10-year-old girl brutally beaten by her father battles to regain her sight (Video)

10-year-old girl was brutally beaten by her father with an electric wire and now she has a wounded eye, battles to regain her sight.

According to reports, the 10-year old girl who resides around Ikotun area of Lagos state almost got blinded by her father who beat her up for allegedly making a ladder fall from its position.

10-year-old girl brutally beaten by her father battling to regain her sight (Video)

In the video shared by a social media user, Sandra Joseph, the little girl whose swollen right eye was closed and has an injury on it claims her father inflicted the injury on her. Speaking in Yoruba, she said her father was not home when the ladder fell but on getting back, he accused her of making it fall and started beating her with an electric wire that cause her the injury.

Besides the injury and swollen eye, a wound can be seen on her left arm as well.

Watch video below.

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