N100k Giveaway Announcement, Guys!!

Just thought to give y’all a heads up, guys!! Something FANTASTIC just happened and I can’t keep calm!!!

We will be having a N100,000 giveaway starting tonight!

N100k Giveaway Announcement, Guys lailasnews

A reader saw the Dangote gives Alibaba N25m for Nigerians post from yesterday and the comments on it and sent in a whooping N100,000 to support readers! HE wants to be anonymous this time around.

The giveaway will be spread between now till end of the month to accommodate every reader instead of picking a particular day and cutting off readers who won’t be able to come online that day for one reason or the other!

20 winners of N5000 each will emerge at the end of the giveaway – one winner per day!

Like seriously, I haven’t been able to close my jaws after I got off the conversation and the alert dropped! We still have very kind-hearted people in our midst!

So tonight, 1 lucky Lailanews.com reader will win N5,000 cash for him/herself.

Hope you are ready?!!

To find out what you have to do to win our today’s prize money, ensure you are back here by 6pm tonight.

Kisses! Excited much!!!!

LAILASNEWS 100K GIVEAWAY DAY 1 competition is happening now. Click here to join us


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