10 Yahoo Boys impersonating American Soldiers arrested by EFCC

10 yahoo boys impersonating American Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, have been arrested and paraded by the EFCC.

10 Yahoo Boys who impersonated American Soldiers arrested by EFCC lailasnews

The 10 yahoo boys who impersonated American Soldiers, used American tunes to extort money from their victims and warned the public against releasing their account numbers to persons. They were paraded at the anti-graft agency’s head office in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Head of operation Nnaghe Obono Itam who paraded the suspects before newsmen, said;

We have noticed that within the last three months, we have the issue of yahoo yahoo boys who appeared to have resurfaced again.

“I am glad to say that with the partnership of the Federal SARS we were able to apprehend some of them”

“The most interesting aspect of it is that we still find people that fall prey to this scam.

“We have Nigerians who pretended that they are American Soldiers that came from Afghanistan and were talking to the Americans as if they are Americans soliciting for fund”

“They extorted money from them through I-tunes. The kind of the I-tunes is $100. They find it difficult to collect the money from Nigeria but they collect I-tunes from them and dispose it online in dollars”

“We have four of them in our custody. We still have others who pretended to be American soldiers working and talking to their victims that there were lots of mineral deposits such as gold.

“They contact people online in China asking them to come and buy the mineral deposits.

“In Nigerian they collect N5, 000 each from the unsuspecting public, which they receive from banks from Nigeria.”

Itam further disclosed that the Commission made recovery of cash and forfeitures to the tune of N1,674,891,899 , $552,368.55 and 5,225 euros while it secured 33 convictions in the year ending.

EFCC Re-Arraigns American For $1.2m Fraud


  1. I know it’s not easy out there!! But some of this fellas need to take some patience……scam everywhere….scam in n out of Naija

  2. I don’t know why these boys will not go and do something meaningful with their lives. The law will always catch up with them

  3. I don’t blame people doing Yahoo, it is because many of them are graduates and they don’t have a job and they really need means of living that why some of them are into Yahoo stuff.

  4. Things that people will do for money, are they that desperate, not that they use the money for important things, Yahoo boys and money, its God that will deliver them.

  5. Fraud everywhere no one is above it anymore even our government are into it, stealing our money and taking it else where to build mansion and all so what do you expect a jobless citizens whose government has refusedyto supply the necessary job for. Government should sit and figure themselves out

  6. Our Nigerian youths are turning into something else. Federal Government should look into this matter probably make job offers to secure the future of our country.

    Kudos to EFCC.

  7. Nigerian youth, are we not lazy for this kind of crime, I think government should continue to do their proper duties to eradicate this kind of evil doer.

  8. If only they can just invest the energy and talent into a legal and profitable venture, anyways they must be punished accordingly

  9. 10 of yahoo of them wow! Why would these young men risk their lives like this instead of doing a good job to earn a living. Thank God they were caught

  10. The case of Yahoo boys this few days is highly alarming. No job but job dey. Let’s be careful of how we disclose our identity to people.

  11. A weakly with wild thought….
    The dream of become billgates without huge stress.
    [quote]Don’t bother trying to make your way through life by trickery. Your long-term success depends on fundamental honesty. Do the right thing. That’s what helps create your reputation. And, your great success.[\quote]
    The fruit of honesty is God’s blessings.

  12. I hope they will be persecuted and not extorted and left to go free. In Nigeria extortion seems to be the getaway free card……

  13. Yahoo Yahoo will no longer be lucrative as it use to be because EFF have declared war on them and their activities

  14. Very good, honestly this messing around of the so called Yahoo boys has to stop because this is one of the reasons why whites dislike we blacks especially nigerians

  15. Na waooo so Yahoo guys don enter another level for Nigeria .E good Sy they catch them service as lesson to others

  16. The rate at which our young boys wants to make money this days is very terrible without considering the consequences. Weldone EFCC

  17. Why won’t they look for better means of making ends meets..instead of the criminal way.its a pity .they are going to cool off in jail

  18. Everyday I hear news on yahoo boys, does it mean boys of today can no longer find a decent job aside from Yahoo

  19. It will be hot for them this time around. Instead of them tonlook for a good job ,if non they should acquire a skill and even help others but they’ll prefer illegal business.

