15 cans of beer used by doctors to stop man from dying

Doctors have pumped 15 cans of beer into a man’s stomach to stop him dying from alcohol poisoning, according to local reports.

Nguyen Van Nhat’s life was saved after medics at General Hospital in Quang Tri, Vietnam, transfused five litres of beer into his body.

15 cans of beer used by doctors to stop man from dying lailasnews 2
15 cans of beer used by doctors to stop man from dying

The 48-year-old had passed out and been rushed to hospital in a critical condition on Boxing Day 2018 with a blood alcohol level of 1,119 times higher than the allowable limit.

Dr Le Van Lam, head of the Intensive Care Unit, told local media that they immediately pumped three cans (one litre) of beer to slow down his liver’s processing of methanol.

According to Dr Lam, one can of beer was given to Nhat every hour. After 15 cans were administered he was completely conscious.

The doctor explained that a person’s stomach and intestines continue to release alcohol into the bloodstream even if they are unconscious or have stopped drinking, and for a period alcohol levels in the body continue to rise.

Alcohol comes in two variants, methanol and ethanol, and the human liver breaks down ethanol first as a priority.

The man became unconscious when the methanol in his system oxidised to formaldehyde which in turn produced formic acid, according to Dr Lam.

To prevent oxidising formaldehyde to formic acid, giving beer to the methanol-poisoned patient gave medics enough time to perform dialysis.

Nhat was discharged from the hospital after 3 weeks.


  1. Hmm , this is expertory experience and practice, which is in the eye of a lay man it is abnormal or seem worst but is has become a solution to restire life, use what is killing a patient to revive him

  2. That is awesome, thanks God they were able to save his life at that moment.kudos to the doctors they are so wise.

  3. Let him go back and be drinking the bear again. Next time he may not make it. Everything needs to be done in moderation.

  4. The man could have just say he needs beer.which one is beer transfusion make him escape death. Rubbish

  5. Sometimes, what kills a man can actually be use to revive him..
    It can all be discovered during contant practicing and revolution.
    Foreign doctors

  6. It may he is use to it that’s is why but in any way using alcohol is a taboo in any religion but as in this to save life I may say it’s good

  7. I have never heard this before, using alcohol to revive a man dying from alcohol poisoning. Though it is good that he has been revived.

  8. Wow!!! great doctors are still living. Saving lives are their achievements not money first. Thank God your life.

  9. God bless the doctor for saving the man life. The doctor deserves an award of merit for this accomplishment.

  10. Wao oo that is great, first time of hearing this.
    This white men are really gifted.
    Thank God he is alive

  11. Fifteen cans of bear brings someone back to life……hmmm this is one the weird news I have ever heard.

  12. Everything that has disadvantages also has advantages.. Kudos to the doctors… Thank God for the gift of life.

  13. Wow, seriously? This is amazing, I thought acholic drink are not gud for our bodies, thank God for the doctor, he is a well experienced doctor

  14. Does that mean this man life is on beer. or can we say this man is addicted to beer. may be lack of beer is the cause. Glory be to God for of the gift of life


  16. So his alcohol consumption has made him a walking corpse, he was already embalming himself by himself. People should learn to adhere to instructions, alcohol consumption is deadly.

  17. Wow that’s a great doctor,I understand why he give him that but not everyday his good to drink alcohol,thank God for life

  18. Thanks to God they were able to resuscitate him,please quit drink alcohol . Thank you doctors for saving his life.

  19. I am reading this discovery for the first time that beer can neutralize poison. Well, it’s a good discovery.

  20. The health practioners said that alcohol is not good to the health, but see white doctors using alcohol for treatment.

  21. Doctors that know what they went to school to study and one that have value for human life not the ones we have here Nigeria, they will always tell you they r busy.

  22. Thank God for such great wisdom. Who could have thought it’s possible to do so on a dieing man. Thank for bring him back to consciousness.

  23. Hmm….I like this news because technology has just been improving every day..i jist thank God for your life bro.

  24. what kills a man can actually be use to revive him..
    It can all be discovered during contant practicing and revolution.
    Foreign doctors

  25. Mmmmmmm nothing is a waste beer is now medicine that can revive life. All praise to God for serving is life.

  26. Now that alcohol has been used by doctors to save him it means the should continue no shaking lol

  27. Strange how can transfusion of beer keep one alive these white people well that means beeris good as well

  28. Well. that sounds so ridiculous. But in all lets thank God for the gift of life.
    Alcohol is now a saving grace. lolz

  29. mm , this is expertory experience and practice, which is in the eye of a lay man it is abnormal or seem worst

  30. Scientists are really doing great work. How can beer be pumped into someones body to revive the person? This is really wonderful

  31. Science is sometimes understanding but sometimes confusing who could believe that alcohol poisoning plus excessive alcohol equal to Life

  32. Thank God he was saved and he was in the hands of a good and patient doctor. He should slow down on his alcohol consumption for his own health.

  33. Thank God his life was saved, also the method in which he was rescued from death is somehow amazing, these doctors are truly researchers o

  34. Wonders shall never seize to happen. At first alcohol is bad for the health now it has excess of it has been used to save a life.

  35. At least his life was saved but this kind method ehnnn. I’ve never heard of it before in my entire life.

  36. This is so funny, curing alcohol poison with bear. This people can confuse someone with medical stuff.

  37. No medicine that is more dan God so i dont believe on that it is all God that stop him from dying he is a God of a second chance

  38. We just need to watch and learn in this country. here doctors will even delay till patient will die.

  39. So beer is this useful to the health and Kano state are there banning it in their state. Thank God he survived it. Nigerian doctors should try and take note

  40. Bottles of beer, how is it even possible? Well am not a medical practitioner but if it saved his life then is okay, being alive is the most important

  41. Hmmmm, u see we need alcohol in de system. Kano state should read dis oooo… Stop distroying beer..

  42. I am just hearing this for the first time. Never knew alcohol could save someone’s life. Thank God for your life.

  43. wow this is something new. 15 cans of beer used to save a life.. We still have a lot to learn in this life.. Wow again

  44. I heard of this sometime ago and I was asking myself how can beer make someone to come back to life?? Thank God for this American they can do wonder.

  45. I have never heard of transfusion of alcohol into a sick person. Science is wonderful and God is great.

  46. This is funny, unbelievable but amazingly true. Oyinbo and their knowledge. All thanks to God that at least he survived

  47. We are in a world full of wonders. Yoruba people says it is with ruggedness you cure a mad person.

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