10 most important things in my life in 2018 – Linda Ikeji

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has just posted the 10 most important things in her life and also grateful to God for those things just as the year 2018 is rounding off.

The blogger, who moved from obscurity to fame within just a decade, wrote about her family, career, readers and critics.

10 most important things in my life in 2018 - Linda Ikeji lailasnews 3
10 most important things in my life in 2018 – Linda Ikeji

Read below:

You know what they say, ‘count your blessings and name them one by one’. So here I am doing exactly that on the last day of the year and thanking God for how far He’s brought me. 2018 has so far been the best year of my life and these are the things I’m most grateful for…in the particular order…asides from life and good health because really without that, nothing else matters. (Swipe for pics)

1. My son, Jayce. By far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
2. My parents. Alive, healthy, still in love and enjoying the fruit of their labour.

3. My siblings. All happy and doing well. The best brother and sisters anyone could ask for.

4. Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB).. the platform that changed my life and made it possible for me to change other people’s lives. 12 years later, it’s still thriving and still making mega box.

5. My house. The first time I visited Banana Island was in 2013. And I remember looking around in wonder and thinking people who lived there were so lucky. I never imagined I’d buy a house there 2 years later.

6. Linda Ikeji TV (LITV): it is not what it is now but what it will become in the future that makes me so excited. Amazing things will start happening at LITV in 2019.

7. Friends: my friends and inner circle aren’t more than five people but they are the best friends any person can ask for and I’ve known all of them long before I became the Linda Ikeji.

8. Loyal LIB readers; your loyalty over the years is what has brought me this far and has made it possible for me to continue to do what I love, blogging. Cant thank you guys enough.

9. My worldly possessions: in 2008, my 700k car was repossessed because I couldn’t pay the balance on the car…who knew that 10 years later, I’d own a Bentley Mulsanne?

10. ‘Haters’ – I’m grateful for the criticism, the bashing, the hate and harsh words. It reminds me all the time that I must be doing something right because really, who sits down and talks about someone they feel is beneath them? And you know what they say ‘you can’t reach your destiny without opposition, without negative chatter, without the critics’. So see more of you in 2019 🙌😘 .


  1. I am happy for her, wish her more successes in 2019. We should all be grateful too, even though we are not there, we’ll get there very soon.

  2. Linda is really hardworking and patient.
    A worthy celebrity and a persistent star.
    I’m so happy for her.
    Reach out to more and for more, more achievements and a longer list.

  3. Am happy you thanked God the creator first before mentioning what he has done and still doing. congratulations and more success next year.

  4. Well just like she said, she just counted her blessings and named them one by one. Congrats to her for the achievements so far

  5. Love her numbering… Families first before anything.. Quite a great achievement she’s gotten herself.. Congrats

  6. A nice write-up up,but she shouldn’t have chosen her son over her parents. Parents are supposed to be number one…. After God.

  7. All I can say is, keep being Linda Ikeji, and may God help us all to soar higher in our various fields. 2019 is blessed for us

  8. Congrat on your son and good riches in life God continue to bless you and your family as your remembered them…

  9. Congratulations on all the increase you have seen all these years, thank God for your life and achievements at large, congratulations

  10. Congratulations..God is indeed faithful…may his name alone be glorified…i thank God for your life.

  11. Gratulation for your success angel, you have actually make it life all you have to do is to keep maintaining it.

  12. Is worth doing counting your blessings and giving thanks to God for without him one cannot achieve this blessings.

  13. God has been so gracious to you. A grateful heart is a blessed life. Enjoy God’s favour in your life.

  14. Linda is a typical case of “grass to grace”. She’s been really consistent, which is a key factor to success. Thumbs up Linda.

  15. The most important thing in woman’s life is the fruit of the womb after a long wait. Many congratulations to LIB

  16. Its really good to list your blessings one by one. Its also good you extend that goodness to the less privilege. I believe those re not there yet will soon be there. Its just time and hardworking.

  17. If you keep thanking GOd from now till next year is not enough for what GOd has done in your life. Keep thanking God that is worthy to be praise.