  20. Thank God these fraudsters have been caught, i pray all involved in this illegal act be brought to judgement and Nigeria will be a free nation from these fraudsters, very soon, no one would remember they once existed in Jesus name Amen, Nigeria must be set free in JESUS name Amen

  21. Thank God the EFCC caught them .It is unbelievable and the most interesting aspect of it is that we still find people that fall prey to this scam.

  22. i pray all involved in this illegal act be brought to judgement and Nigeria will be a free nation from these fraudsters. but as the EFCC is doing this they should also ask the government to create job for the youth and the under graduate.

  23. Nemesis caught up them.
    They should be prosecuted and serve as a lesson to those involved in the get rich quick syndrome.

  24. God help us. This mess has eaten deep into our society. Just take a peep at their hair, almost one same hair style…looking for money by any means, is not the way. Repent and go and learn a skill

  25. EFCC dey vex. Just within last week and this week, they have caught a lot of yahoo guys. I’m impressed. No place for them to hide. They make honest and legit hustling guys feel like they are useless and not doing enough…

  26. young guys with energy that should be used to do better things but use it to defraud people. Very shameful

  27. this yahoo boys they should go and walk and stop all this rubbish they are doing, some are going mad now.

  28. Police are really trying these days,young guys don’t want to work again all they. Want is quick money

  29. I’m not against this such of crime apprehension but I will implore the EFCC to focus on our politicians, they are they ones that should be facing such, they are scamming us also

  30. Extortimg hard earned money from.citizens,dey should go to jail but not death so they I’ll know how bad what they did is.

  31. I don’t support scamming by any chance, they should all face the law or charges against them.. But government should also do their part by creating jobs to reduce crimes..

  32. This is terrible. They went as far as impersonating American soldiers not ordinary people. They are in a deep hot soup

  33. If they want this yahoo stuff to end they should provide jobs for people these guys go into yahoo because of joblessness

  34. Nawaa ooo,the thing don reach like this ? This boys should look for something good to do with their lives naaa.

  35. this is a serous matter this boys should try and do something and stop extorting cash fraudulently from.people

  36. Thank God some of the fraudsters are been caught like wise others will be caught. I don’t know how this boys enjoy stealing from other persons as a means of livelihood

  37. The youths are idle that’s why the rate of corruption and scam is on the rise. Kudos to the Efcc for catching them.

  38. Efcc should please take it easy… If the government had provided job opportunities this wouldn’t be happening

  39. Denting the image of the country through cyber crime is not appealing so this is a welcome development from the EFCC

  40. This is as a result of laziness. Youths let’s get something doing rather than fraud.
    God touch the hearts of those that do this yahoo of a thing

  41. They don’t want to work with their hands looking for a easy way to make money not knowing the end of shot cut is always disastrous

  42. Hmm these yahoo boys have striked again stealing peoples hard earned money will never go without them received their due for this evil

  43. They are examples of what our youths should avoid. Our youths should learn honest hardwork. The criminals should do their time.

  44. I commend the Efcc for their efforts in curbing the activities of those scammers,those lazy youths are really tarnishing the image of Nigerians in the face of the world,we hope more of them are apprehended and brought to justice.

  45. I thank God for this arrest. Despite the fact that most Nigerians don’t trust the effort of the Nigerian police, they are still doing well to curb crimes. I salute the effort of the truthful ones

  46. Work, you won’t work, go to school, you’ll say NO! Nw see the mess you’ve all landed your selves into now. God help our youths of these days.

  47. Thank God finally some criminals will have to pay for their stupidity… Lol … Money is vanity, going extremely evil to acquire it is the worst decision of life

  48. The rate young people risk their lives to make money this days is alarming. What is yahoo yahoo? They knows its a risk but they still chose to do it

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