13-year-old boy beheads mum in Enugu

Residents of Isiagu Ibakwa community in Igboeze South Local Government Area of Enugu state are still aghast as what led to a 13-year-old  boy, beheading his mother.

The boy, whose name was given as Ifesinachi Ugwueze, was said to have hacked his mother, Beatrice Ugwueze , a widow, to death.

13-year-old boy beheads mum in Enugu lailasnews
File Photo: 13-year-old boy beheads mum in Enugu

According to The Nation, the deceased was alone with her son in the house and grinding pepper for lunch with her local grinding stone when Ifesinachi descended on her with a cutlass and severed her head from the rest of her body.

The screaming and groan of the deceased alerted the neighbourhood who chased the suspect in his attempt to escape.

The incident set the community in a turmoil as an angry mob gathered to lynch the boy. He was tied and forced to drink the pool of blood gushing out of his mother’s lifeless body.

He later died before the arrival of the officers of Nigeria Police Force.

Enugu Command Police spokesman, Superindent Ebere Amaraizu, said while confirming the incident, “tragedy had allegedly struck at about 1:30 pm at Isiagu Ibagwa in Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State when a son identified as Ifesinachi Ukwueze, allegedly murdered his mother identified as Beatrice Ukwueze with a cutlass over a yet to be established issues.

It was further gathered that the action of Ifesinachi Ukwueze allegedly angered irate mob who had descended heavily on him and left him lifeless before the arrival of the security operatives.

Meanwhile, the dead body of the deceased son and the mother have been deposited in a nearby mortuary just as a full scale investigations have commenced into the incident.”


  1. What kind of human is dat? Even urs mother again for all we are seeing and experiencing every day. May God help us…. ThankGod is dead

  2. This is demonic, how will a child takes his mother’s life? Why, what could it be that led to this evil act? This guy was supposed to be happy that he’s still got a mom. I lost my mom to diabetes and everyday of my life I feel d pains and absence of my mom.

  3. this is very bad how can a boy behead the woman who carried him in the womb for good nine months
    hell fire is really waiting for him

  4. Who knows what could had happened before now?.. they should have listen to his story before conclude. Though we are living in a wicked world.

  5. Barbaric! The mobs took the law into their hands. Now the mother and child are dead. That generation has come to a close.

  6. Why would he do that? Why was he forced to drink her blood ? And explanation on why je did it would have been better because he could be schizophrenic suffering from auditory hallucination .

  7. This is a wicked world things are happening at such small age, what can cause him to kill his mom.this is so bad.

  8. Things are happening in this country, how could a small boy like that killed his mother, devil at work

  9. What a horrible and pathetic incident. The boy has mind and should face the consequence of his evil deed

  10. This is terrible! What happened? 13yrs? What is going on? Drugs? Madness? Poor woman! What way to die! Olorun maje!!

  11. God forbid that a mother will suffer and raise a child that will end her life untimely. What could be d reason for this illicit act, may God have mercy on us

  12. What make this boy act this kind of thing see what he caused for him and her mother this painful and sad one

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