  18. Waooo,this is so great, nice one Linda, more winnings more achievement in 2019 congratulations you are indeed a great woman

  19. Yes oo..That’s good to count blessings and name them one by one…Linda really achieved a lot this 2018. .I tap from your blessings. .wish her more in 2019

  20. Congratulations but you too make a lot of headlines concerning the paternity of your child that doesn’t make good as a matured woman

  21. Wow!!! You really achieve a lot..most especially the blessing of a child…you are really blessed this year…more are coming this 2019

  22. God has indeed really blessed Linda Ikeji. A beautiful family, her lovely Son, siblings and friends and of course the comfortable life she is living. I pray God preserve them all and bless Linda more.

  23. It’s a blessings from the merciful, but I wish you something that is special more than all this achievement.

  24. Congrats to you Linda, more wins to you in 2019. God is indeed faithful in the life of Linda. God have really blessed you, I’m glad that your family members are also doing well.

  25. It is good to think back and count your blessings. Linda, than God for your life it is just the beginning

  26. She really acheived much this year 2018 and she is really grateful to God for it. Congratulations to her.

  27. It’s a good thing to stop and look back at the ground we’ve covered and give thanks. Linda such a hard-working woman with great potential. Greater things awaits you in 2019.

  28. All worldly things
    She didn’t even put God first
    If not for God, none of those things would have existed

  29. I celebrate with you my dear to count all you blessings God is wonderful and he blesses those that remember all he has done for them cheers sis

  30. That is the most important thing in the life of a person to always appreciate God and as you have count your blessings and appreciate God he will multiply them

  31. I’m really happy for you Linda. So many couldn’t have all these 10..but here you are.. God indeed blessed you plenty.. Congratulations

  32. Congratulations linda. You really worth all u have acquired. And God will continue to lift you to grater heights.. Amen.

  33. My dear, if ⅔ of Nigerian girls could have vision like yours, the rate at which they have prey to bad guys will reduce. Congratulations dear it’s not an easy road.

  34. congratulations to Linda Ikeji for all the listed achievements so far.I pray my own change of story for good happens speedily in Jesus name.

  35. Congrats Linda on all this achievement bigger you in 2019 we love you keep blogging, it’s not easy but you just have to keep pushing, greater heights.

  36. Congratulations, as u mention the few because if u wanna continue counting we wouldn’t have finish reading,, more success

  37. Count your blessings, but the important thing is to know God, all other things, will fall in place, all the same congrats, is not easy to achieved so much,inspire of the criticism, both right,lleft and Centre,you are still prospering

  38. I always believe and will conti to know that criticism will always be the number one motivation of my life, go on ride on, congratulation

  39. Wow it’s really a great achievement for the year I admire her courage to make it happen truly you can’t make it in life without opposition

  40. I bless God for all these achievement he made you achieve.Thank God for every thing,more better things to come in Jesus name.Happy new year to you and family.

  41. Is good too be thankful no matter what, may God bless does who do not have. Happy for your achievements.

  42. Congratulations to you Linda. Us good to appreciate God for all he has done for us since the year began and most especially for the gift of life. Without life, nothing can be achieved! Am very happy for you.

  43. Wow what a success story and great achievement in deed, more fruitful years ahead. Once again congratulations.

  44. That’s a long list of achievements. I feel the fact that you had to struggle your way all to the top. Weldon Linda

  45. Wow…love your writeup. I will not give up cos linda never gave up but sorry, who is the father of that child cos we are still confused?

  46. I truly like the way she expressed herself, she was just happy about the positives and the negatives part of life and that is how it should be, especially being grateful to God for HIS GRACE. Kudos to Linda

  47. Is good to sit down and count our blessings. Thank God for this testimony. Congratulations Linda.

  48. Infact 2018 had been a good year for you i really thank god for your life and looking forward for more success in 2019

  49. Am very happy for Gods kindness over you… Many more in this new year… Blessing fall on you

  50. Congratulations to you Linda. For all your achievement and your loved ones who all were there during your most difficult Time

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