11-year-old maid kills 5-year-old boy left in her care (Photos)

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A 5-year old boy has been reportedly killed by the 11-year old maid he was placed in her care. the boy lived with his family at Okoloko street, Abule-Ado Shoba, Lagos state. According to reports the maid identified as Ojiugo Ifechukwu Duru allegedly strangled the boy simply identified as Chikamso after the mother left for her place of business, which reportedly is close to home.

11-Year Old maid kills 5 -year old boy left in her care (Photos) Lailasnews

However, not long after she left, she was told to return immediately as there was an issue at home and on getting home, she found her first son dead.

“It’s just that my house girl strangled my son, my first issue,” the child’s mum who is heavily pregnant, told LIB.

“For now, it’s not in my hand. She’s in custody already.  For now my husband is taking care of things. It’s now government case and not mine, so it’s not in my hands to decide what will happen and what will not happen.”

On what happened Saturday, March 10, 2018, teh day the child was killed, a source said that the maid beat the child and also tried strangling him. The child survived that, but that was not enough, she then used a s sharp curtain hook to stab the child on his penis leading to his death.

Ojuigo then faced the younger son, who was also in the house and started to beat him but the child who is about 2 or 3, reportedly ran to a neighbour’s. The little oy held on tight to the neighbour refusing to let go until the neighbour went to the child’s house and found the corpse of his older brother.

The father of the deceased resides in South Africa but reportedly returned as a result of his son’s death and is now following up with the Nigerian Police.

The neighbour reportedly began beating the maid who showed no remorse before calling the children’s mum.

The maid is also reportedly still in police custody.

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  1. Thank God that keeping a maid is by choice. I’m not trying it. Most of them are very bittered people, dash them the world and they will still not be satisfied.


  2. Please people don’t always put the lifes of you kids in danger, all this house helps or what so ever are been called many of them are send from the pit of hell.

  3. OMG! Just like that? What is so wrong with maid this days? Stories like this just got me weak on how people has no conscience or reverence for the sanctity of life anymore. This is so bad and wicked.

  4. Jesus……
    The height of wickedness……
    You use maid wahala,daycare trouble…..
    She should spend the remaining days of her life in prison….

  5. How can you have am 11years old child as a maid thats child abuse but sorry for the innocent child life that lose his life as a result of the parent wrong doing may the innocent child rest in peace of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen and Amen and Amen and Amen

  6. If madam did not burn maid with hot iron, madam will beat maid to stupor. Or maid will kill the child.
    First of all caring a child at such age(below or above), with no intention of sending such child to school much less taking care of such child as yours is an abuse.
    I wouldn’t want to take side with what the maid did but then, when looked closely and taken into consideration, you’ll find out that the so called madam must have been maltreating the maid. Thought that’s still not an excuse but mind u the mind of children with paying back is something else. How can u put your kid in someone’s care, you’re not treating well and expect that your child be treated well? My people, what goes around comes around. What stops her friend’s taking the child with to the market and if the child is in school tell the school to take care of the child till she returns to take the child home?

  7. Stop child slavery in Nigeria! 11 years. !!!!!!!!!!!!!Stop employing children as house helps. Stop stop Stop child’s slavery. It’s terrible for a mother to use other people children to care for hers.

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