clothes and to also celebrate my graduation,” he said.

The Commissioner of Police, Plateau command, Isaac Akinmoyede while briefing reporters on the arrest of the minor, stated that five persons were arrested in a case of criminal conspiracy and kidnapping, including the victim, who stage-managed his own kidnap.

The commissioner said that the suspect’s father announced that he received a telephone call from a private number notifying him that his son had been abducted and taken away from Jos.

The father stated that the caller charged an N500,000 ransom and threatened the boy’s life.



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