#10yearchallenge: Peter Okoye shares look-alike photos with Usher

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye while also taking the #10yearchallenge, decided to do something different. He shared look-alike photos of himself with American singer Usher.

#10yearchallenge Peter Okoye shares look-alike photos with Usher lailasnews 9
#10yearchallenge Peter Okoye shares look-alike photos with Usher

The singer who is not in good terms with his brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye, shared collages of photos of himself and Usher and tagged it The Look Alike challenge – #LookAlikeChallenge

His fans have been reacting, especially to the photos, which actually depict a very close resemblance with the US singer. Although some made comical comment on the photos.

See responses:

Peter na Aba made why usher Raymond na America made.

Another one:

It’s possible there’s an away match played somewhere…the resemblance is too much joor

More photos:


Do you think Peter Okoye and Usher truly share any kind of resemblance?


  1. Really the resemblance is too much, but I know that one can facially resemble another person elsewhere. Let him go and identify his brother. Lolz.

  2. peter leave all this one you are talking nobody will look like your twin brother paul…go and reconcile with him

  3. Definately they look alike but they can never be the same in any where. Or are you going to abandon you twin

  4. There’s a small resemblance….. maybe usher ancestors could be traced from Peters lineage. One can never tell.

  5. They almost look alike but the difference is clear. But MR P instead of looking for resemblance in another person why not make up with your twin brother because he is part of you and your resemblance is plainly seen in both of you

  6. Wow, the resemblance is striking, and the picture is fine too, who even started this ten years challenge?

  7. There was a rumour going on one time, that Usher bluntly decided not to do a song with Mr P, stop looking for resemblance in someone else oga, you are unique in your own way

  8. The resemblance is so close. Peter okoye really does look like Usher. You’d even think they are twins but Uncle Peter we want to see your 10 years back pics.

  9. Quite some resemblance. However, Usher Raymond is Usher Raymond while Peter Okoye is still the Nigerian we know.

  10. Resemblance ko? ou better be yourself and stop looking for what’s not. What do you want with the resemblance?

  11. Don’t worry guy, soon you will have follows. Nigerians will soon drop the 10years challenge for your look alike challenge. Hmmm. Besides make up with your brother and drop the girlish act.

  12. This look alike is amazing,there is a slight similarity.weldone .The 10 years challenge is so interesting

  13. this picture really look alike and its resemblance is unique just I wish the both can collaborate in doing some music tracks

  14. So usher is now your twin abi…… Nigerians never follow instructions..buh they look alike Sha…the resemblance is in pictures.

  15. They really look alike but cannot be like his twin brother. Just wish they could come back together. Missed the duo sha.

  16. They really look alike, it’s amazing to see how people resembles others, yet not the same family, good luck man


  18. Oh I think it was the same person but when I read I see that it was two different people what a resemblances but you have different tough

  19. Yes the resemblance is obvious but he is not your biological twin brother so go back and resolve your differences for blood is ticker than water.

  20. They really look alike…. If one doesn’t know I believe he would say they are brothers of the same parents

  21. Yes ooh they really look alike,but blood they say ,is thicker than water, go back ND reconcile with you blood brother, that this one look like you those not mean he is ur brother

  22. I don’t see any resemblance in them, usher has dimples Peter doesn’t. The resemblance is only 5% of 100%. So guys take note.

  23. Wetin happen the resemblance is too much are you sure say no be your mama born usher am one of your fans you can tell me and I will definitely keep you secret

  24. Some of the picture’s are screenshot from their music video,i still rember how they copy every step of Usher in their music videos

  25. Life has given you lemon make good lemonade with them. You have a beautiful family, gifted. Work it out with them please.. Yeah, a good look alike…. Nice one

  26. People resembles another I having one that looks like me people do ask if we are twins BT we just met in our working place so is possible

  27. Don’t worry guy, soon you will have follows. Nigerians will soon drop the 10years challenge for your look alike challenge. Hmmm. Besides make up with your brother and drop the girlish act

  28. You wish, resemblance ko, resemblance ni. Let me see road abeg, don’t go n make up with your brother that’s your own resemblance.

  29. They resemble so much and share same talent too. Hmm. This is nice. I also want to met my own look alike.

  30. now usher na ur look alike abi na be ur twin brother now.though u too really look alike but u look more alike to ur twin brother

  31. They resembled well but I think Peter is more handsome. The challenge is a way to cool off the recession in this country a bit.

  32. Their resemblance no be here o. Wow. I was confused in some of the pictures. They really look alike.

  33. This is very wonderful and the two mostly almost look alike but just a little difference but not noticeable

  34. Wow they really look alike ooo from small they look alike till they grow old I pray more money in there pocket

  35. The resemblance is just too much. It seems like they were twin or brothers from another life. N.a. serious look alike challenge be dis one

  36. Who started this ten years challenge self, I have seen alot of pictures in Just a few days. He kind of resembles him

  37. Peter na Aba made while usher na foreign made, lol, the two actually share some resemblance for real

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