15 hilarious tweets about Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar’s wedding

The Grand finale of Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar’s wedding held at Eko Hotels in Lagos last night and the entire Nigerian society stood still for the wedding that had the creme de la creme of the society present.

Even Bill Gates who is a very close friend of the bride’s daughter was there present at the wedding

Apart from the thrills and excitements at the wedding venue, Nigerians that couldn’t attend also showed that they were concerned on various social media platforms.15 hilarious tweets about Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar's wedding lailasnews

Twitter users, in their usual manner of making fun out of events happening across the country, invented quotes and memes on the wedding and we must say they are quite hilarious.

First was the traffic concern and then they brought sugar daddies into it.

See all the hilarious tweets below.

I’m sure it’s because of Dangote‘s Daughter wedding tomorrow that the Ban on security Operatives was lifted. Next week now the ban would be pronounced again.

So Dangote couldn’t carry his daughter’s wedding to the North. E come carry their wahala join on top the ones we’ve been struggling with.

How many of us are at wedding of Dangote’s daughter. Comment let us know ourselves. I am abt to take a pix with Bill Gates don’t miss out

Guys this Dangote wedding is a madness. Owo yii, I gotta make it!. The world’s richest and all the decision makers are in this hall.

Bros forget anything
There’s only one club in Nigeria
This Dangote wedding na testament

I hope the IGP watched Channels TV Metro File coverage of Dangote daughter’s wedding to see the Mobile Policeman carrying an Oga’s bag which he outlawed

My brother just told me they gave a whole lane to Dangote dem dem for the wedding while others had to share one lane.

So there’s Rolex souvenir at the Dangote wedding.
Thunder fire poverty.

Good luck with VI traffic tomorrow guys. That Dangote wedding is about to be a madness!!!

If your babe tells you she has an office retreat at Eko Hotel from today till sunday.

My Guy she is attending Dangote’s daughter’s wedding with her sugar daddy and spending the weekend with him

After your babe returns from Dangote’s wedding without Dollars or contract papers

You: is that your sugar daddddddddddy

It’s one thing to have class but how you flaunt it is a different ball game entirely. Dangote knows that no matter the material things he buys for his daughter’s wedding,another wedding will surpass it in a matter of weeks.

Baba kukuma bring Bill Gates





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